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Simon ‘ministerborg’ Ravnsbaek is one of those lethal hybrid players who can beat you on the real felt and on the virtual felt. It’s fair to say that the Danish pro has a firm grasp on today’s modern game in which you need deft skills to survive both brick and mortar rooms and the murky online waters. ministerborg already had a SCOOP title under his belt from 2012 and was seeking a TCOOP crown to add to his impressive list of career cashes (that also includes a side-event victory at the EPT9 Prague).

In TCOOP Event #38 Big Antes, ministerborg found himself trailing Negriin when heads-up began. With ten hands, ministerborg took over the lead and eventually picked off Negriin to win his first TCOOP event and second overall COOP title.


Simon ‘ministerborg’ Ravnsbaek winning a side event at EPT9 Prague in 2012

TCOOP Event #38 blinds remained the same flat 5/5, but antes escalated at an astronomical pace. TCOOP Event #38 attracted 1,489 runners. The prize pool was $300,000 and just fell short of the guarantee, so there was a slim overlay. The top 198 places were paid out with $50,250.00 set aside to the champion.

Team PokerStars Pros in the hunt for a TCOOP title included Johnny Lodden and Pierre Neuville. PokerStars Team Online grinding their way in this event included Mickey ‘mement_mori’ Petersen and Marc-Andre ‘FrenchDawg’ Ladouceur.

Both mement_mori and FrenchDawg cashed in this event, with mement_mori going fairly deep.

FrenchDawg busted in 154th place after he got it all-in with 22 but ran into jset87’s AA. FrenchDawg earned $390.00 for 154th.

With 270 to go, mement_mori seized the lead and became the first player to surge over the 100K mark. The pack eventually caught up to him. On a board of 842, Konus55 check-raised mement_mori and a raising war ensued. mement_mori got it all-with QQ when he was ahead, but Konus55 held A3 for a Wheel draw. The turn was the 5 and Konus55 improved to a straight. mement_mori was drawing dead and was knocked out in 31st place, which paid out $1,035.00.

KrisMento bubbled off the final table in tenth place when A5 lost to Negriin’s A8. With KrisMento’s bustout, the final table of nine was set.


TCOOP Event #38 – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: www666777 (207,569)
Seat 2: rtspurs (500,288)
Seat 3: Konus55 (398,238)
Seat 4: ministerborg (2,561,622)
Seat 5: weissapele (234,815)
Seat 6: MadsMP (545,256)
Seat 7: Päffchen (367,225)
Seat 8: miami1984 (420,867)
Seat 9: Negriin (2,209,120)

The final table commenced during Level 44. Blinds were 5/5 with a 30K ante. ministerborg held the lead with 2.5 million while www666777 was the shorty with 207K.

www666777 eliminated in 9th place

www666777 bombed it all-in for 117,564 with AQ and was heads-up against rtspurs’ K10. The flop was A72 and rtspurs flopped a nut flush. The turn was the 4 and the river was the J. rtspurs’ flush held up and www666777 became the first palyer to exit at the final table and earned $3,090.00 for ninth place.

weissapele eliminated in 8th place

Shorty weissapele open-shoved for 114,810 with A9 and big-stacked ministerborg called with 62. The board ran out QJ1066. weissapele flopped a Broadway draw but failed to improve. Alas, ministerborg caught running sixes to win the pot with trip sixes. Germany’s weissapele collected $5,700.00 for eighth place.

MadsMP eliminated in 7th place

Another short-stacked casualty. MadsMP moved all-in 140,226, Päffchen re-raised 446,966 to isolate and everyone else got out of the way. Heads-up. MadsMP made a final stand with AK and Päffchen called with A7. The flop was 974 and Päffchen seized the lead. The turn was the 8 and the river was the 4. Päffchen won the pot with two pair. MadsMP’s Big Slick failed to improve and that’s all she wrote. Denmark’s MadsMP took home $8,700.00 for a seventh-place finish.

miami1984 eliminated in 6th place

miami1984 opened with a raise to 95,837 and was all-in, Negriin bumped it up to 191,669, rtspurs flat-called 191,669. Three-way. On a flop of J52, Negriin checked, rtspurs fired out 257,105, and Negriin folded. Heads-up. rtspurs was ahead with a pair of Jacks and QJ against miami1984’s A3 and Wheel draw. The turn was the 2 and the river was the river was the A. rtspurs rivered a flush to win the pot. Although miami1984 rivered two pair, it was not good enough. For a sixth-place finish, miami1984 earned $11,700.00.

