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  • Fintan, Spraggy and Arlie battle on The Showdown
  • The 2-7 hand that broke the internet
  • Clips of the week

Watch Fintan, Spraggy and Arlie battle True Geordie

The trash talk started early, and it didn’t stop.

Last week, PokerStars pros Fintan Hand, Ben Spragg and Arlie Shaban took their seats around True Geordie’s The Showdown poker table for a £1,000 winner-takes-all sit & go.

Poker was played. Stories were told. Laughs were had by all.

You can watch the full episode below.

“I’m legit never playing mixed games again”

That’s probably for the best, Fintan.

This wild 2-7 hand got everyone talking:

Clips of the week

Pye takes down the Octopus!

Lex is the champion.

ICM? Grow up.

We’re still waiting for the celebrations.

Nice win for Naigo!


More disgustingness.

Even more disgustingness.

That’s poker.

Get on his level.

Steel wheel.

Any bluffers?

Don’t mind if I do!

The ever-elusive one outer.


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