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Ryan “newguy89” McEathron has had a few shots at winning COOP titles in the last six months. He took fifth in the WCOOP 2016 Marathon Event for the largest cash of his career at PokerStars, and then he finished seventh in Event #16 of this series, a $700 Zoom tournament with Ultra-Deep stacks. Today, in another Ultra-Deep turbo event, he finally broke through to earn his first COOP win.

TCOOP 2017-59 chips.jpg

newguy89’s six-hour run to the title started at 8 a.m. ET, when Event #59, a $215 No-Limit Hold’em tournament with a turbo structure and 50,000 starting chips for each player, kicked off. He was one of the 1,559 players chasing their share of the $311,800 prize pool. The top 188 players cashed for at least $534.42, and more than $47,000 waited up top.

Team Online’s Lex “L. Veldhuis” Veldhuis made a run at the title in this tournament. He flirted with the chip lead briefly about a half hour before the money bubble popped, and though he didn’t remain toward the top of the leaderboard after that, he was still in action with three tables remaining. His run finally ended in 26th place, good for a cash of $1,400.13.

As the tournament’s fourth break approached at 12:55 p.m. ET there were just 12 players left. Within 20 minutes two Estonians (ArdiVa and Est-Ace) and one Chinese player (kevin0228) would fall by the wayside, leaving these nine players to fight it out with blinds and antes starting at 250K/500K/62.5K:

Seat 1: Ryan “newguy89” McEathron (10,388,305 in chips)
Seat 2: Pedro “pcayobh” Cayo (8,408,616 in chips)
Seat 3: Kashmir_uzi (12,096,554 in chips)
Seat 4: hery_J7s (3,479,710 in chips)
Seat 5: quiditbear (5,204,955 in chips)
Seat 6: yayo8422 (10,234,532 in chips)
Seat 7: LeCat2305 (14,000,316 in chips)
Seat 8: Robinson “Robi.gool” Quiroga (6,067,797 in chips)
Seat 9: Cavalli21 (8,069,215 in chips)

TCOOP 2017-59 ft.jpg

The action started with a bang when hery_J7s moved all-in for 3.4M under the gun on the first hand of the final table, holding K J. Brazilian Series Of Poker tournament director Robinson “Robi.gool” Quiroga re-raised all-in for 6M in the hijack seat with A Q, and Kashmir_uzi, still chasing a TCOOP title for a Triple COOP to go with WCOOP and SCOOP wins from 2015, called in the big blind with A K. Kashmir_uzi was the favorite before the flop, but the 5 8 6 J 6 spared hery_J7s, who won the 11M-chip main pot with jacks and sixes. Kashmir_uzi and Robi.gool both had a pair of sixes with an ace kicker, but Kashmir_uzi’s king beat Robi.gool’s queen for the side pot to bust him in ninth.

The other short-stacked players would avoid the same trouble, at least in the early going. Collectively they only faced all-in situations twice in the next 20 minutes. First MicroMillions III winner yayo8422’s A 9 split the pot with LeCat2305’s A 9. Then newguy89 came over the top of LeCat2305’s opener with A 10, beating the Russian player’s K Q with a pair of tens after the board came 10 4 8 2 6.

A few minutes later yayo8422 doubled up a second time with K K against quiditbear’s 6 6, earning a 10.7M-chip pot that moved the Panamanian player into the middle of the pack. Getting in as a favorite didn’t work for Pedro “pcayobh” Cayo, though. The past Sunday Million winner called all-in for less than two big blinds with A 10 on the button after newguy89 jammed from the cutoff seat, good for 71.5-percent equity against newguy89’s 10 8. But the Q 7 9 flop and 6 turn combined to make a ten-high straight for newguy89, leaving pcayobh with three outs to chop the pot. The 10 river wasn’t one of them, and pcayobh left in eighth.

