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Tonight’s choices at the casino buffet were chicken with ratatouille, veal and pasta or something else. It was all good. As we now work off our post-prandial lethargy with a trip around the 15 remaining tables in the tournament area, here are some video blogs for you to enjoy from earlier in the day.

Jan Heitmann, magician, ShootingStar and all round nice guy, was first up…

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Jan Heitmann Day 1b (English) on

… before Eric Larcheveque gave his support to EPT Dortmund, which finds him in his element in a bricks and mortar casino:

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Eric Larcheveque Day 1b (English) on

In other tournament news, Clonie Gowan just took her leave, busted a few minutes before her side of the tournament went on its break. She borrowed a mobile phone charger from one of the reporters here on media row, but was over shortly after to pick up her phone again. “I guess I’ll charge it in the hotel,” she said.

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