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As a rule, the total number of players at the table for poker tournaments shrink the longer it runs. However, the Turbo Championship of Online Poker’s Event #55 added a twist to the field size getting smaller. The $82 mix-max tournament would play through a set amount of levels (24) and full nine-player tables for the first part. Then, Part Two would encompass 22 levels while moving to 6-max tables. After surviving 46 levels of play, 25 players of the original 1,875 would finally breathe easy for a few moments after cashing.

After the brief respite, those cashing would sit down at 3-max tables in a sprint towards the final table. It would take 15 minutes for Tinas21 (after chopping two-ways with eggabf) to score $24,069.33 and the Event #55 title.

Part One (9-max tables) would seat all 1,875 players at various times through the two hours and 15 minutes of play. Thelordlamps would carry the chip lead over 716 runners into Part Two. Checking on the TCOOP Player of the Series race, Event #44 champ and current leader Niklas “Lena900” Ã…stedt felt confident enough to sit this one out despite a hefty $10K in cash plus a Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event-Medium ticket in the balance. Second place, mikal12345, may gain some ground making it to Part Two with above average chips.

Part Two (6-max tables) only 25 players made it from the initial 716, meaning the $140,625.00 prize pool would get split between those survivors. Lucky for Ã…stedt, mikal12345 was not among those who would cash in this one, thus retaining the sizable point lead going into the remainder of Saturday and Sunday’s tournaments. Tinas24 would take the chip lead into the final 3-max structure.

Part Three (3-max tables) turning $82 into $28K in about the amount of time it takes to golf 18 holes sounds like a great way to spend a productive weekend. Already assured $2,024.73, the final 25 would now have contend not only with short-handed tables, but the speed of the turbo structure as well.

No re-set to the chip counts meant pushing early and often for the short-stacks. Among those out in the first half-hour, sharikov_90 (25th place, $2,024.73) who got a front-row seat to Calvin Anderson’s seventh SCOOP win in 2016, finishing third. Super Tuesday champ Cristian “progre69” Sampaoli would holding on a little longer grabbing $4,321.92 in 12th place.

Paulharvey3 tried to recreate a run at a SCOOP title in 2014, finishing as the runner-up in Event #2-M for $178K. But, Paulharvey3’s flopped trip sevens were trumped JTDStreet’s trips with a better kicker, taking away $7,2234.77 in sixth place. Due to the short-handed nature, this would bring up hand-for-hand play with the two big stacks JTDStreet and Tinas21 on one table and the three shorter stacks on the other.

SosickPL has been around for a while and coming into hand-for-hand play, the short-stack was constantly fighting to keep the chance for another major title alive. While JTDStreet and Tinas21 nibbled at each other on the adjacent table, the Sunday Warm-up and World Championship of Online Poker winner needed timely pushes and a few double-ups to stay alive.

SosickPL’s short-stack drive was not to be. With the blinds up to 80K/160K ante 20K as sosickPL tried push a shade over a million chips with 5♣ 2♣ for the blinds and eggabf woke up with a small ace 5♥ A♣ to call. A second club on the turn gave a sweat Aâ™  K♥ K♣ 8♣ 7♥ , but sosickPL was out in fifth place ($7,234.77).

JTDStreet will be looking to pair wins at SCOOP and MicroMillions with a five-figure score in this event. Tinas21 nearly won the TCOOP Player of the Series title back in 2013 as the runner-up, despite playing the least amount of events in the top 10.


It looked like damourinio would polish off eggabf while taking a four-to-one chip lead on their table with constant button shoves. But, eggabf’s patience paid off. After scoring a short-stack double-up, eggabf made ace-jack work against damourinio’s queen-five to take a 3.63 million to 2.34 million lead with blinds up to 120K/240K ante 30K.

Five hands later damourinio tried to shove another five kicker 5♣ K♦ but ran headfirst into eggabf’s jacks Jâ™  J♥ . The clean board 9♦ 10♦ 10â™  10♣ 5♥ sent eggabf to the final table below:

TCOOP Event55-2017.jpg

Seat 1: eggabf (5983387 in chips)
Seat 2: JTDStreet (3165583 in chips)
Seat 3: Tinas21 (9601030 in chips)

Immediately the players looked for their deal button and sat down for a quick chat after the fifth hand. The deal was shot down quickly as play resumed with the $28K still up top.

Five hands later with the blinds moving up to 140K/280K ante 35K, JTDStreet was chipped down to 1.59 million and put in a three-bet pre-flop for 1.54 million. Both Tinas21 and eggabf made the call to see the 8â™  Qâ™  K♦ flop. As expected JTDSTreet would put the scraps in the middle as Tinas21 raised enough to send a hint to eggabf. Eggabf got the message and folded as Tinas21 turned over a set of eights 8♦ 8♥ . JTDStreet’s top pair K♣ Jâ™  lost a lot of luster and would not pick up outs on the turned 4♥ earning $9,387.63 in third place.

Two hands later the heads-up match would be paused for a quick and effective chop discussion. Three minutes between the pause and the next hand being dealt, Tinas21 and eggabf would come to the agreement below leaving $2,812.50 for the winner:

Tinas21: $21,256.83
eggabf: $20,353.47

First hand back, eggabf would notch a near four million chip pot to take a brief chip lead. Brief due to next hand. With the blinds up to 140K/280K ante 35K, both players would trade bets pre-flop until 16.6 million chips were in the middle. Both held an ace, but Tinas21’s jack kicker Jâ™  A♥ would dominate eggabf’s deuce Aâ™  2♣ winning this one decisively after a jack flopped J♥ 6♣ 10♣ 7â™  10♥ .

Holding a little over two million left, eggabf would call all-in on the next hand with J♣ 6♣ only to be dominated again by Tinas21’s K♦ 6♥ . Once again Tinas21 would pair the flop K♥ 7♣ Qâ™  9♥ 5â™  this time winning the TCOOP 2017 Event #55 title and a total of $24,069.33!

TCOOP-55 $82 NL Hold’em (Turbo, Mix-Max, Part 3: 3-Max) results

Entrants: 1,875

Prize Pool: $140,625.00

Places Paid: 25

1. Tinas21 (Norway) *$24,069.33
2. eggabf (Netherlands) *$20,353.47
3. JTDStreet (Croatia) $9,387.63

* denotes part of two-way deal

Only one full day left of the TCOOP 2017. Be sure to continue to check out the PokerStars blog and the TCOOP event page to keep up with all the stories.

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