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With the World Series of Poker over for another year, bar the shouting, the final table later this year and the small matter of several million left to award of course, our attention can now turn properly to MicroMillions.

And thank goodness.

For here you see poker at its best. Not just performed by those from which we expect a high standard, but also those diving head first into tournament poker, to turn a few cents into a four or five figure win.


Actually even reading that doesn’t really explain just how great a return on investment MicroMillions offers any player, and goes someway to explaining why pros have their eye on MM wins just as much as the rookie looking to build a bank roll.

Here’s the roll call of winners so far.

1 $5.50 $141,425 Thozurdiver Germany $14,411.77 261900
2 $2.20 $42,475 devils_range UK $4,075.76 185200
3 $4.40 $112,884 Swiss_noob88 Switzerland $9,970.94 226500
4 $5.50 $52,150 danin_menago Brazil $6,970.02 126600
5 $0.11 $17,892 seuronaldo10 Brazil $1,825.75 1659700
6 $5.50 $47,455 NorocDeRoman Romania $6,177.51 112200
7 $2.20 $27,700 Goedang Norway $3,436.37 156100
8 $4.40 $40,952 El_Espanacas UK $4,347.55 98700
9 $3.30 $39,735 yurban1982 Ukraine $3,999.36 121100
10 $5.50 $90,295 Fr3nChi Canada $7,856.60 142700
11 $1.10 $9,419 $MrJu77$ Slovakia $1,055.40 95800
12 $2.20 $56,650 KidAndresz UK $6,930.29 314900
13 $4.40 $54,628 lostomjj Russia $6,736.73 153000
14 $3.30 $52,509 kingrjj UK $5,016.11 151900
15 $5.50 $40,485 koleas_GR Greece $3,555.32 64500
16 $2.20 $29,783 Ede Pastete Germany $3,006.12 136500
17 $2.20 $23,346 frosty012 Canada $2,466.09 112000

A few things to take from that.

Firstly, the biggest prize so far came on the first day, from the first event in fact, won by Thozurdiver of Germany. Let me apologise now for what will become a well-worn phrase by the end of the Series a week on Sunday but, “that’s not bad for $5.50”.

We can tell you how “not bad” that is, making for a Return of Investment of about 262,000 per cent.

But then if we’re comparing events on RoI alone it gets much better.

Leading in that category so far is seuronaldo10 from Brazil. He turned 11 cents into a win worth $1,857.75 (MicroMillions is also the only series where the cents after the decimal point actually count). That makes for a RoI of 1.66 million per cent. Just for fun, a similar RoI in the WSOP Main Event would make for a first prize somewhere in the region of $166 million.

But the stand out result as far as PokerStars is concerned is not about numbers, but about names, and a win for Team Online’s Tyler “frosty012” Frost.

tyler_frost_MM12_20july16.jpgTyler “frosty012” Frost at work

Frost earned $2,466.09 (RoI 112,000… just saying) in Event #17 last night, a PLO Hi/Lo 6-max, ahead of a field of 11,673.

Pot limit Omaha, with a Hi/Lo element, and played six-handed is not exactly everyone’s natural game, and that goes for Frost too. But you sense all that might now change.

This is just the start of the MicroMillions season, which includes 90 events until it concludes with the $22 Main Event (I know, in the Micro stakes world a king’s ransom) on Sunday July 31.

In between the start and finish millions of guaranteed prize money will be dished out, although as prize pools are already showing, those guarantees are being smashed one by one.

Action continues today with six more events, detailed on the MicroMillions homepage. That’s where you’ll also find all the results so far, along with statistics from this latest series.

What’s more PokerSchoolOnline is giving away hundreds of seats to MicroMillions tournaments, including the $1M GTD Main Event. Not only that there’s change to win exclusive School Pass tickets! Details of all of that can be found on the PokerSchoolOnline homepage.

We’ll have all those results on the PokerStars Blog tomorrow. In the meantime, good luck at the MicroMillions tables.

Inspired and thinking about starting your own poker career? MicroMillions is the perfect place to start. Click here to get a PokerStars account.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.

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