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4.02pm: Break
That’s the first break of the day and a 20-minute rest for all. They’ll need, there’s another eight one-hour levels left to play today. Join us in a new post around 4.20pm. — RD

3.56pm: Vamplew and Brammer out
Two players won full UKIPT passport last season and they were Chris Brammer (for topping the UKIPT Leaderboard) and David Vamplew (for winning the Champion of Champions event), but both of their UKIPT Dublin freerolls have come to a premature end. Brammer busted first – details unknown – with Vamplew going just a couple of minutes ago to Martin Blom.

On a 10538 board Vamplew check-raised from 1,600 to 5,000 (well, there was a blue 5,000 chip in front of him). Blom performed an adequate Hollywood before moving all-in and putting Vamplew to the test, one that he almost passed.

The EPT London winner had around 11,500 back and a severely pained expression on his face. There was face rubbing, minor gurning and muttering under his breath. He could almost have been Italian (hang on, let’s not get carried away). He eventually put his stack in and was shown a set of tens to his set of threes. The river dropped the 6 and Vamplew was sent to the rail. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 1b_david vamplew.jpg

“I should fold…”

ukipt dublin_day 1b_david vamplew.jpg

“But what if he’s spewing?”

ukipt dublin_day 1b_david vamplew.jpg

“So it was the nuts then”

3.50pm: Bedi not buckarooing (yet)
It’s been a sedate start for Rupinder Bedi who’s got just above the starting stack. I asked him if he and Joeri Zandvliet (who’s sat to his right) had history from UKIPT Manchester and he said: “Yeah we’ve got history of me punting my stack to him!” — NW

3.45pm: Exits
Dmitri Pembroke, Domone Siripane, Shah Athar and Eoghan Ryan were the first four players out, news of two big name exits coming right up. — NW

3.40pm: Convey’s table draw gets worse
Earlier we reported that PokerStars blogger Marc ‘The Conv’ Convey’s table draw wasn’t the kindest, well it’s not got any easier as 2010 Irish Open runner-up Paul Carr is sat to his right. — NW

3.34pm: Cocktails to table 17
Team PokerStars pro Jude Ainsworth is on 14,200 but that’s not as bad as it sounds. “I was down to about 12,000 at one point but have grinded it back,” he told me. The Irishman was cradling a cup of an unidentified hot beverage in his hand. “It’s tea, I’m not a coffee man, I had a late night playing WCOOP and I’ve got a big bottle of water too.” — NW

3.31pm: Vamplew in turbulent start
We’d heard that David Vamplew had picked up a large pot early on with set over set but since then things have been fairly choppy according to his Twitter feed:

“So far folded a set + an overpair, been bluffed by best hand twice and had boat>boat. 18k from 15k starting”

Up and not out. — RD

3.27pm: UK bossing the WCOOP
In case it has somehow passed you by, we should point out that the WCOOP 2011 is in full swing. The United Kingdom is storming ahead as the country with most money won with British players having raked in a mammoth $1,698,429 over the first 14 events, winning four in the process.

There are 62 WCOOP tournaments in total so still plenty of time to get involved with the final events starting on the 25 September. — RD

3.17pm: Brammageddon
Chris Brammer won the UKIPT Leaderboard last year which gifted him entry into all the regular UKIPT main events this season. So far he has converted those buy-ins into a big fat zero, zip and zilch. This is Brammer’s last shot at a freeoll score this season. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 1b_chris brammer.jpg

Chris Brammer, Season 1 Leaderboard champ

3.05pm: Side room observations
The upstairs room is full to capacity at the moment with all tables in use and the air-conditioning is working overtime. Here’s what’s happening up there:

– Paul Nash is sharing a table with Jeff Kimber. The former currently sits fifth on the UKIPT leaderboard and has cashed four times on the tour this year. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen him on the tour without either a hat or headphones on. “I might have to order a hair of the dog Guinness in a minute,” he told me.

– Two time UKIPT champion Nick Abou Risk is on the same table as Killarney runner-up Aonghus Farrell. To the direct left of Abou Risk (although separated by a dealer) sits a player who’s wearing a ‘Micros’ t-shirt, a sure fire tell that he’s a ‘internet kid’.

– Andy Black is busy chatting away and his facial hair of choice at the moment is a handlebar moustache. Whether he knows it or not he’s got LAPT winner Dominik Nitsche to his direct left.

ukipt dublin_day 1b_andy black.jpg

Andy Black


2.55pm: The EPT three
We have spotted three EPT winners in the field so far; David Vamplew (London), Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree (San Remo) and Kevin MacPhee (Berlin).

