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Are you planning on playing MicroMillions? Then you might be interested in a couple of bonuses

It’s not officially called a MicroMillions reward scheme, but it works in the same way. Just without the need to get stamps on a card, or go through a lengthy sign up process on an app.

All you need to do is play, and let bonuses help stretch your bankroll into week 2.

Check out the full MicroMillions schedule, and start planning which events you’ll be playing in week 1

Play enough, and by next Sunday (17 Nov) we’ll give you free entry into a special freeroll, with Main Event tickets and everything in between to be won.

The week after that, we’ll give you second chances to do the same again.

Here’s how it all works.

Week 1: Play ten MicroMillions tournaments

Play ten MicroMillions events, and a single Phase 1 tournament in the opening week, and you’ll get free entry into that freeroll we mentioned.

That’s a freeroll with $10,000 of MicroMillions tickets to give away on Monday 18 November.

So even if you’re missing out on the money in that first week, you have a chance to recoup lost ground in the freeroll, and keep your bankroll in fighting shape.

And in case you’re not familiar with Phase 1 tournaments, here’s a quick recap.

Plus a Phase 1 event

The format is simple.

Finish a Phase 1 event with chips and you’ll advance to Phase 2 on Sunday 24 November. That’s where everyone will finish in the money.

They start every two hours, cost $4.40 to play, and you can play as many as you like.

It also has a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. So pick a time suited to you and get started.

You can play a Phase 1 now, all the way through to the final day of MicroMillions. That’s when you should be ready to play to a winner.

Win Main Event tickets and more

But back to that freeroll.

You can expect a big field for that one. Hardly surprising when a Main Event seat gives you a shot at that $1 million guarantee.

Looking back at previous Main Events, the winner routinely walks away with more than $100,000.

But there will be thousands of dollars’ worth of smaller tickets to win along the way if you happen to leave early. Everything from $11 Sunday Storm tickets, down to $1.10 entries, to keep you in the week 2 action.

And remember, not everyone likes a big field. If you can learn how to navigate the early stages, you’ll be in good shape to cash. That’ll set you up for the second week.

Talking of which…

Week 2: Second Chance Freerolls that keep you playing

Week 2 is all about second chance freerolls.

You get a second chance ticket simply by busting a MicroMillions event before reaching the money – something we’re all tragically familiar with.

The freerolls run every day, so if you bust one day, you’ll be back in action the next. That should help take the sting out of any early exits.

And like the week 1 freeroll they’ll be more MicroMillions tickets to win along the way.


That’s two chances to win your way to the Main Event

So, that’s two chances to win your way into the Main Event, and keep your MicroMillions bankroll alive, just by showing up.

You can register for events now on the MicroMillions home page.

That’s where you’ll also find details of things like:

  • The NEW format for the tournament leader board
  • How Spin & Go’s could send you to the Main Event for $0.35
  • The full schedule for MicroMillions this November

Go to the website now, register, and get ready for the start of MicroMillions this Sunday.

Good luck.

MicroMillions starts this Sunday 10 November on PokerStars.

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