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The day started with a new record, the biggest field ever in a SCOOP event. That came in SCOOP-51-L which had 99,114 entrants, creating a prize pool of $991,140. 1TheSpiteful of Slovenia would prevail, winning a first prize of $105,470, the second biggest of any Low event of the Championship behind the 8-Max High Roller won by IvanaHarman.

Then came the usual array of results to make the head turn.

The biggest win of the day belonged to profit76 in SCOOP 51-H. That was worth $437,420 to the Romanian who defeated Rob Tinnion in second place.

But arguably the headline win went to Shawn “buck21” Buchanan, who won a third SCOOP 2016 title – the sixth of his career, in SCOOP 52-H. Pauly McGuire has the full report on the win, which added more than $214,000 to Buchanan’s Championship earnings this year. That came from a five-way deal that included Jeff “jeff710” Hakim in fifth.

shawn_buchanan_pca2016_24may16.jpgThree titles for Shawn Buchanan in SCOOP 2016

Team Online’s Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara continued to demonstrate why he has been one of the players of the Championship, finishing second in SCOOP 53-L. Kihara has featured well on the Player of the Series tables, on which more shortly.

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And then there was that man again Shaun Deeb, not winning SCOOP 53-H but finishing fourth to effectively lock up the Overall Player of the Series contest. It proved a hotly contested Single Draw 2-7 event, won by Daniel “w00ki3z” Cates who defeated George Danzer heads-up. Paul Volpe, a winner this year, was third ahead of Deeb, while Mikael Thuritz and RunGodlike (another winner) finished fifth and sixth respectively. Read Nick Wright’s final table report for the details.

All of which brings SCOOP 2016 almost to an end, with just the three Main Event finals to be played. Here’s how each of them will line up when they resume at 14:30 ET today.



mmleandro (Brazil) 342,341,265
Pablos701 (Brazil) 255,207,477
tnb1990 (United Kingdom) 208,090,984
nillolok (Brazil) 164,543,400
TimMoscow007 (Russia) 80,636,429
andreas1966 (Germany) 63,106,705
sebirizoR (Germany) 45,239,350
Jason-Pan39 (Taiwan) 36,563,518
Rose Gambit (Brazil) 33,820,872



OMGitsH.O.H (Romania) 50,831,406
Jymaster11 (Mexico) 45,374,999
hummylun (Canada) 37,811,780
Xading (Russia) 34,493,147
iamivar (Sweden) 26,513,474
Ryokan (Ireland) 25,415,056
Educa-p0ker (United Kingdom) 18,312,857
rumbaii4 (Finland) 12,547,281



raidalot (United Kingdom) 9,804,971
markovitsus (Estonia) 5,843,118
gunning4you (Canada) 4,598,537
IReadB00ks (Denmark) 4,210,444
s0nny_bLacCk (Thailand) 3,943,686
Nolez7 (Romania) 3,869,914
pablotenisis (Mexico) 3,093,841
LuckBox (Japan) 3,052,276
EvnomiYa [2] (Russia) 2,783,213

The name that leaps out is “raidalot” in 54-H who takes a big lead into the $4 million guarantee event. The British player already has four final tables in SCOOP 2016 and is now poised to potentially win the biggest of them all.

In terms of the Player of the Series leader board though here’s how things stand, and will remain standing even after the conclusion of the events above.

scoop_leaderboard_24may16.jpgSCOOP overall leader board as of 24 May 2016
Well, pick a name from that list you don’t recognise. Six of them won a SCOOP title this year, while the others reached countless final tables (on a regular basis). But it was Deeb who proved uncatchable, set to win with a big lead over Jason Mercier.

We’ll have all the final leader board standings in our final SCOOP 2016 update tomorrow, which will include details of the Main Event finals which start later today. Meanwhile you can find all the results from this year’s Championship on our SCOOP 2016 results page which also includes links to each final table report. There’s the SCOOP 2016 homepage for everything else.

Until tomorrow and our final SCOOP 2016 update.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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