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  • Watch the $20K bounty bust-outs from the Big 20 Finale
  • Spraggy wins $14K in “ridiculous tournament”
  • Clips of the week

Watch the $20K bounty bust-outs from the Big 20 Finale

Anyone who was registered in the $5M guaranteed $55 Big 20 Finale this past Sunday (Dec 5) was praying to be seated on the same table as a red spade.

That’s because 10 PokerStars Team Pros had a massive $20K bounty on their heads. Bust them and the prize was all yours.

Let’s have a look at how some of your favourite Twitch streamers exited the tournament, and how the lucky few picked up a huge payday.

Lex saw two people bust him, chopping up his bounty.

Spraggy ran into domination.

Fintan’s bust-out came in a humungous 3M-chip pot.

Tonkaaaa’s eights couldn’t hold.

GJReggie took a bad beat.

Pyefacepoker got got.

Xflixx’s bounty was won by queen-three off!

Spraggy wins $14K in “ridiculous tournament”

He may have been eliminated from the Big 20 Finale but Sunday was still a great night for Spraggy.

He described Sunday’s Big 20 $109 PKO Side Event as a “ridiculous tournament”, as players started short-stacked. That meant once things were deep, stacks were especially shallow.

But it turns out Spraggy runs pretty well in ridiculous tournaments.

He had his life on the line several times but always held when it counted most.

He picked up some bounties along the way.

And ultimately Spraggy finished in second place for just shy of $15K.

​​Clips of the week

A straight flush is as good a way to win as any.

Lex wins the Big $33 in style.

Fintan calls the bluff…or does he?

Heartbreak on the $5K FT.

Death by quads.

First hand of the Big 20 with a $20K bounty on your head…how about AA?

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