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With the launch of UNFOLD, we got to thinking about moments in life when an Unfold button would have been useful.

You might have your own examples…

But what else? How could history have been different with an Unfold button nearby to correct mistakes?

We look at a few examples.

It’s a trap! Unfold, unfold!

It could have turned out differently for the Greeks if they’d simply unfolded the gift of an enormous wooden horse full of Trojans…

Unfolded by popular demand

In 1985 Coca Cola figured their iconic drink, enjoyed by millions around the world, could be better. And so, they introduced New Coke. Sales plummeted while complaints went through the roof. The Unfold came three months later. Classic Coke was back.

“I wanna unfold your hand…”

In the early sixties Decca Records had the opportunity to sign an up and coming band known as The Beatles. They passed, saying their records wouldn’t sell.

Unfoldus Ridikulus!

It was a similar story for Harry Potter author JK Rowling. The story of a bespectacled young wizard was rejected 12 times before one brave publisher agreed to print it.

Seven novels, films rights, and $15 billion of merchandising later, this remains the world’s largest simultaneous unfolds.

Houston, we have an Unfold

NASA launched the Mars Climate Orbiter in December 1998. It’s mission was to study the climate on the red planet. Everything looked good until communication with the orbiter was lost on its approach to Mars.

A calculation error between NASA and Lockheed, sent the craft into a fatal trajectory. It disintegrated, or “unintentionally deorbited” to be specific, and demonstrated what a $327 million Unfold looks like.

A seventh inning unfold

Steve Bartman will forever be known as the fan who denied Chicago Cubs outfielder Moisés Alou a catch that would have left the Cubs four outs away from their first National League pennant since 1945.
In robbing Alou, Bartman transformed himself into one of the most unfortunate characters of sporting history to require police protection.

Footage immediately after the catch shows Bartman frantically spamming the Unfold button. Too late.

Nobody’s perfect…

We all make mistakes.

If you want to turn some pre-flop mistakes into post flop success stories, check out the Unfold homepage for details on how to play.

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