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9.05pm: Done for the day
Play is over for the day, roughly 80 players remain from the 216 who started and with 244,100 Haresh Thaker is the overnight chip leader.

8.50pm: Last four hand
The clock has been paused and players will play four more hands before being done for the day.

8.45pm: Exits
So close but yet so far for the following players who’ve all exited in the last 20 minutes: William Baynes, William George, Christos Kyprianou, John Harnett and Sameer Singh

8.40pm: Day 1B almost sold out
If you’re planning on playing Day 1B of the UKIPT Series 3 then there are very few seats remaining. There are just nine seats left and the only way you can get one is through buying in on the PokerStars client. Go to Events>PSLive>London>UKIPT-Series Sep: Direct Buy-ins Day 1B (seat only)

You can’t buy in at The Hippodrome anymore, but an alternates list will be opened at 1pm on Saturday. A total of 55 alternates got in this way on Day 1B of UKIPT Series 2.

8.35pm: Last level of the night
We’re now into the final level of the night here at The Hippodrome.

Blinds up: 1,000/2,000, ante 200

8.25pm: Chip leaders
As well as Neil Bernadout a few other players have over 100,000. Chip leader as the last level approaches is Andriena Nutt, she’s got 130,300. Not far behind is Lorenzo Biundo, the Italian has around 120,000 and Rumit Somayia has 105,000.


Andriena Nutt

8.15pm: Cody busted by Bernardout
If you wanted an example of the fickleness of tournament poker then the fact that Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody has just busted from the event after being the chip leader for much of the day should suffice.

Cody was down to around 25 big blinds when he called a raise from the small blind after Neil Bernardout had raised on the button. On the J-J-9 flop Bernadout c-bet, Cody shoved for 33,000 with T-8 and Bernadout called with T-9. The Team PokerStars Pro didn’t connect with the turn or river and Bernadout is now up to around 104,000. “His reputation went before him,” said Bernadout on why he made the call.

Cody was quick to take to Twitter to tell of his demise, it seems he’d list a couple of chunky pots previously to knock him down to 25 big blinds.

Blinds up: 800/1,600, ante 200

7.55pm: Send tweet, win money
How’d you like to win a free package to 2013 ACOP worth USD $5,000? Now that I’ve got your attention I’ll tell you how you can go about doing just that. All you have to do is tweet a nickname for the ‘ACOP Title Event’ trophies from September 27 to October 3 inclusive using #ACOPcontest. The best nickname will win an ACOP Warm-up event entry, 5 nights’ accommodation at the City of Dreams, and USD $500 towards travel expenses. That’s a minumum of $35 per character should you win. Value!

Other people who’ve been busy winning money include ’68ioweyou1′ and ‘dadowiec’ who’ve both taken down WCOOP events.

7.45pm: Exits
Players continue to drop at a rapid rate, just 110 left now according the tournament clock. The latest exits include: Antonio De Pascual, Daniel Laming, Iqbal Ahmed, Christopher Lines, Kenneth Charles Bier Lii, Oscar Fisher N. Tompsett, Sam Miller, Lotfi Boughanmi, Peter Hegedus, Sergio Benito Garcia, Pat Simcoe, Simon Trowse, Hoan Nguyen, Leon Anthony Cox and Ganapathy Sami.


A number of players are feeling the same colour as the PokerStars spade

Blinds up: 600/1,200, ante 200

7.30pm: News in brief
A few snippets of action for you…

• The new chip leader appears to be Lorenzo Biundo, he’s got 97,000 and is chip leader beacuse…
• Jake Cody has lost a few, the Team PokerStars Pro is down to around 60,000
• More chips for Andriena Nutt, she knocked out a player when her monster draw of 54 on a 7Q3 board got there against pocket aces. All-in on the flop she was given instant service on the K turn. She must’ve lost some previously though as she’s still on 70,000.
• More for Haresh Thaker too as he eliminated Sam Miller, all-in on the turn of a 579J board with Thaker holding J9 and Miller holding KJ.
• Mark McCluskey has 33,000, Chihao Tsang is on 16,000 and Deborah Worley-Roberts is on an above average 44,000.
• 120 players remain and the average stack is 36,000.

7.20pm: One room
Now that there are just 120 players left everyone left in is now seated at a table in The Matcham Room, meaning the PokerStars LIVE Card room is now a cash game only zone.

7.10pm: Exits
The board is showing that 130 players are left in, the following players though are out: Carlton Murray-Price, Ravi Sharda, Eran Nisim Falach, Andrey Dimitrov, Romano Pizzo, Dinarte Bruno Araujo De Sous, Ian Tough, Salman Safdar, Mario Machio Hidalgo,Jonathan Cooke, Catalin Dragomir, Bob Drummond, Lloyd Williams, Mike Panteli, Daniel Poole, Martin Comitti, Charles Chattha, Raymond Weum, Eamonn Christopher Blake and Carlos Del Vigo Gonzalez.

7pm: Back from the break
The remaining players are now back from the break for four more levels of poker.

Blinds up: 500/1,000, ante 100

6.25pm: End of the level
Players are now on a 30 minute break, when they come back they’ll play another four levels before they bag and tag for the day. There are roughly 140 of the 216 players left in.

6.15pm: Chip counts and exits
As the blinds go up so do the stacks and the pace of exits. Still in and fighting are: Steve Watts (31,000), Deborah Worley-Roberts (25,600) and Sam Macdonald (16,600). But, Sung Hee Yun, Charlene Coleman, Darren Murphy, Steven Clarkson, David Dean, Jack Buckley, Gregory Moore, Jeremy Morris Margolin, George Hassabis, Paul Ferner, Scott Fincham, Xuan Thi Thu Nguyen, Arjun Pasricha, Steven Critchley, Richard Ball, Erlend Søhoel, Kfir Menashe, Duncan Mackie and Curtis Gage are out.

Blinds up: 400/800, ante 100

5.55pm: Chip leaders
The chip leader appears to be none other than Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody. The Rochdale youngster has around 91,000. His closest challenger is actually the player to his immediate right as Haresh Thaker has around 75,000. And third in chips is Andriena Nutt. She’s up to 70,000 after eliminating George Hassabis. The latter shoved for 6,450 with K8 and Nutt gave him a spin with A7. She started and stayed in front on the A4JKA board.


Cody is the cat in the hat

5.45pm: McCluskey gets ‘Barry Greensteined’
Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is the author of a bestselling poker book called ‘Ace on the River’, he’s also known as the Robin Hood of poker. Well Mark McCluskey just felt the pain of both as he got rivered by an ace and he – the rich – had to give to the poor, who in this instance was Tong Zhang.

it was a blind on blind hand with McCluskey (small) and Zhang (big) both committing their chips pre-flop with Zhang at risk with A7 for his final 11,225 and McCluskey the would be executioner with pocket kings. It looked a routine elimination until the river of a J244A board and a rueful McCluskey is now back to starting stack.

5.30pm: Gone but not forgotten
The players are now half way through the day here The Hippodrome, roughly 180 of the 216 runners remain. However the following are not in the majority as they’ve been knocked out: Adrian Smith, Karun Dewan, Paul Cohen, Henryk Nowakowski, Yuk Ping, Imoh Deme Poi, Tim Hong Wong, Michael Webber, John Leach, Paul Hodder, Matt Bryan, Rahim Tadj-Saadat, Mark Thomas, Lee Johnson, Paul Zimbler, Andrew McBean, Michal Jaron, Louis Henness, Newton de Sousa Costa Junior, Gabriel Dragomir and Peter Blow,


All photos are copyright of Neil Stoddart.

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