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by Jo Haslam

The clever folks at PokerStars have invented a new form of online poker. The rules are identical to hold’em, the format the same as a regular multi table tournament, the buy-in only $1.10, but the game has a twist, a twist that gives typists and speed texters a significant edge. The new poker variant is ‘tpoker’, and along with mastering regular hold’em skills you need the ability to update your Twitter account with hand stories and tourney updates tagged ‘#tpoker’ so the other tpokerers know what you’re up to.

I hear expert tpoker players can multi-table 24 S&G while updating Twitter with news of what they had for breakfast, thoughts on Justin Bieber, and retweets of Daniel Negreanu’s golf prop bets.

Not all tpoker tweeters are such chatterboxes, Bra boy84 quietly achieved back-to-back Twitter Poker League wins. We like our heroes, so it’s natural to want to see him do well again, but this week bra boy84 showed he’s only human. He pushed average chips all-in preflop with Q5 to be called by a chipped up player with 33. He finished 583rd.

3detch was third in last week’s game, he became the one to watch as the tourney whittled down it’s tables. He found another final table this week, and may be a new leaderboard star in the making.

The Vixen Outfoxed

Talking of player’s to watch, the folks of Twitter had their eye on @Jennicide, for all kinds of reasons. The ‘poker vixen and featured Playboy model’ (as described by her official webpage was the subject of PokerStars weekly bounty, and also the guessing game contest to predict her finishing place in the tpoker tourney. Jennicide fought a good fight against those who wanted her bounty prize, but when her AJ ran into S Blanco’s AQ she finished 662nd. S Blanco was to have a good day winning a bounty prize and a starring place on the final table.Toetyper claimed Pokerstars Twitter’s competition prize, selecting the number 666 based on Jennicide making him feel, “devilish.”


Jennicide might have been out, but surely toetyper and the rest of her fans would want to root for her mom? It seems Jennicide’s poker playing genes run in the family – and on the female line. Jennicide’s mom and dad were both playing the Twitter Poker League too, and while dad managed a cash finish, mom was doing even better.

@Jennicide: My mom ladymy is still in the #tpoker tournament with over 100k and 30ish people left =) WTG mom!

Ladymy eventually finished in 13th place, all-in with JJ she was called by dodgethis12’s AQ, he hit two aces and it was all over for the older Leigh vixen lady.

Murder on the bubble

The hand-for-hand play was of the 140 hands or less sort. Murderbass83 was just short of the final table, he found 88 and on low to middling chips wanted to play that hard, but Anomalia_17 was lurking with KK and took his chips to the final table.

Week 4 Final Table Screenshot.jpg

The final table was set with the following chips:

Seat 1: Foreseeable (134304 in chips)
Seat 2: Debiloki (154366 in chips)
Seat 3: 3detch (152470 in chips)
Seat 4: dodgethis12 (205412 in chips)
Seat 5: papapes (327577 in chips)
Seat 6: S Blanco (258678 in chips)
Seat 7: Anomalia_17 (549015 in chips)
Seat 8: sariastur (256120 in chips)
Seat 9: Twiggylll (209058 in chips)

Three hands from helll for Twiggylll

On only the second hand of final table play Twiggylll lost 166,000 chips holding AQ, it seemed he didn’t belief 3detch’s all-in bet with the board showing KJ95. 3detch showed his AK and if they meet again Twiggylll may be more trusting.

Next hand Twiggylll put his last 41,188 chips in the middle with K8. S Blanco had paid the big blind already and had chips to find it an easy call with 55. The 5 on the flop sealed Twiggylll’s fate, a quick-fire exit in 9th place.

Sariastur was out next. He called from under the gun with AQ to like the look of the 73Q flop, but could still be kicking himself for letting Anomalia_17 see cards for free. The big blind player had Q7 and quickly called the all-in re-raise.

