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  • Lex recoups countless daily donations with Pacific Rim win
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When you play online poker tournaments for long enough, there always seems to be one tournament in particular that you just can’t seem to do well in. It’s like you’re cursed in it.

For Lex Veldhuis, that tournament is the $162 Pacific Rim. It’s almost always the first event Lex registers on his daily schedule and for a long time he’s considered it the “bane of his existence”. He actually refers to it as the daily donation.
No matter how well he played, he just couldn’t break through.

That all changed on June 10 when Lex took it down for $4,399, and he did so in style, eliminating every single player on the final table to win the $1,406 first-place prize plus almost $3,000 in bounties.

The PokerStars Team Pro actually burst the final table bubble, busting a good player in the process.

And on the final table he ran good when he needed to.

He managed to induce a bluff here three-handed:

And ultimately took it down heads-up with pocket queens versus pocket sevens:

Does the win make up for all his buy-in donations over the years? That’s impossible to say. But clinching the win certainly gives Lex some consolation after years of torment.


Lex hits a royal.

Naigo1 also hits a royal.

When streamers battle on big final tables, throwables are thrown.

Get outta here!

It hurts to get the walk.

Pye wins the race.

Lex wins the Big $82.

Always coming seven.

The winner’s dance.

No dancing for Fintan.

OK, maybe some dancing…

Majincast takes down the bounty daddy.

Nine! Nein!

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Arlie flops quad ducks.

Fully invested.

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