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  • Lex wins three trophies in one day
  • Winter Series title for AccidentalGrenade
  • Clips of the week

All Lex does is win, win, win

Twitch poker boss Lex Veldhuis was busy in Belgium on Wednesday (Feb 2), putting up a marathon 11-hour stream.

Why was the stream so long? Simple. Lex just kept on winning tournaments.

First, he took down the Big $82 for $1,163.


He followed that up a short while later with a $55 Adrenaline KO win for $2,052.

And he wrapped up the session with a victory in the $109 Kickoff for $2,381.

That’s a winning Wednesday right there.

Winter Series title for AccidentalGrenade

Meanwhile, the Winter Series wrapped up on January 31st over on PokerStars PA, but not before PokerStars pro Keith “AccidentalGrenade” Becker captured himself a title.

Becker finished on top in the $75 Winter Series Hyper for $3,622!

Clips of the week

Big win for Wistern.

So much money!

So annoying.


Are you serious?

Pye’s slowroll backfires.

Great call from Naigo.

Arlie gets it done.

Pretty cool indeed!

Dance run-bad.


You’ve gotta be kidding me.

And that’s why you shove.

Oh my.

Errr, what?

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