TPokerStars Twitter account was providing tourney updates, and our next chip count update is sponsored by PokerStars Twitterer, “7 left in the #tpoker tourney. Two players dominate, Anomalia_17 plays 719,355 and S Blanco 636,432. Papapase on just 42,211 & all-in soon.”

PokerStars Twitterer would have to wait a while to see that all-in, Papapes hung in there through another blind level, and as the blinds climbed to 4000/8000 with a 1000 ante he looked at just 17,411 chips, and must have hoped to look at a picture card or two.

When good hands turn bad

Papapes found JJ and might have thought it would do for a double-up, but 3detch had a QQ to put an end to those dreams, and to his Twitter Poker League final table.

Next 3detch found AA on the big blind and the mighty raise from Anomalia_17 was an easy all-in call, but the cards were not easy on him, they were just cruel. Anomalia_17’s 58 hit a diamond flush.

3detch can take comfort from the fact that his two final tables give him 34 points for second place in the Twitter Poker League.

Anomalia_17 got busy with his new chip lead, raising 3 out of 4 of the next hands. He eventually had a caller to his raise, he and S Blanco checked their way through the 68JQQ board. S Blanco bet the river with 22 and Anomalia_17 called with 33 to increase his lead.

Opposite ends of the deck

Debiloki was the short stack but picked the wrong time for a re-raise with 22, Forseeable held the cards from the opposite end of the deck with AA. Dodgethis12 had called Debiloki’s cut-price all-in with AQ but when Forseeable pushed for more he called too, ending up with most of his chips at stake. Dodgethis12 hit a Q but wouldn’t overtake the bullets. The huge hand eliminated Debiloki and left Dodgethis12 needing chips fast.

Dodgethis12 couldn’t dodge bullets this game. S Blanco was next to get everyone’s favourite hand, happily finding AA on the big blind as dodgethis12 pushed all-in from the small with 98. All clubs on the flop, but even a flush card wouldn’t spare dodgethis12, S Blanco held the A. Dodgethis12 finished 4th, leaving S Blanco and
Anomalia_17 close for the lead, and Foreseaable in no great danger just 30,000 behind.

Queens of the jungle

Anomalia_17 had been accused of playing like an, “Animal” in a chat box spat when his 5 8 offsuit outdrew Aces. Anomalia_17 may have won a chunk of chips with a big chunk of luck, but the Russian player had shown good hands too, and he found lion-hearted courage in a campaign to terrorize the short stacks. When he found QQ he would tighten his claws on the king of the table lead. Forseeable was entitled to think the Russian had a lesser hand, and pushed all-in with AJ to Anomalia_17’s re-raise. No cards to help Forseeable who finished in third place for $134.82 earning 16 valuable league points.

Heads-up play began with chips as follows:

S Blanco: 742189
Anomalia_17: 1504811

The heads up on the heads up

After a score of hands without showdowns Anomalia_17 increased his lead to nearly 170,000 and kept on pressing, S Blanco finding nothing to fight back with.

Then we had action, a preflop raise was called by S Blanco and both checked a 10J Q flop. Anomalia_17 bet the 8 turn and S Blanco re-raised and quickly called Anomalia_17’s all-in push.

10J for S Blanco, but two pair no good, 109 gave Anomalia_17 the straight, and a win in week 4 of the Twitter Poker League. The win is good for 20 points, and plenty of #tpoker labelled tweets of , “gg”.

We’re at the half way point in the first Twitter Poker League with bra boy84 topping the table and the one to catch. If you want to find out more about this crazy new tpoker game check out the Twitter Poker League website.

Twitter Poker League Leaderboard Standings- Week 4 (06-27-10)

1. bra boy84 – 41
2. 3detch – 34.
3. thop5574 – 28
4. Sashhh27 – 26
5. McNamara2011 – 24
6. Danilo1012 – 23
7. Debiloki – 21
8. Anomalia_17 – 20
8. Germán dj – 20
8. Pimir – 20
8. TRex160466 – 20

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