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  • Spraggy is crowned WCOOP champion (all the clips)
  • $40K buy-in for a $2/$4 Stud cash game live on Twitch? Woops
  • Clips of the week
  • Ones to watch

Spraggy is crowned WCOOP champion

The World Championship of Online Poker 2020 (WCOOP) couldn’t have started better for both Ben “Spraggy” Spragg and the thousands who tuned in to his Twitch stream Sunday night.

On the opening day of the most prestigious online series, Spraggy reached two final tables in the same event, a Progressive Knock-out Turbo.

The most money naturally was up for grabs in the more expensive of the two, the $530 edition. But over in the $5.50 version, Spraggy called hit shot early on.

“Oh my God, we’re going to win the $5.50 WCOOP.”

He would ultimately fall in ninth on the $530 final table, losing El Classico with ace-king suited versus pocket queens. He won $3,629 plus $1,593 in bounties.

It was a brutal flip to lose, but he didn’t let it phase him. Over in the $5.50 he just kept on winning big pots.

Eventually, he took the chip lead with this 25 million chip pot.

When he got heads-up against “weh_chris”, things took a dark turn.

Spraggy made a big fold with pocket queens and was then needled by his heads-up opponent. “That feels unnecessary in a $5.50 tournament,” Spraggy said.

Here’s the queens fold.

Followed by the needle.

With that in mind and just two big blinds, Spraggy forged an almighty comeback with hero calls like the one below.

And from there on there was no doubt.

For that victory, he banked $4,349.41, including bounties

Congratulations Spraggy.

There’s still a month of tournaments left to play though, so go win another one, yeah?

$40K buy-in for a $2/$4 Stud cash game?

We’ve all been there, right?

Clips of the week:

Poor Spraggy.


What a rollercoaster.

That was awful. Awfully good.

The calm. The confidence. What a life, indeed.

Holy maloney. That’s nice.

Who just runs like that? Honestly?

Too many outs.

So dedicated to the grind that he forgets his own birthday.

Ones to watch:

Martin “Marksman_M” Thien Wu – www.twitch.tv/marksman_m

This week we simply HAVE to single out and give a huge shout out to Martin “Marksman_M” Thien Wu.

On Sunday night–the opening night of WCOOP–Wu was winding down his poker session, playing the last game of the night, casually streaming to a handful of Twitch viewers.

THREE viewers, to be precise. His audience peaked at three across the entire night.

He ended up winning the WCOOP 05-M: $55, 8-Max PKO (the medium version of the event Spraggy won the same night) for $29,379.

This week PokerStars Blog spoke to Wu about his amazing win, his Twitch stream, and how he got into poker (it’s a fun story that involves his dad and the game of mahjong).

Check out our interview with WCOOP champ Martin “Marksman_M” Thien Wu here.

Only three lucky viewers got to witness his win live, but now you can watch it for yourself below, start to finish.


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