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by Jo Haslam

What do you do if you’re playing a tournament and there are Trick-or-Treaters knocking at the door? Do you leave it, risking mischief, or answer the door and risk timing out when you might have a big hand? This very discussion came up at the Twitter tourney table on Halloween night, with AADooper chipping in to say he’d located his laptop beside the front door to better give away candy and play his game.

Tricks not treats

If POKERSENEL was answering the door to deliver treats, he probably wouldn’t want to see bubblegum in his candy container. He had bubble trouble enough. There can be no greater Halloween horror than going out on the bubble with the best hand. A cruel trick for POKERSENEL.

Chip leader IRKPOKERMAN raised with 33 and POKERSENEL found JJ and re-raised all-in. The 3 on the flop would end POKERSENEL’s hopes of making the final table.

IRKPOKERMAN had the lead already, and those chips would give him a huge advantage at the final table. Here’s how the chips looked:

Seat 1: mathiasjb (150405 in chips)
Seat 2: Ryuho27 (71068 in chips)
Seat 3: 140yardace (145729 in chips)
Seat 4: d-mauve (105985 in chips)
Seat 5: fatih_goker (256508 in chips)
Seat 6: Musasizi (167178 in chips)
Seat 7: IRKPOKERMAN (571754 in chips)
Seat 8: win32shost (185123 in chips)
Seat 9: ztv69 (147750 in chips)


It was a quick exit for d-mauve, one of the shorter stacks at the table. He decided to make a move with A9 and IRKPOKERMAN would find JJ to take him on.


Another appearance by the Jacks, Ryuho27 pushed with AJ and it was ztv69 who would call with JJ. Ryuho27 had no help from the board so he was out in 8th place for $23.41. He tweeted his exit with, “Meh 8th. AJ

IRKPOKERMAN lost a chunk of chip lead chips when he took on win32shost. They both saw a flop of Q25. Win32host bet out, IRKPOKERMAN moved all-in, and was called. Win32host showed AQ to beat IRKPOKERMANS Q6. This double-up would see win32shot win chips enough to score a victory.

IRKPOKERMAN wasn’t giving up without a fight; he regained his lead in a series of hands where aggressive re-raises would force his opponents to fold.

Three in a row

Musasizi out next. He found QQ but mathiasjb found better with AA. He hit another Ace on the turn and Musasizi’s doom was certain.

Ztv69 was out in 6th not long after. He pushed with AJ mathiasjb called with 1010 and the pair held, ztv69 out in 6th place for $47.43.

In a speedy final table faith_goker was next to the rail, and mathiasjb would eliminate three players on the trot.

On a 2107 flop mathiasjb bet out. Fatih_goker re-raised with A10 and mathiasjb set him all-in. Fatih_goker might have liked his odds for a double-up with mathiasjb showing A4 and chasing the flush. But the flush hit on the river, the 8 meant Fatih_goker was out.

Win32shot in with a shot

IRKPOKERMAN was still chip leader, but Win32shot would win another big pot from him and change all that. Win32shost found AA and the 6A2 flop suited him just fine. IRKPOKERMAN called his every bet only to muck on the river. The chip advantage was now Win32shots.

140yardace had reached this table with no great stack and won no large pots, so credit to him for his survival to this stage. He was forced to make a move as the blinds bit harder, and he pushed with K10 to find IRKPOKERMAN willing to take him on with AQ. His 4th place finish awarded him $81.66

Soon after mathiasjb made a move with A9 and ran into IRKPOKERMAN’s AA , it was all over for mathiasjb, out in 2nd place for $113.97.

A small pair wins big

Heads-up IRKPOKERMAN was way ahead, fielding AN 1,225,579 chips to win32shost’s 575,921 – but one big hand would change all that. IRKPOKERMAN found AQ and win32shost 66 their raising war ended up with win32shost all-in preflop. The sixes held-up and the double-up put win32shost right back in the game.


A five minute break right after this hand didn’t give the players any thoughts of calming down and taking things easy, they came back raring to go. In the first hand after the break the players saw a Q38 flop, . IRKPOKERMAN bet out, win32shost re-raised, and we moved on to a J on the turn. When win32shost moved all-in IRKPOKERMAN called. It was Q9 for IRKPOKERMAN but better for win32shost with KQ. A hand that was good enough to win win32shost the tournament and $204.62.

Win32shost ‘s points score gives him third place in the league. Vink0123 tops the league right now, his win last week and two cashes giving him more points than the rest.

There are two more tourneys to play this league season, so plenty of points still to win. If you want to find facts and figures about the Twitter Poker League check out the website. If you want tweets or tittle-tattle you can check out our Twitter page.

It’s ta ta for now from Twitter HQ.

Twitter Poker League – Week 6 standings (10-31-10)
vinko123 – 31
haritonchik – 26
TRex160466 – 25
win32shost – 25
Renaan – 24
wimHC – 24
carzzzzz4u – 23
pR0kerKid – 23
Eleazar_9 – 22
firebreather – 22
guesswho75 – 22
LizardKingI – 22
Tanirka – 22

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