Kashmir_uzi opened the next hand all-in for 7.1M on the button, holding K J, and was a big underdog when quiditbear called in the big blind with A A. Then the board fell 3 K 10 Q 9, making a king-high straight for Kashmir_uzi and leaving quiditbear with just over one big blind’s worth of chips. The Belgian player called it all off from the big blind with K Q on the following hand, but hijack-seat raiser newguy89’s J 9 made a pair of nines on the flop to bust quiditbear in seventh.

newguy89 kept his run going on the next hand. He min-raised to 2M under the gun with K K and called when Cavalli21 re-raised all-in for 4.6M with A 4. The kings held up on the 5 6 4 2 J board and Cavalli departed in sixth.

TCOOP 2017-59 ft five-handed.jpg

The knockout trend was put on pause on the next hand when hery_J7s survived with K Q against newguy89’s A 4 thanks to a king on the flop and another on the river. yayo8422 called all-in from the big blind on the very next hand, holding A K, and beat under-the-gun raiser LeCat2305’s K 9 via kicker when both players made kings and tens. Kashmir_uzi called all-in with Q J in the big blind a few hands later and doubled to 21.5M with a Broadway straight, topping newguy89’s unimproved 8 6. Then LeCat2305’s A Q topped Kashmir_uzi’s J 9 via a queen on the river for a double to 25M.

After nearly 20 minutes of wins for the short stacks, Kashmir_uzi called all-in for 13M on the button with J J after newguy89 raised to 19.3M in the cutoff. newguy89’s K 10 got no help from the Q 7 6 turn, but the A on the river put four hearts on the board, giving him the nut flush. That beat the pair of jacks, and Kashmir_uzi’s Triple COOP quest ended in fifth.

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Desperate with less than two big blinds, yayo8422 managed to double two hands later with A Q against newguy89’s A 9. But a second dominating ace wouldn’t treat yayo8422 as well. The Panamanian player called all-in with A J in the big blind after LeCat2305 opened under the gun with A 8. LeCat2305 made a pair of eights on the 10 4 9 8 3 board, and yayo8422 left in fourth.

Just two hands later, newguy89 tried to steal with 10 8 in the small blind, drawing a call from hery_J&s in the big blind with K 3. hery_J7s made kings full on the 2 K 2 K A board to double to 22.8M. newguy89 got it all back a few minutes later, though, after calling all-in with K J when LeCat2305 jammed from the small blind with K 6. He went from top pair to two pair to king-high flush as the board came 4 K 8 J 5, and LeCat2305 was left with less than two big blinds’ worth of chips. The Russian player doubled once before being forced in from the big blind with 10 5, which lost out to newguy89’s Q 10 to bust LeCat2305 in third.

TCOOP 2017-59 ft hu.jpg

The win there gave newguy89 60M chips to hery_J7s’s 17.5M, leaving the first two players to double up at the final table as the last two with a shot at the title. hery_J7s soon got in with K 8 against newguy89’s K 7, making a jack-high straight to top newguy89’s pair of sevens on the J 10 3 7 9 board. Three hands later, newguy89 opened all-in with A 3 and hery_J7s called with K J. The board fell 4 6 9 A K, the pair of aces won the pot, and the tournament reached its conclusion.

hery_J7s’s high-wire survival act was good for $34,562.34, an improvement of nearly $30,000 over what busting on the first hand of the final table would have been worth. As for Ryan “newguy89” McEathron, he earned his first COOP title in three final table appearances, earning $47,674.34 in the process. Congratulations to him for breaking through on the final day of TCOOP 2017!

TCOOP-56: $215 NLHE [Turbo, Ultra-Deep] results
Entrants: 1,559
Total prize pool: $311,800
Places paid: 188

1. Ryan “newguy89” McEathron (Canada) $47,627.34
2. hery_J7s (Colombia) $34,562.34
3. LeCat2305 (Russia) $25,081.90
4. yayo8422 (Panama) $18,201.91
5. Kashmir_uzi (United Kingdom) $13,209.12
6. Cavalli21 (Canada) $9,585.85
7. quiditbear (Belgium) $6,956.44
8. pcayobh (Brazil) $5,048.29
9. Robi.gool (Brazil) $3,663.55

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