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Join Ben “Spraggy” Spragg in Las Vegas as we go behind the scenes with the PokerStars Ambassador at his first-ever World Series of Poker.

Remember when you were at school and you bumped into your teacher in the local supermarket on a Saturday? It was quite unnerving, wasn’t it? This was not the environment you were used to seeing them in. But there they were. Out and about. An actual person living in the real world amongst us.

We can only imagine that that’s how the good poker people of Las Vegas, Nevada are feeling at the moment when they spot Ben “Spraggy” Spragg roaming their cardrooms.

The PokerStars Team Pro and award-winning Twitch streamer has left his computer and webcam behind and is currently out in Vegas to see his wife Marle, win a bracelet at his maiden World Series of Poker, plus play some cash games and a bunch of other tournaments taking place across the Strip this summer.

In this Twitch Poker Tribune exclusive, Spraggy’s taking us behind the scenes to show us how he packs for a poker trip (i.e. how many track tops can fit in a suitcase?), how he stays motivated when things aren’t going his way, how he chooses which tournaments to play, plus Las Vegas local Marle provides some tips for anyone heading to the WSOP.

PokerStars Blog: First things first, Spraggy. The people need to know: who looks after your cat while you’re away?

Spraggy: I feel like Olaf would be quite happy to spend the entirety of the four weeks on his own as the mere sight of me seems to fill him with disdain. However, I am lucky that my wonderful mum lives not too far away and loves that cat like another son. She will be popping in every day to ensure he’s fed and watered and not tearing the house down too much.

How did you decide which weeks to go out to Vegas for?

I was really keen to play the Main Event this year. Last summer I spent a few weeks in Vegas playing summer poker and even played a $10K, but I’ve never played at the WSOP and have never played the Main Event.

It comes at a really nice time post-SCOOP and feels like a nice time of year to take a couple weeks of holiday, see the wife, and hopefully win several million dollars in the process. I’m sure there’s an added magic to competing in huge fields and against so many familiar faces.

How do you pack for a poker trip? Any unexpected items?

It will come as a shock to nobody that I’m an incredibly basic packer when it comes to travel. With my recent haircut that means I no longer have to pack a headband, so I’m afraid it’s a predictably boring suitcase of T-shirts, track tops and only one extra pair of shoes in case things get particularly fancy.

What do you think of Vegas?

I love Vegas, having visited a few times in the last few years since Marle and I got married. I’ve really come to know Las Vegas outside of what you see on the strip. It’s a city that has become a lot more than just casinos and nightlife. I’ve been fortunate enough to make lots of new friends and be introduced to some really cool and kind people who’ve shown me Freemont Street, the arts district and the more suburban side of sin city. Of course, I’m in love with the strip as well and love nothing more than sitting in the cash games until the birds are singing and the sun has risen. 

What — if any — work will go on for the stream while you’re away? Do you have to do a lot of computer work behind the scenes?

Whilst I’m away there’s usually a period of refreshing going on behind the scenes on the channel. I am fortunate enough to work with a very talented graphics and video artist who will be busy generating new scenes, fun add-ons as well as repurposing some old content for YouTube so there is content in my absence.

Best of luck out there, Spraggy.

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