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Danilo1012 has a history in this league. He came close to winning in the first season of #tpoker back in July. His best result was 3rd place but a good run of cashes gave him the chance to win the league – if he could make the final table to score big in the final tourney. He came within touching distance of achieving that, but busted on the final table bubble. He certainly gave @tpokerstars followers an exciting season finale. But as keen #tpoker historians know it was 3detch who won #tpoker season one and Danilo1012 finished in third place.

Will Danilo1012 win the league this time? There are three games to go, but he has scored his best result to date with a win this Sunday.

Danilo1012 would be relieved to survive the final table bubble; it was poor RattlerRadio who suffered the curse of 10th place. His push with AQ was called by ASer313 on the blind with 26, a six on the flop and his tournament was over. He tweeted his feelings.

@cmehring: Aaaaaarrrrgghghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Sad times for RattlerRadio, but nine players would be happy to celebrate their final table appearance. These nine:

Seat 1: ary_grao (49884 in chips)
Seat 2: Danilo1012 (359112 in chips)
Seat 3: Szicsek87 (206984 in chips)
Seat 4: weboscolgand (196080 in chips)
Seat 5: ASer313 (250416 in chips)
Seat 6: bars0261 (342325 in chips)
Seat 7: kingmcbeth (261048 in chips)
Seat 8: Piotrek510 (94164 in chips)
Seat 9: manolo173 (159987 in chips)


The rush to the rail

It was an all-action final table, and first out in the rush to the rail was ary_grao. He re-raised all-in with KQ and Piotrek510 called with 77. The pocket pair won and we were down to eight.

Next to go was ASer313, his A[ 2h] all-in was called by manolo173 with 1010. The Tens won so it was farewell to ASer313.

Then a tricky hand for Kingmcbeth. He called Szicsek87’s raise from the big blind and there was nothing going on until the river when he was faced with a large bet, and a curious 34567 board. He called, perhaps suspecting they’d share that straight and split the pot. But no, Szicsek87 played 89 for the nuts.

Kingmcbeth would soon have his revenge. He moved all-in with KQ and Szicsek87 called him with 88, the poker gods provided the AJ and 10 to give Kingmcbeth the double up.

Piotrek510’s trek to the rail

Piotrek510 simply called with 33, and there was no raise from weboscolgan on the big blind holding A10. A 6610 flop and weboscolgand bet out, Piotrek510 re-raised, and got the rest of his chips in on the J turn. Weboscolgand called with his pair of tens. No two-outer recovery on the river, so Piotrek510 finished in 7th place for $37.12.

Next out was weboscolgand. When Kingmcbeth raised, Szicsek87 re-raised and weboscolgand pushed all-in. Kingmcbeth got out of the way, to leave this confrontation between Szicsek87 and weboscolgand. QQ for Szicsek87 and AQ for weboscolgand. The Queens took the win and weboscolgand took $49.92 for 6th place.
A couple of hands later we’d see another big pair. Manolo173 raised A9 and Kingmcbeth called with pocket Aces. Manalo173 bet the KK6 flop with his flush draw. Kingmcbeth called and check raised all-in on the 4 turn. The re-raise wasn’t enough to put manolo173 off, he had a draw to play and plenty of chips invested in the hand. The flush came on the river to crack Kingmcbeth’s Aces. Kingmcbeth took $62.72 for 5th place.

Bars0261 went out next, in unlucky style, he found himself in the unfortunate second-best situation of playing KK to Danilo1012’s AA and he wouldn’t crack those Aces. He took $87.04 for 4th place.

Three left

With three players left manolo173 was in the lead with 785,664 chips, it was close for second with Szicsek87 playing 570,797 and Danilo1012 563,539.

Szicsek87 lost a few pots and was down to 369k when he decided to make a stand. He raised from the small blind with 75 and manolo173 called on the big blind with J8. Both players hit the 72J flop but manolo173 had hit it better. Szicsek87 was not to know that and re-raised all-in. Szicsek87 couldn’t beat manolo173’s pair of Jacks and was out in 3rd place for $118.40.

Heads-up manolo173 was in best shape with 1,272,711 chips to Danilo1012’s 647,289.


There were no pre-flop all-ins or big show downs; this was a cautious heads-up contest with small pots won on the flop or turn. Danilo1012 was catching up, but the hand that swung it his way was when he played 910 to hit the ten on the turn 62510. Manolo173 bet, Danilo1012 called. The river was another 10 and manolo173 bet out again, bluffing with 37. Danilo1012 took this 292,000 pot and the lead.

In the final hand of the tournament manolo173 raised J10 and Danilo1012 called with 910. On the J85 flop Manolo173 bet and Danilo1012 set him all-in.

Manolo173 called, and Danilo1012 needed to catch his straight draw… The queen on the turn gave him the straight! The hand won the tournament for Danilo1012, and his victory was good for $215.10.

Leaderboard news

Danilo1012 can claim 20 league points for the win and now sits in second place on the leader board. Coucher11 is still ahead, but he wouldn’t cash this week so only added one point to his score.

There are three tourneys left in the Twitter Poker League season. Will coucher11 keep his lead or will Danilo1012 win this time? Or perhaps a new hero will come along and score a few big wins to beat both of them.

One thing’s for sure it will all be reported by @TPokerStars with the #tpoker tag.

If you want to know more about the Twitter Poker League you should check out the website There are more than just the $2,100 bi-monthly prizes at stake, the end of year main event is coming up and the Twitter Poker League people have $17,000 of prizes to dish out to league players.

Hope you enjoy the last few tourneys of the year. I’ll leave the last word to some @TPokerStars Twitter followers.

@the_real_slash: Just signed up for @Pokerstars #tpoker league game today! Winner becomes a twitter poker celebrity!

@moximal: Time to play a little poker! #tpoker tournament is now a Sunday tradition…
@ursavi143 6 more days to go for the next #tpoker league tournament..:-)

Twitter Poker League – Week 5 standings (12-05-10)
coucher11 – 32
Danilo1012 – 28
thomasjanine – 24
weboscolgand – 24
creo_william – 22
sajkoo99 – 22
BigToe1979 – 20
meksikaano – 20
camell2 – 19
carfe8704 – 19
gigor18 – 19

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