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  • Spraggy’s Marathon run to $15K Sunday score
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Spraggy’s Marathon run to $15K Sunday score

Sunday sessions can be long and arduous and no tournament tests a player’s endurance quite like the Sunday Marathon.

Last week’s edition was a $50 50/50 Series event and your boy Ben “Spraggy” Spragg was in there battling. He’s been producing some marathon 14+ hour streams lately and was ready to go the distance.

Things started well, but at one point–after running pocket tens into pocket aces–Spraggy was down to just two big blinds.

But you never give up. He found a way to get back in the game.

This big flip certainly helped.

And this flip was worth a lot of dough.

With that, the comeback was complete.

With 11 left, he was chipleading. That created quite the chip graph.

On the final table, it was a case of maintaining his stack while laddering up the pay jumps.

This ladder was worth an extra $5K.

Alas, in the end, Spraggy’s Marathon run in the 50/50 event saw him finish in third place for $15,850.

We said it last week and we’ll say it again: when Spraggy’s running a marathon stream, make sure you’re sprinting to his Twitch channel.

Clips of the week

Arlie takes down the $16.50 Bounty Builder for $2,700.

Either way, Charlie Carrel has made it.

Lord Lex welcomes royalty.

Cooler for SamSquid.

It’s gonna be a great week.

Good day, sir.

Slowrollin’ in the RobinPoker home game.

Great win in the $530 High Roller Club PKO.

Lady luck.

Lady luck 2.0.

You simply have to play the Sunday Million now, for the layout alone.

A casual $7K cash for apestyles.

Stunned to silence.

That’s rough.

Don’t we all want to be like Spraggy when we grow up?

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