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  • Parker Talbot wins $1,050 Daily Cooldown
  • Wistern takes down Big $22
  • Clips of the week

Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot wins Cooldown

Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot has showed excellent form since joining PS Team Online. He wins stuff routinely, and seems to run deep nearly every time he plays.

Last weekend, Talbot came second in Saturday’s $1,050 Daily Cooldown for a total of $10,037, and also came second in the $1,050 Saturday KO for $6,363.

But it’s yesterday’s (June 29.) results that really stand out. Tonkaaaa had another crack at the Daily Cooldown, and this time prevailed.

Nobody can say that it was luck. Not after this hand put him in serious danger of crashing out with 13 players left:

There was a lot of awkwardness to navigate, but when tonkaaaa senses something fishy he follows up with his own fancy play:

“Oh my God dude, like what in the f**k just happened?”:

A simple shove and call are all it takes to end it. Thankfully for tonkaaaa, he was on the right end of it. Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot won the Cooldown for $15,627 (inc. over $10k bounties).

WisternJL takes down Big $22

WisternJL had a fairly smooth ride on the way to the final table of the Big $22 last Friday. Here’s a couple of winning moments from his triumph.

After applying pressure to the table, WisternJL picks up a real hand in the small blind, and he’s sure to get paid off:

Heads-up on the final table, all that’s left is to make the call:

Clips of the week

Two final tables for tonkaaaa:

Arlie binks one:

Messing around in the Big Blind:

drogba060193 wins Sunday Million PKO edition:

Tonkaaaa makes a Royal Flush:

Lex running hot in the $109:

Naigo calls for the 9 of diamonds:

Another “What?” moment for tonkaaaa:

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