MacPhee arrives here off the back of some strong results on PokerStars including a third place finish in the $10,300 WCOOP High Roller for $235,000. The American will prove to be a handful at his table, especially given his renewed confidence. — RD

2.45pm: Freerolling to glory
Jason Bass is our PokerStars Blog sponsored qualifier of the day.* Bass qualified for this event by beating a 250-odd strong field in a PokerPlayer magazine freeroll. We’ll be keeping an eye on Bass throughout the day. — RD

* PokerStars Blog sponsored qualifier of the day gets paid nothing but gets a little extra coverage.

2.40pm: Main room observations
A wander around the main tournament room unearthed the following:

– Bad table draw for PokerStars blogger Marc ‘The Conv’ Convey, he’s got Mick McCloskey, James Morris (8th UKIPT Newcastle) and Richard Sinclair (1st UKIPT Newcastle) for company.

– Joeri Zandvliet (winner UKIPT Manchester season one) and Rupinder Bedi are sat side by side. It’s Bedi who has position and the Englishman finished 22nd in the event Zandvliet won so it’s likely they already have history.

ukipt dublin_day 1b_joeri zandvliet and rupinder bedi.jpg

Joeri Zandvliet (left) and Rupinder Bedi

– David O’Connor, who was runner-up to Sam Razavi in Cork, is sharing a table with the chatty Tim Slater who finished fifth in Newcastle.

– The Irish Open winner Niall Smyth is in the field today

– Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth’s original table has broken, the Irishman’s new tablemates greeted him with a mixtures of fear, apprehension and smiles.

– There are no exits as of yet and we’ve been told that there are already 405 players registered today. — NW

2.23pm: Predictions, part two
Yesterday I asked three players (Jon Spinks, Tom Hall and Owen Robinson) what position they think that they’d finish they all gave well-reasoned responses for their predicted deep runs. None of them made it through the day, Spinks and Robinson not even making the dinner break. Is this question a destructive one? We’ll find out today because I’ve asked a couple of other players who they think they’d do.

UKIPT Nottingham runner-up Brett Angell thought for a moment and then said with a feigned confidence: “Second, I’m terrible at heads up play.” I’d take two second places in one season.

ukipt dublin_day 1b_brett angell.jpg

Brett Angell

Across the table from him is reigning champion Max Silver who said: “Lightning can’t strike twice but I would love to rub Nick’s face in it.” Nick Abou Risk, a friend and former colleague of Silver’s, is the only player to hold two UKIPT titles. Silver wants to change that. — RD

2.20pm: A Smörgåsbord of players
With such a big field there are many star names, well known players and plenty who’ve gone deep in a UKIPT before. We’re be tracking players chip counts here.

As well as those already mentioned taking to the felt today are (deep breath): Kevin Macphee, Chris Brammer, Jeff Kimber, Kevin Williams, Joeri Zandvliet, Richard Sinclair, Paul Nash, Dominik Nitsche, Mike Hill, Stephen Devlin, Tom Bettingen, Phil Baker and UKIPT Champion of Champions David Vamplew. Tasty. — NW

2.05pm: Cards in the air
Chips are being riffled, cards are being looked at that can only mean that play is underway here in Dublin. — NW

1.50pm: Welcome to Day 1B, hold on tight…
Day 1B of UKIPT Dublin is going to be a big one. Yesterday we had 285 players split across two floors and today we’ve already beaten that in pre-registrations. We could have 400 players, we’ll keep you up to date on that one with final confirmation after the end of level 3 (when registration is shut).

We’ve got a whole heap of players winging their way in to play today including the UKIPT Leaderboard frontrunner Rupinder Bedi, mercurial Irishman Andy Black, Team PokerStars Pros Jude Ainsworth and Liv Boeree, double UKIPT winner Nick Abou Risk and defending champ Max Silver. There’s been quite a lot of Irish voices saying that the title will be staying this side of the Irish Sea so UK players can expect some bitter competition if they want to get their hands on the silverware.

We mentioned in last night’s wrap that Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly was due to play today. It turns out that he’s not and never was going to, it was simply a bit of miscommunication so we’ve been told. He did finish 22nd in the WCOOP 6-max last night however. Well done, JP.

Play starts at 2pm. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 1b_cards.jpg

Play is set to start at 2pm

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (in order of hours awake so far today): Rick Dacey (three and a half) and Nick Wright (less than one). Photos by Mickey May.

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