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There were the usual added value extras this week over at #tpoker HQ (otherwise known as @tpokerstars Twitter). These included.

• A completion to predict guess how many players there would be (it was always going to be 1,269 – this contest is a skill game).
• Bounties if you busted a Twitter regular.
• Players competing to win last longer prizes (well done @Apokerlypse for his 29th place).
• Tweets and re-tweets with updates from the game.

There was all of that – plus a tournament to win. 1,269 players wanted that win but BigToe1979 from Nebraska would take the glory and $213.57 prize. BigToe1979 won a couple of sizeable pots at the final table and he wouldn’t look back until he’d made that chip advantage pay.

Bubble time

Hand-for-hand play was brief, Jean-paul jb was the short stack and pushed with KQ , bashka050 took him on with 109. The King on the river was too late to save Jean-paul, bashka050 had hit two pair on the flop.
This hand gave bashka050 close to the chip lead, as you’ll see. Here’s the numbers bit:
Seat 1: sajkoo99 (87898 in chips)
Seat 2: BigToe1979 (253066 in chips)
Seat 3: bashka050 (350053 in chips)
Seat 4: carfe8704 (364049 in chips)
Seat 5: Predator833 (137128 in chips)
Seat 6: weboscolgand (154438 in chips)
Seat 7: wazza911 (124400 in chips)
Seat 8: 7kasti7 (311218 in chips)
Seat 9: zell999 (121250 in chips)


Zell999 managed a double-up with his first hand at the table, his JJ beating Predator833’s AK. Predator833 looked to be in big trouble, but he found Kings for a double-up, then his AK beat weboscolgand’s Sevens, and he was back in the game.

Mystery pots
This is one of those mystery hands that ended up with all the significant cards in the muck, but it sent a huge pot to wazza911.

The action got underway when 7kasti7 min-raised under the gun, Predator833 called, as did wazza911 from the big blind. The flop came 9108 and lucky wazza911 held 98 for two pair. 7kasti7 bet out, Predator933 called and wazza911 moved all-in. The other two both called and checked it down, only to muck on the river. A 317,000 pot to wazza911, and that hit gave him the chip lead.

7kasti7 would increase that lead when weboscolgand moved all-in, 7kasti7 found KK and took him on. Weboscolgand played A7 but wouldn’t hit, he was out 9th for $13.07.

Sajkoo99 and the 99

Next to go was sajkoo99, he moved in with AJ and bashka050 called with 99. The nines ended the tourney for that player with the 99 in his name.

Zell999 was another player with nines in his name, but it wasn’t any nine related bad luck that ended his tourney, most likely it was due to being very short of chips. He moved in with KQ and 7kasti7 called him with AK. The big slick took the pot and zell999 took $36.80 for 7th.

The next elimination was a surprising one. 7kasti7 had the chip lead, with BigToe1979 close behind him. It was a battle of big stacks in the blinds. 7kasti7 called from the small blind, and when BigToe1979 raised he came along for the ride. The flop came 9A10 and 7kasti7 made the bold move of going all-in with K3. BigToe1979 was on the big blind with A[K and called to win an almighty double-up.

From hero to zero

7kasti7 was left with just 33,000 chips and moved all-in next hand with 82. BigToe1979 would take his last few chips with 77. 7kasti7 made $49.49 from his 6th place finish.

BigToe1979 had a big stack as well as a big foot digit and he would make that stack bigger yet when Predator833 bet out on a 627 flop. BigToe1979 re-raised all-in with K7 for top pair. Predator833 called with 102 and wouldn’t improve, he would collect $62.18 for 5th place.

At this stage of the game BigToe1979 was a millionaire, the other three were quarter-millionaires.

Bahka050 busted

Bashka050 made a stand with pocket Fives, re-raising all-in on the big blind, but carfe8704 called with Jacks. No luck for Bashka05 and he finished 4th for $86.29. It wasn’t long before we were down to two players. Wazza911 out next, he moved all-in with KJ but BigToe1979 found KK and took him on. Wazza911 would hit a Jack, but that wasn’t good enough. He was our 3rd place finisher and won $117.38.
Heads-up BigToe1979 played 1,350,625 chips to carfe8704’s 552,875. It was a short heads-up match. BigToe1979 won a few pots to increase his lead, but in the decisive hand carfe8704 raised with A10 BigToe1979 re-raised with AQ. BigToe1979 bet out on the 942 flop and carfe8704 re-raised all-in. It was a big enough re-raise to give BigToe1979 pause for thought, but he made the call. When the cards were revealed he’d see he’d made the right decision. The bigger ace won and BigToe1979 took down the Twitter tourney for $213.57.


League news

A few league regulars cashed this week, the most notable of these being coucher11. Coucher11 was the leader last week and finished 95th this time, a cash finish worth 5 points to increase his lead. It was BigToe1979’s first league appearance, but we do hope heel be back to shoe us this was not a one off feet.*

Join us next time for more tales from the Twitter tourney, where tweets, tweeters and their tourney trials will all be celebrated, along with other stuff brought to you by the letter T.

Until then, have a good poker week.

Twitter Poker League – Week 3 standings (11-21-10)
coucher11 – 26
creo_william – 21
sajkoo99 – 21
BigToe1979 – 20
Ann-Sher – 18
carfe8704 – 18
liova35 – 18
camell2 – 17
by1000 – 16
csuka1234 – 16
Jószág69 – 16
wazza911 – 16

*Your concerns are noted and the bad pun police have been informed.

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