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8.10pm: Dinner break
The remaining 19 players have gone on dinner break for one hour.

8pm: Forkan shows a monster
Kenneth Forkan just won a nice pot from chip leader Nick Abou Risk. Forkan opened for 21,000 and was called by Abou Risk in the small blind. The Canadian check-called 20,000 on the JK8 flop and 42,000 on the 3 turn.

The A river may have saved Abou Risk some money when the Irishman bet 60,000. Abou Risk passed and Forkan aggressively threw down KK for a flopped set. — RD

7.45pm: Vytenis Navickas doubles through Silke
Maurice Silke opened from early position for 17,000 and Vytenis Navickas moved all-in for 110,000. The action folded all the way around to Silke who made the call.

Silke: 99
Navickas: AQ

The Lithuanian caught the turn on the 10510Q5 board to double to 220,000. Silke is down to a similar amount. — RD

7.20pm: Dilleen pushes Forkan forwards
Liam Dilleen has just been bust in 23rd by Kenneth Forkan who is now side by side with Nick Abou Risk on 550,000. Forkan had called Dilleen’s shove on a 9A5 flop with A8 and his hand held to win him the large pot. — RD

7.05pm: Nick Abou Risk takes the chip lead
Nick Abou Risk has gone one step closer to becoming the first player to win two UKIPT titles by taking the chip lead here in Galway. Roar Aspaas opened under the gun and was called by Risk in the big blind. Abou Risk check-called 30,000 on the 1048 before Aspaas checked back the J turn. A final check on the ace river was enough invitation for Aspaas to bet 20,000 at the river. Abou Risk waited for a little while and then raised to 105,000. Aspaas quickly called.

Aspaas: AJ
Abou Risk: Q9

It was the perfect set up for Abou Risk with his gutshot also backing top two-pair into his opponent. The Canadian is now up to 540,000. — RD

ukipt galway_day 2_nick abou risk.jpg

UKIPT Edinburgh winner Nick Abou Risk is looking to make his second UKIPT final table

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ANTE 500

6.50pm: First fallers
John Percival and Tom Scalon have just busted.

6.37pm: First fallers
We’ve just filled up the first rung of the ladder with the first five players out. The next player out gets €2,000.

28. Chris Cooke, Ireland – €1,750
29. Joe Connolly, Ireland – €1,750
30. George McKeever, Ireland – €1,750
31. Tomasz Raniszewski, Poland, PokerStars qualifier – €1,750
32. Edward Kavanagh, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier – €1,750

6.12pm: Short stack shoving
It’s post bubble time and that means it’s short-stack shoving time. Edward J.Kavanagh was the first of these players to be called after he shoved from the cut-off. Liam Dilleen called with AQ, way ahead of Kavanagh’s A7. The board ran 685310 to bust the chirpy Kavanagh. — MC

6.10pm: Edward Kavanagh out in 32nd
Edward Kavanagh is the first out in the money and will take home €1,750. He was swiftly joined by Tomasz Raniszewski. More KO’s to come. The breaktime chip counts are currently being filed into the system so check the chip counts page. — RD

6.05pm: Play restarts
Expect a swift flurry of bust-outs now that the bubble has burst. Players are backk in their seats. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000

5.37pm: Murphy falls foul of the law
Peter Murphy is the unfortunate soul who has the tag of “bubble boy” after falling to Roar Aspaas. The Norwegian opened to 11,000 from early position before Murphy moved all-in for 112.600 from the button. Aspaas got a count and then made the call.

Aspaas: 1010
Murphy: AJ

The board ran 6K762 to officially pop the bubble. Murphy was consoled by friends and players while others congratulated each other. The final 32 players are now on a very happy 20 minute break. — MC

5.34pm: Overnight chip leader bursts the bubble
Peter Murphy has gone from hero to zero after starting the day as chip leader and busting in 33rd place – the final spot before the money. Details to come — RD

5.28pm: Hill bounces off the bubble
Mike Hill just moved all-in from the button for 32,000 and Tom Scalon decided to chance his arm at knocking out the big Englishman by reshoving from the small blind.

Hill: AQ
Scalon: J10

The board blanked out and the third place UKIPT Ledaer Board winner Mike Hill has doubled up to 70,000. Scalon is now short with 48,000 and will kick himself for his loose shove should he be the bubble boy. — RD

5.17pm: Bubble trouble
Aidan Connolly has just been eliminated in 34th place and that means only one thing; it’s bubble time. All tables have now gone hand-for-hand unless we lose the next player. — MC

5.12pm: Kennedy finds Orr
Stuart Kennedy has just doubled through Eldon Orr with pocket nines to AK. Peter Barrable dodged a bullet there as he claimed to have passed pocket eights. It’s a vital double for Kennedy. We’re almost on the bubble. — RD

5.05pm: McRunner Runner
Dominic McCloskey was hit by Liam Dilleen’s runner-runner straight to be eliminated just short of the money in harsh circumstances. Dilleen raised and then called (priced in to do so) McCloskey’s shove.

Dilleen tabled ace-jack to McCloskey’s ace-king and the board ran [t][7][4][9][8] to make a straight for Dilleen with his jack. — MC

4.52pm: McKeever comes back to life
It turns out we were handed the incorrect player ID card and George McKeever is not out. In fact he’s wedged onto the end of the TV table. — RD

4.40pm: Herbert hammered by Barrable
Peter Barrable has taken care of Jason Herbert to move us within five of the money. It seemed Herbert had been playing a dangerous exploitation of the bubble game but he was genuinely unlucky in this hand.

Holding AJ he raised then called Barrable three-bet to see a AK7 flop. All the chips went in and Barrable tabled a two-pair ace-king. The turn and river faded the spade outs to send Herbert away with sherbet taste in his mouth => sour. — MC

4.25m: New chip leader
Maurice Silke has emerged from the ranks of players to take the chip lead with a heaving 490,000 stack. A shirt way behind him is Jamie Burland with 350,000 and Kenneth Forkan with 320,000. — RD

ukipt galway_day 2_maurice silke.jpg

Maurice Silke is closing in on the half-million mark

ukipt galway_day 2_kenneth forkan.jpg

Kenneth Forkan is chasing the chip lead with 320,000

4.25m: New level
We have just started the fourth level of the day and have 37 players left and the 33rd place bubble is looming. Sean Comerford, Jonathan Campbell, Richie Trench and Niall Hennessy can all be nailed to the knockouts post. — RD

ukipt galway_day 2_jude ainsworth 2.jpg

Jude Ainsworth bust just before the money

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway: Rick Dacey (who is incredibly grateful of Convey) and Marc Convey (who has stepped into the breach to help due to Nick Wright’s illness).

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