Friday, 9th December 2022 15:26
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If you regularly keep an eye on the latest throwable news you’ll know that if you prefer not to see all manner of animated gifs flying across the screen while you play, then you can switch them off in your settings.

Well now there’s another way to shut people up. Technically at least. There’s no way our new Silence throwable will actually make people listen.

But it’s out there today, the silence throwable. A visual representation of a TV remote mute button, with a gesture that gets the point across.

You can get your hands on this newest throwable and be lobbing it across the table with irony turned up to full by playing three Sit & Go’s.

That’s it. Once you complete those it will appear alongside your other throwables when you log in.

And as always, if you want to permanently silence all throwables, then you can switch them off in the settings page in your account.


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