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  • True Geordie takes on Fintan, Spraggy and Tonkaaaa
  • Pyefacepoker is a SCOOP champ!
  • Clips of the week

True Geordie takes on Fintan, Spraggy and Tonkaaaa

Brian “True Geordie” Davis

You’ve probably seen Brian “True Geordie” Davis battling on PokerStars in high stakes tournaments lately. The podcast legend has been coached by Charlie “Epiphany77” Carrel and has put up some great results, including a 27th-place finish in the SCOOP Thursday Thrill last week.

But tomorrow (Friday, April 23) he’s facing his toughest challenge yet.

Along with Laurence McKenna (his podcast co-host) and Elliot Hackney, True Geordie will be taking on Team PokerStars Pros Fintan “easywithaces” Hand, Benjamin “spraggy” Spragg, and Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot in a turbo tourney with unlimited rebuys for the first hour.

There’s at least $5K up top and there will be some interesting ‘team tactics’ taking place — you won’t want to miss it.

The game will be streamed tomorrow on both the PokerStars Twitch channel and True Geordie’s Twitch channel and kicks off at 1pm ET (6pm BST).

Congrats to SCOOP champ Pyefacepoker!

Check out our interview SCOOP champion Mason “pyefacepoker” Pye here.

Clips of the week

Let’s start with Spraggy’s deep run in $5K…

He found a nice time to run good.

What a sweat.

Good time to win a flip.

Finally, the big bluff didn’t go his way.

Pump it up.

Spoke too soon.

What a runout.

That stings the nostrils.

A milly in the $1K.

The power of a Lex raid.

They called a four-bet with 52-off…

Nit gets rewarded.

Impressive fold by pads1161.

Great call by SinKarma in the $5K.

That’s actually so sad.

AQ < AA, AA > AQ.

Why do I have to get into this spot?

Couldn’t fit in another bite.

No explanation needed.

Nice hold on a $5K FT bubble.

No one can stop him.

That’s a big two-outer.

Tough bust.

Whoop whoop whoop.

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