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You might have heard about Stadium Series coming to PokerStars this summer, which starts on 5 July.

It’s a one of a kind event. An extraordinary combination of massive prize pools, added value, and a chance for players of all levels to have a shot at a $5 million Main Event.

But amid all the fanfare, you might have missed details that make this an appealing prospect for players.

So here we’ve listed the best three (in no particular order)…

Every single event is a separate tournament (you don’t need to qualify)

Every Stadium Series event is a standalone tournament.

No need to qualify for the weekly finals, just jump in and play

They’re not phase events. You don’t carry your chips over to the weekend final. Instead, you win prize money in the same way as you usually would.

You don’t have to qualify for any of the weekend finals either. You can just jump right in and play as many heats as you like. Or if you prefer to just play weekend finals, you can.

Plus, each midweek event has three tiers of buy in – low, medium and high. You get to pick the level that’s right for you and your bankroll.

There is one crucial difference though… and that’s another thing you might have missed about Stadium Series.

Huge added value in Low and Medium heats

If you finish among the top finishers in a heat at the low and medium buy-in level, you’ll receive tickets into weekend finals.

On top of the $50m Gtd there is $2m of added value in Stadium Series

That’s in addition to any prize money you win.

And there’s $2 million of added tickets, all sending players into weekend finals with sizeable guarantees.

That means you can play low and medium buy-in events and win tickets to weekend tournaments with massive guaranteed prize pools.

And if you prefer a bigger test, the high-tier events will prove a useful testing ground.

That leads us to something else you might have missed…

Adding even more tickets to regular tournament schedule

We’re adding fast track Stadium Series tickets to dozens of other events as well – all in the run up to the series itself.

Thousands of Stadium Series will be given away in the run up to Stadium Series, and during the series itself

So you can get tickets locked in before the first Stadium Series event on 5 July.

Take this weekend for example…

There’s something like 4500 tickets to giveaway on Sunday alone, including more than a thousand in the Sunday Million (valued at $11, $109, and $1050) and more than 1400 tickets in the Sunday Storm.

There are too many events to list here, so we’ve created a cheat sheet to help. You’ll find it by scrolling down below.

Make that the 4 best things

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton are also joined in this week’s Poker In The Ears Podcast by Sam “SamSquid” Grafton.

Sam Grafton joins the Podcast to talk Stadium Series

Grafton, who recently won the #SummerSeries Main Event for $200k, will be part of the commentary team for the #StadiumSeries streams, and the three of them talk about just that – the 23 days of consecutive live coverage they’ll be providing at (Monday 13 July – Tuesday 4 August).

You can listen to the episode (the last before the summer break) by clicking the link below.

Get started now

So there you have it. Stadium series is a massive $50m guaranteed online tournament series coming this summer.

  • You don’t have to win your way to the weekly finals. All the tournaments are standalone events. Play the heats to win free tickets (as well as prize money) or jump right into the weekend finals.
  • There’s $2 million of added value for low and medium tiered players.
  • Plus, there are thousands of Stadium Series tickets to be given away in the lead up to the series.

For more details of how Stadium Series works as well as the schedule of weekly heats and those weekend finals click this link.

For everything else check out the Stadium Series homepage. And you’ll find that full list of events this weekend with giveaways below…

Date DoW Start Time Name Tickets
26-Jun Fri 06:30 $4.40 Bounty Builder 99
26-Jun Fri 09:30 Mini Daily Marathon 99
26-Jun Fri 11:30 $44 Bounty Builder 99
26-Jun Fri 13:00 Big $1.10 99
26-Jun Fri 13:15 Hot $11 99
26-Jun Fri 14:30 $33 Bounty Builder 99
26-Jun Fri 15:30 Hot $3.30 99
26-Jun Fri 17:15 Hot $7.50 [Progressive KO] 99
26-Jun Fri 18:00 $55 Daily Supersonic 99
26-Jun Fri 19:00 Big $3.30 99
26-Jun Fri 21:30 $4.40 Bounty Builder 99
27-Jun Sat 06:30 $4.40 Bounty Builder 99
27-Jun Sat 09:30 Mini Daily Marathon 99
27-Jun Sat 11:30 $44 Bounty Builder 99
27-Jun Sat 13:00 Big $1.10 99
27-Jun Sat 13:15 Hot $11 99
27-Jun Sat 14:30 $33 Bounty Builder 99
27-Jun Sat 15:30 Hot $3.30 99
27-Jun Sat 17:15 Hot $7.50 [Progressive KO] 99
27-Jun Sat 18:00 $55 Daily Supersonic 99
27-Jun Sat 19:00 Big $3.30 99
27-Jun Sat 21:30 $4.40 Bounty Builder 99
28-Jun Sun 06:30 $4.40 Bounty Builder 198
28-Jun Sun 09:30 Mini Daily Marathon 198
28-Jun Sun 11:30 $44 Bounty Builder 207
28-Jun Sun 13:00 $109 Sunday Million 1062
28-Jun Sun 13:00 Big $1.10 198
28-Jun Sun 13:15 Hot $11 207
28-Jun Sun 14:00 $11 Sunday Storm 1404
28-Jun Sun 14:30 $33 Bounty Builder 207
28-Jun Sun 15:30 Hot $3.30 198
28-Jun Sun 17:15 Hot $7.50 [Progressive KO] 99
28-Jun Sun 18:00 $55 Daily Supersonic 207
28-Jun Sun 19:00 Big $3.30 198
28-Jun Sun 21:30 $4.40 Bounty Builder 198

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