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  • Spraggy produces zombie-like comeback
  • Clips of the week

Spraggy produces zombie-like comeback

You can’t help but admire the sheer tenacity of it.

Who is this guy with the minerals to register the $22 Mini Super Tuesday at midnight, when he was already six hours into a stream and four figures in the hole?

Who is this guy brave enough to single-handedly overturn all existing sleep codes and customs while ignoring the many chat pros who were betting against him?

Who is this magnificent guy?

The name’s Spragg. Ben Spragg.

Spraggy. That’s who.

Yep, on Tuesday night Ben “Spraggy” Spragg was stuck between a rock and hard place. He’d had some deep runs which didn’t pan out and he was stuck for the session, but he also had an audience watching in the thousands.

He refused to let them down.

Spraggy fired up the $22 Mini Super Tuesday.

It wasn’t smooth sailing.

But he won the big pots when they counted.

And even got a little lucky.

He rode a wave of euphoria all the way to a second-place finish for $1,412, good enough to get him in profit for the day.

The hero even returned the very next night (Wednesday 3 Feb) and did it all over again, even longer this time.

If you’re not tuning in to these marathon streams, you must like sleep.

If not, you know where you need to be:

Clips of the week

RobinPoker keeps the rungood going.

Yeah, buddy!

Apestyles grinds the micros.

Barry Greenstein: always there when you need him.

Don’t you know? Pump it up. You’ve got to pump it up.

Sorry Lex.

Runner runner straight? Easy game.


Lex hits the one-outer.

As does Arlie.

Don’t do this with 8-2 offsuit.

You know what they say about pocket nines…

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