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by Jo Haslam

While 21,380 players whooped up the big
money WCOOP action on Sunday night, 1,622 Twitter players paid the more modest $1.10
Twitter Poker League buy-in and got ready to play for cash prizes, league
points, and all-important Twitter bragging rights.  

The top league players have every reason to
play each week, and league leader Monyarrasco has missed just the one game this
season; but she didn’t find her stride this time and would never boast more
than average chips. Our Twitter tourney reporter
news of her 397th place exit when her A2 was called by
stottmack with 52. A five on the flop was enough to end her tourney with
just 1 league point won for the appearance.

League high-flyers taketime (3rd),
Smola37 (6th) and TUZEX (8th) would have a better day and
increase their leaderboard tally, all three reached the money spots.

The Twitter Tourney tweeter must have had
her calculator at the ready, she tweeted that taketime’s new score put him in
joint first place, pointing out, “Of course a final table will give him the
decisive lead.”

Taketime was closer to the bottom of the
chip rankings than the top for most of the tournament, so the final table
looked unlikely. Then a classic coin flip pair of nines flipped his way and he beat
Zarte Elfe’s ace king. This was enough to keep him going longer than any of his
league rivals, TUZEX would finish 112th and a good performance from
Smola37 who finished 19th.

in the poker gods

No one can win a poker tournament without a
hand or two seeming to prove the existence of the poker gods.  Taketime found a pretty hand that might
make him believe in hold’em miracles. 
Frozenkex was on the small blind with QJ and taketime in the big
with A7. You could say the Q77 flop hit them both. Well the Q
turn hit Frozenkex harder. Who would be most eager to fling their chips into play?
It would be taketime when he saw the 7 river. Frozenkeg couldn’t get out of
that one. The quads won taketime a pot that would sent him to heavenly heights joining
the tourney chip leaders.

AHL_777 gained a monster lead as the tourney
whittled its way to three tables. There was a big stack on big stack challenge
when AHL_777’s nut flush took on chip leader zzp600’s trip kings. Then AHL_777 would
built on his lead when his 1010 ran into two player’s ace kings, radeczky
and sandro1703 the players with the ‘snap’ hands. AHL_777 would hit a 10 to
hammer home the win and eliminate both players.

Taketime might have had his share of luck with
the quads, but he couldn’t win anything much in the hands that followed. As the
final table approached, he looked in danger of bubble elimination.  It would eventually be ivanes_84 who went
out in the dreaded 10th place. 
Ivanes_84 pushed all-in with 1010 and Zarte Elfe was in a position
to call with 44c] . The 4 was the first card out, Zarte Elfe would find a
full house, and head to the final table as the chip leader.


Final table chips were as follows:

Seat 1: Zarte Elfe (534541 in chips)

Seat 2: Tevanyannnnn (200840 in chips)

Seat 3: Eyal_A (257310 in chips)

Seat 4: SLDC (316616 in chips)

Seat 5: Grigori5 (126174 in chips)

Seat 6: AHL_777 (461042 in chips)

Seat 7: legioner93 (344400 in chips)

Seat 8: taketime (86885 in chips)

Seat 9: Rhodan_xx (105192 in chips)


The final table must have been taketime’s
aim as no matter where he placed he would win enough points to take the league
top spot from Monyarassco. This was just as well, he came to the final table as
the short stack.

However the new league leader wouldn’t
be first one out, that would be grigori5, who made a move with AJ and
couldn’t beat Tevanyannnnn’s AK. 

Taketime would move all-in with A9
and legioner93 took him on withKQ. It was a cruel way to go, with
48AA taketime was looking good, but count those diamonds… The
7 on the river gave legioner93 the flush and taketime would finish in 8th


be out next

Eyal_A had few chips, saw an ace and
made the obvious move. His A2 was taken on by legioner93 with K10.
Legioner93 hit a king, and Eyal_A took $43.79 prize money for 7th

Rhodan_xx had one of those hands that
are near-impossible to get away from, his AK ran into Zarte Elfe’s
AA and it was all over, finishing 


for the price of one

 Zarte Elfe would use those chips he’d
won effectively, taking on both Tevanyannnnn and AHL_777 when they moved all-in
in a hand. Tevanyannnnn was playing 88 and AHL_777 99 but Zarte
Elfe’s AK would hit a straight and eliminate two players in one hand.
Down to three players in double bust-out quick-time.

This big win made  Zarte Elfe our first tourney
millionaire, he  played 1,461,708
chips, legioner93 had 681,630 and SLDC 289,662.

 SLDC raised 1010 and legioner93
called to see a 62A flop. SLDC bet out and called when legioner93
re-raised. A 3 turn, and SLDC check-called to see the 8 river. SLDC must
have known bravado was his best chance of winning the hand, his  all-in push on the river gave legioner93
pause for thought, but he wouldn’t  fold his winning A7. SLDC was out and we were heads-up.




Heads-up  chips were even-ish:


Zarte Elfe: 1,288,708

legioner93:  1,144,292

There were some early skirmishes but no momentum was gained
by either player, and the final hand came down to a battle of the kickers.  A raise from Zarte Elfe, who continued
to bet on the 1032 flop. Legioner93 re-raised and  Zarte Elfe moved all-in. Neither player
was folding top pair… Zarte Elfe was winning with 107 and legioner93
couldn’t catch-up with his 105.


Congratulations to Zarte Elfe who collected
$260.53 for his win. It was Zarte Elfe’s first try in the Twitter Poker League,
and with six tourneys played he’s in 19th place on the leaderboard.  We hope he’ll be back to claim more


The Twitter Poker League spreadsheet has
finished its complex calculations; a fresh league leaderboard is now ready for


Top league players are as follows:  


Twitter Poker
League Leaderboard – Week 6 (09-05-10)

taketime – 38

monyarrasco – 32                 

alytus73 – 29                 

Smola37 – 29

TUZEX – 27

fiv31 – 26

Roucous – 26

firebreather – 25

Tevanyannnnn – 24

customm123 – 23


Credit to Taketime won the first tourney of
the season (link:  /poker/learn/news/2010/twitter-poker-league-taketime-takes-down-072018.html
), cashed last week, and has now found a second Twitter Poker League final
table. There are two league tourneys before the season ends, we’ll see if he
can hold on to the lead to claim the big win.

If you want to know more about the Twitter
Poker League our handy website is the place to go. If you want to follow PokerStars on Twitter we’ll
be happy to see you there.  That’s
it for now, have yourself a good week of tweeting, poker, and/or poker tweeting.

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