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3.35pm: Half a dozen
Level 18 has just come to an end and just 43 players remain, spread between six tables. You’ll find level 19 updates in a new post shortly.

3.30pm: Mackie at the double again
Adam Mackie survived an all-in an call on the bubble and he just doubled up again.

He was all-in and at risk with pocket queens for 112,000 and up against the AQ of Simon Fuller. A 53K610 board gave him a double up and left Fuller with just 12,000.

Blinds up: 4,000 – 8,000, ante 1,000

3.15pm: Pressure release
In the 15 minutes since the bubble burst there’s been a rush for the exits and just 50 players remain. One player to lock up a min-cash is John McGrane, I’ll be updating the payouts page throughout play today so keep an eye on it to see who finishes where.

3pm: Bubble bursts at second attempt
No protracted bubble here at The Hippodrome, there was an all-in and call on each hand of hand for hand play.

On the first Adam Mackie doubled through Paul Grace, his AK eventually getting there against Grace’s 108 on a 2J10AA board to double to around 90,000.

But Daniel Whittaker was not so lucky, after Keith Ellis moved all-in from the button, Whittaker called all-in from 35,000 from the small blind and it was time for showdown. Ellis showed AJ and was ahead of Whittaker’s A10. The board ran 387AQ eliminating Whittaker and meaning everyone else is now in the money.

2.45pm: On the bubble
There are now 64 players remaining meaning that we’re on the bubble. Recent eliminations include Oly Horne (65th), Francine Brandler, Benjamin Fergus-Woolf and Scott Heptinstall.

2.35pm: Chip leaders
During the break the tournament staff did eyes on chip counts of all the remianing players. The top five are as below, within the next 20 minutes the count of everyone still in at the start of level 17 will be flowed into the blog and will be viewable on this page.

Top five:

Martin Bader, United Kingdom, 520,000
Alex Jobling, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 327,000
Vishal Patel, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 280,000

Dinh Tuan Nguyen, Vietnam, 260,000
Haresh Thaker, United Kingdom , PokerStars Qualifier, 240,000


Martin Bader

2.30pm: Back from the break
The 71 remaining players are now back in their seats and 63 of them will get paid. One player who is still in is John McGrane, I earlier reported him as being out due to being handed his seat card, however he’d simply lost the card and has around 80,000 right now.

Blinds up: 3,000 – 6,000, ante 1,000

2.05pm: Break time
The players are now on a 25 minute break.

2pm: Alex Jobling scores a huge double up
Just before the break Alex Jobling won a massive pot to potentially take the chip lead. There was a raise to 10,000 from David Gassian, Jobling flat called and Jingliang Shi then moved all-in for 15,700. After getting confirmation that he could re-raise Gassian did just that, moving all-in and Jobling snap called.

Shi: A8
Gassian: AQ
Jobling: QQ

The board ran 610672 and Jobling, who was all-in for 149,800, is up to around 320,000 whilst Gassian is down to around 37,500.

During the break the tournament staff will be doing an eyes on chip count of the 72 remaining players.

1.50pm: Bader the beast
The chip leader appears to be Martin Bader, the experienced player with cashes dating back to the year 2000, has a stack of around 300,000.

In other news play at most, if not all tables is now eight handed and will stay that way for the duration of the tournament.

1.40pm: Another dozen down
Less than 90 players remain now and the bubble gets ever closer. But those who’ve missed out on at least a min-cash include: Timothy Lloyd – Klingfnberg, Rufino Prendes Suarez, Samuel Santa Puche, Andrew Wade, Rafael Henderson, Alec B. Smith, Brent Waters, Richard Hill, Gert Goessens, Meenakshi Sundaram Subramaniam, Eamon J. Saryazdi and Luke Diaper.

Blinds up: 2,500 – 5,000, ante 500

1.30pm: Chip leader update
Overnight chip leader Haresh Thaker was one of the players who started up on The Poker Deck but has since been moved downstairs, he’s taken a seat at table three and looks to have around 235,000 meaning he’s essentially been treading water thus far.

It’s much the same story for Day 1B chip leader Daniel Galla, he started the day with 238,100 and appears to have lost a few big blinds, to drop to around 220,000 but still has a healthy stack. UKIPT3 Newcastle runner-up Alexander Jobling was in the top 10 coming into today, he’s just been moved tables so I took the opportunity to count his stack as he was unracking it (much easier as the chips are stacked in 20s) and he’s got a shade over 165,000.


