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  • Gross spot for easywithaces with three left in $215 Bounty Builder
  • Clips of the week

Disgusting ICM spot for Fintan ‘easywithaces’ Hand

Fintan “easywithaces” Hand battled his way through a tough $215 Bounty Builder field this week and found himself three-handed. Even better? The bounty daddy (i.e. the player who had the biggest bounty remaining) was down to just three big blinds.

Then Hand, who was second in chips, picked up pocket tens. He had a great shot to eliminate the short-stacked player, pick up their big bounty, grab the pay jump, and take a decent stack into heads-up play.

The tricky thing? After the chip leader opened, Hand was stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he just called hoping the bounty daddy would go all-in, he wouldn’t then be able to reopen the action as the raise would be too small. If he shoved over the top of the open, however, he’d be putting his tournament life on the line despite a much shorter stack on the table.

Hand did decide to shove. After all, pocket tens three-handed is a very strong hand.

But then the short-stacked bounty daddy folded.

And the chip leader snap-called. Uh-oh.

What an absolutely disgusting runout.

Still, it’s been a pretty good week for Hand who managed to take down his first two trophies in 2022.

First, he won the Big $44:

Then he won the Hot $109 the very next day.

Clips of the week

Great win for Wistern.

Nice hold for Lex on $530 Bounty Builder FT.

Spraggy vs Tonkaaaa.

Tonkaaaa vs Pyefacepoker.

One-outer for the straight flush.

Should have been the easiest bounty in the world…

Bad boards for aces.

Pyefacepoker gets the win.

Yum yum yum.

Back-to-back aces.

The dream triple-up.

GG AccidentalGrenade.

Reverse psychology doesn’t pay off.

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