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4.25pm: Level down
Level 14 has come and gone. Straight on to level 15 which you’ll find as a new post. — MC

4.22pm: Power poker
Michael Hill just guessed that Jason Herbert was bluffing him for almost all his stack but couldn’t find the call to back up his convictions. He called a raise Herbert (UTG+1) whilst sat in the big blind to see a Q210 flop. He checked to face 58,000 all-in bet which was most of his 62,000 remaining stack.

He said he thought he was being bluffed but still tank open folded 33. He then dared Herbert to prove him wrong and but Herbert only proved him right by showing 78. — MC

4.15pm: The carnage continues
We’ve lost some of the bigger names left in the tournament since this level began.
Jude Ainsworth, APPT winner Dermot Blain, Vinny Gavin, Sean O’Connor, David McPadden, Daniel Dotet, Doug Lappin and Adam Wilks are all out. — RD

4.05pm: Blain makes stack disappear
Dermot Blain is down to around 15,000 after doubling up neighbour Michael Ryan whilst battling in the blinds. The two saw a 79A flop before all the chips went in with Ryan’s 73,900 the all-in bet. Blain called with his [a][6] but was behind to Ryan’s AQ. The 57 turn and river changed not a thing.

Blain got his remaining stack in the next hand in a three-way coup and managed to chop the pot but he was seen leaving just now after exiting. — MC

3.50pm: Jude Ainsworth out
Team PokerStars Pro Jude was down to 29,000 for ten big blinds when he shoved the button with [q][5]. Trish Mallin made the call with [t][j] and duly caught a jack on the river. — RD

3.45pm: Aces for Burland
UKIPT host Nick Wealthall has just informed us that Jamie Burland has just won a big pot with aces. ‘Looked like there was about 130,000 in the pot,’ said Wealthall. We’ll find out more but it sounds like good news for Burland. — RD

3.35pm: ‘Yo baby’
This was the cry from the lips of Edward J.Kavanagh as he saw his pair of kings find another on a flop to help him eliminate Robert Bain to move up to just under 100,000 chips.

Dermot Blain opened the pot with a cut-off 7,000 raise that Bain called on the button before Kavanagh moved all-in for around 45,000 from the big blind. Blain folded but Kavanagh called all-in for 40,000 with AQ. Kavanagh tabled KK and the board ran 75K210. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ANTE 300

3.20pm: Back from the break
We’re just working on the chip counts now and will let you know when they’re up to date. I believe Kenneth Forkan is the chip leader with over 300,000. — RD

3.05pm: Break time
Two levels down means it’s the first break of the day. We’ll be back in 20 minutes.

3pm: Sevens unlucky for Crute
PokerStars qualifier Jonathan Crute just missed out on making the top 50 after he and another short-stacked player got all their chips in. Ray Maloney had a few more chips than the young Brit but a markedly bigger hand. His pocket tens managed to stay ahead of Crute’s pocket sevens. — MC

2.55pm: Not magic for Majewski
Polish blogger/player Piotr Majewski has fallen from the grace of the TV table and Scotsman Mark MacDonal wasn’t far behind. The first break of the day is just a few minutes away and we’ve lost a third of today’s starting field. — RD

ukipt galway_day 2_piotr majewski.jpg

They’ll be no Polish winner here in Galway so you can wipe that grin off your face, Piotr

2.50pm: Busting as we go
I’m busting out each player as their ID card gets slapped down in front of my laptop and will be getting a fresh and full chip count at the end of the first break. You can click here or on ‘Latest chip counts’ under the Live Tournament Coverage widget. — RD

2.45pm: Burland gives back
Jamie Burland was just in another pre-flop all-in showdown but this time it wasn’t a flip. He raised and then called Charlie McAlister’s 68,000 shove only to find he was a four-to-one dog.

Burland: 1010
McAlister: QQ

“Put a lot of red out there please” pleaded Burland before the board ran K2A56.

No luck for Burland who drops down to 165,000. — MC

2.42pm: Bubble coming
We have 56 players left here in Galway and 32 of them will be getting paid. The most recent fallers are Jonathan Crute, Nicolas Hahn, Ronan Gilligan, Tibor Szenasi and James Waldron. — RD

2.27pm: More bust-outs
Paul O’Reilly, Austin Crowe and Brian Gallagher have joined the population of Busto City. — RD

2.12pm: Gurney for Goldman
Steven Gurney-Goldman has lost a big flip to Vytenis Navickas. It was the classic queens versus ace king coup. Navickas is up to 80,000 and Gurney-Goldman down to 30,000. — RD

ukipt galway_day 2_vytenis navickas.jpg

Vytenis Navickas is flying the flag for Lithuania

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ANTE 300

1.48pm: Burland doubles into chip lead
UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland has burst into the chip lead at the expense of John Bonadies. It was, in Burland’s words, ‘so standard.’ Burland held AK and Bonadies JJ and it all went in. Bonadies had Burland covered by just four thousand making the pot some 230,000. It was a monster flip and one that fell the right way for Burland on the 10A837. Bonadies was out the next hand.