Alex Jobling

1.15pm: Seat open
Seat open or Seat on Table X are the two most universal ways that a dealer will let the floor staff know that a player has been eliminated from the tournament. They’ll then hand the seat card and tournament ID card to the floor staff and he or she will then pass the latter on to me, whilst keeping the former to know when it’s time to break a table.

Thanks to the slick nature of this system I can tell you that: Satoshi Wakamatsu, Ian King, William Champion, Eric Barron, Karl Lorenzo, Spyros Mouzoura, Matthew Caulfield, János Gregor, Tim Gill, John McGrane, William Quinonez, Vera Lynn Kelleher, Mark Hitchens,
Joshua Skiar, Robert Malvasi, Tom Karlsson and Julius Adeyemi are all out.


John McGrane’s day is done

Blinds up: 2,000 – 4,000, ante 500

1.05pm: Fuller scoops big three way pot
Simon Fuller is feeling very flush after winning a big three way pot. An unknown player moved all-in for 30,000 with J10, Fuller flat called with pocket kings, only for Janice Phillips to move all-in over the top for 62,000 total. Back on Fuller he made the call, but winced when he saw that Phillips had pocket aces. Not to worry though as the 2K3 flop gave him an unlikely lead. The 6 turn card gave the initial shover a flush draw but it missed on the 9 river.

After that hand Fuller is up to 295,000 and possibly the chip leader.

1.02pm: Running good
“He’s running like Usain Bolt,” said Peter Mok to me pointing in the direction of Ashley Wilson. The latter is up to around 220,000 from a start of day 125,900. Mok told me that he got his latest boost when Wilson’s pocket threes knocked out a player holidng A-Q. Despite his opponent flopping an ace, Wilson rivered a three to take a pot worth 60,000.

12.50pm: More exits
There’s been so many exits in the open 45 minutes that the players from the three tables up on The Poker Deck have all been moved down to tables in the Matcham Room. Those who enabled that poker player migration by losing their chips include: Darren Fuller, Youssef Frem, David Parsons, Dahe Liu, Ryan Pitcher, Stephen O’Keeffe, Perri Whiteside and Stefano Rossomando.

Blinds up: 1,500 – 3,000, ante 400

12.35pm: Horne gets some back
Oly Horne came into today with an above average stack of 91,400, he must’ve lost a big hand in the opening 20 minutes as he was just all-in for a handful of big blinds with A4 and had been called by Luke Martin who held K2. A Q5646 board later and Horne had a much needed double up.

However, Martin didn’t have to wait long to get his chips back as a few hands later Antonio Megna was all-in for around 20,000 with A8 but in dominated shape against Martin’s A10. The board came Q2A103 and Megna wished the table good luck as he exited.

12.25pm: Starter for ten
Exits are happening at the rate of one a minute, if this keeps up the tournament will be over before Liverpool kick off at 4pm.

Those to have exited include: Steven McIntyre, Saimonas J. Balkauskas, Jack Starr, Delyan Ruskov, Philip Barnes, Daren Lury, Adam Maly, Arthur Coirault and Rumit Somaiya.


Rumit Somaiya, just one of the early fallers on Day 2

12.15pm: Man and woman down
Two exits to tell you about…

Linda Kinhult couldn’t spin-uo her 4,300 from a micro stack to a short stack and was the first casualty of the day.

And Nicholas Aly was not far behind him, he was all-in and at risk for around 27,000 with Q9 and in trouble against Lim-Wai Cheung’s KQ. The former was of his seat by the turn of a K6Q105 board.

12.10pm: Cards are in the air
Action is underway and I’ve already heard a cry of, “seat open, table seven.” Let the traditional start of Day 2 carnage commence.

12pm: Day 2 set to start
If Day 1A and Day 1B were the starters then Day 2 is very much the main course, dessert and post-dinner coffee rolled into one delicious package. For 137 must become 1 over the next 12 hours or so as we play down to a winner here at The Hippodrome Casino.

Just 63 of the remaining players will make the money, £480 for a min-cash all the way up to £21,770 for the winner. Leading the way when starts will be Haresh Thaker, the former poker dealer bagged up 244,100 on Day 1A for one of those rare occurrences where the Day 1A chip leader accrued more than his Day 1B counterpart. Although with 238,1000 Daniel Galla is not far behind.

To see the standing of everyone left in click here and you can see the start of day seat draw by clicking here.

Players are in their seats, 13 tables downstairs and three upstairs on the Poker Deck, and cards will be in the air very shortly.


Haresh Thaker is the overall chip leader

All photos are copyright of Neil Stoddart.

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