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  • Lex raising for charity in the EPT $25K
  • Clips of the week
  • Ones to watch

Lex raising for charity in the EPT $25K

The most devout and eagle-eyed Twitch Tribune fans (all three of them) will know that this round-up usually comes to you on a Thursday. But last night was a big deal in Twitch Poker, so we simply had to wait.

You see, PokerStars Ambassador Lex Veldhuis was set to play in the $25,000 buy-in European Poker Tour (EPT) Online Super High Roller live on stream.

Any profits he’d make would be donated to a charity very close to his heart. Here’s Lex with an explanation:

Not only that, but Lex was also raising money for the charity through viewer donations, as well as giving any new subscriber fees to the great cause.

The tournament was full of the absolute cream of the crop, as you’d expect.

Not every spot went Lex’s way:

But other times it worked out just the way he wanted.

Unfortunately, Lex couldn’t make a deep run in this one. But at least it was his friend and coach Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle who took him out.

And being the classy guy that he is, Rolle would then offer 10% of his winnings to Lex’s charity fundraising.

In terms of poker, it wasn’t all bad. Lex managed to take down a tournament which has long been his nemesis: the $215 Bounty Builder, or as he calls it, the Daily Donation.

“We finally won this b**** of a tournament!”

That got some great reactions from the chat.

Lex also made Day 2 and the final 79 of the $1,050 EPT event.

But perhaps more importantly, he raised more than $3,000 for charity thanks to his amazing community.


The Mini EPT $215 Super High Roller charity event (which will see PokerStars donate all profits they make from the event) starts at 1:05pm ET.

Clips of the week

Yep, that’s a royal flush.

Flopping ‘em dead.

Three streams, three wins for Arlie.

You can never have too many quads.

Deal me out. Deal me the f*** out.

An indecent proposal.

Pair the board, baby!

Lex is shellshocked.

Yikes. Not recommended.

That’s a big old pot.

Curiously, he’s wearing a fish garb.

Ones to watch

This week we’re showing the German streamers some love.

Q_Poker –

Q_Poker, aka Quirin, is a 27-year-old professional poker player, poker coach and poker commentator. You’ll find him streaming almost every day.

Bluffpatrol_rapha –

Bluffpatrol_rapha, aka Raphael, is a German poker streamer who hopes to become a fulltime poker player. Join him on the journey!

Thinking of streaming your PokerStars games on Twitch?

Then check out Lex and Spraggy’s advice below.

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