Peter Murphy is on Burland’s immediate left and has just over 200,000 himself. A huge chip leader could emerge between these two. — RD

1.32pm: The keep on falling
We’ve had another few fallers in this first level of the day and they are Nick Heather, Rupert Elder, Anthony Noone, Craig Sewell and Damir Catic. Elder was one of the chip leaders through the latter stages of yesterday. Who said it was an easy game? — RD

1.15pm: Early bust-outs
Tom Fineran and Brian Murphy are the first two fallers here at the Radissson. We’ll need the field to more than halve before we hit the cash. There’ll be tears before bedtime. — RD

1pm: Seat draw
The players have entered the room and they all have special place to sit thanks to a handy seat draw that you can find below. We’ve come back woith 75 players and will be playing down all the way down to the final eight via the 33rd place money bubble. — RD

Paul O’Reilly 1 1 50,200
Jude Ainsworth  1 2 36,600
Eoin Olin 1 3 77,000
Mark MacDonal 1 4 89,500
Andrew Grimason 1 5 73,200
Sean O’Connor  1 6 97,700
Niall Hennessy  1 7 21,300
Danny McHugh 1 8 32,200

Brian Murphy 2 1 30,100
Sean Comerford 2 2 41,300
Johan Meyer 2 3 104,500
Shaun Vincent Conning  2 4 70,700
Tomasz Raniszewski  2 5 44,600
Jonathan Crute  2 6 60,200
Joe Connolly 2 7 71,200
Ronan Gilligan  2 8 75,000

Martin Silke 3 1 107,800
Vytenis Navickas  3 2 42,700
Vinny Gavin 3 3 159,900
Piotr Majewski  3 4 68,100
Steven Gurney-Goldman 3 5 74,500
Jamie Burland 3 6 137,700
Peter Murphy 3 7 185,700
John Bonadies  3 8 104,100

Aidan Connolly 4 1 39,700
Liam Dilleen 4 2 76,500
Trish Mallin 4 3 36,100
Anthony Noone 4 4 39,100
John Kelly 4 5 34,100
Austin Crowe 4 6 39,600
Edward J.Kavanagh  4 7 47,200
David Maudlin  4 8 83,200

Tom Scalon 5 1 80,500
Craig Geoffrey Sewell  5 2 46,900
Tibor Szenasi  5 3 84,000
Dara O’Kearney  5 4 38,500
Thomas Fineran 5 5 28,500
Michael Clifford Hill  5 6 96,200
Stuart Kennedy 5 7 82,600
Jason Karl Herbert  5 8 42,200

Rupert Elder  6 1 31,900
David Brady  6 2 101,300
Ken Murray 6 3 42,000
Nick Abou Risk 6 4 136,000
George McKeever 6 5 72,200
John Percival 6 6 29,200
Peter Delej  6 7 51,200

Aonghus Farrell 7 1 106,900
Nicolas Hahn  7 2 89,300
Richie Trench 7 3 146,700
Jonathan Campbell  7 4 45,500
Daniel Dotet 7 5 66,200
Michael Ryan 7 6 54,700
Chris Cooke  7 7 113,600

David McPadden 8 1 84,800
James Waldron 8 2 60,800
Brian Gallagher 8 3 10,600
ROBERT BAIN  8 4 20,300
Roar Aspaas  8 5 60,800
Dan Rankin  8 6 103,000
Damir Catic  8 7 31,200

Matthew Paget  9 1 21,200
Dominic McCloskey 9 2 48,200
Ray Maloney 9 3 64,300
Adam Wilks  9 4 68,100
Nick Heather 9 5 34,300
Shay Barry 9 6 21,200
Charlie McAlister 9 7 77,500

Dermot Blain 10 1 138,600
Michael Graydon  10 2 35,600
Peter Barrable 10 3 159,000
Doug Lappin 10 4 79,000
Kenneth Forkan 10 5 163,200
Richard Herbert 10 6 26,100
Eldon Orr  10 7 133,300

ukipt galway_day 1_jonathan crute.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway (in order of location): Rick Dacey (tournament floor) and Nick Wright (bed).

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