Konus55 eliminated in 5th place

Another shortstack bit the dust. Konus55 moved all-in for 186,461, ministerborg shoved all-in for 2,623,416 to isolate. Everyone bailed. Heads-up. Konus55 made a final stand with A6 but was in trouble against ministerborg’s JJ. The board ran out J53A4. ministerborg flopped a set of Jacks which held up. Konus55 flopped a nut-flush draw but whiffed on the turn and the river. Konus55 was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $14,700.00.

With four remaining, ministerborg sat atop of the big stack with 3.2 million and Päffchen brought up the rear with a little under 1 million.

rtspurs eliminated in 4th place

Negriin opened to 198,454, rtspurs bombed it all-in for 1,072,485 with 1010, and Negriin called with A5. Negriin flopped an Ace to take the lead. The board ran out AQ922. rtspurs lost the pot with two pair — tens and deuces. Negriin won the pot with a better two pair — Aces and deuces. Ireland’s rtspurs busted out in fourth place, which paid out $20.400.00.

Päffchen eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed did not last very long. Päffchen moved all-in for 1,053,369 and Negriin called. Negriin led with AQ against Päffchen’s K7. The board ran out 84310Q. Negriin dragged the pot with a pair of Queens. Päffchen finished in third place, which paid out $27,750.00.

HEADS-UP: Negriin (Argentina) vs. ministerborg (Denmark)
Seat 4: ministerborg (2,826,888)
Seat 9: Negriin (4,618,112)

When heads-up began, Negriin held the advantage. However, ministerborg seized the lead after avoiding an elimination by rivering a decisive four-flush with A9 to snap off Negriin’s Jack-high flush. That pot was worth over 4.6 million pot. The entire tournament would not last more than five hands.

Negriin eliminated in 2nd place; ministerborg wins TCOOP title!

Heads-up lasted ten hands in all. On the final hand… ministerborg opened to 86,700 and Negriin called. The flop was 875. Negriin checked, ministerborg fired out 146,900, Negriin check-raised to 204,100, ministerborg shoved for 4,849,814, and Negriin called all-in for 1,870,786.

ministerborg: 99
Negriin: 76

Negriin held a pair of sevens and an open-ended straight draw, but ministerborg led with a pair of nines and a gutshot draw. The turn was the A, which gave ministerborg a flush re-draw. The river was the 10, which did not help Negriin, who failed to make a straight. Negriin hit the virtual rail in second place, while ministerborg won the pot with a pair of nines.

For a runner-up performance, Negriin earned $36,750.00. For first place, ministerborg collected $50,250.00.

Congrats to Simon ‘ministerborg’ Ravnsbaek for winning a second COOP event. He now needs a WCOOP victory to become a rare Triple COOP champion.

View the final hand in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

TCOOP-38: $215 NL Hold’em (Turbo, Ante Up)
Entrants: 1,489
Prize pool: $300,000.00
Places paid: 198

1. Simon ‘ministerborg’ Ravnsbaek (Denmark) $50,250.00
2. Negriin (Argentina) $36,750.00
3. Päffchen (Germany) $27,750.00
4. rtspurs (Ireland) $20,400.00
5. Konus55 (Netherlands) $14,700.00
6. miami1984 (Germany) $11,700.00
7. MadsMP (Denmark) $8,700.00
8. weissapele (Germany) $5,700.00
9. www666777 (Russia) $3,090.00

Visit the TCOOP main page to find out who is on top of the Leader Board, and view a list of remaining events.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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