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9.10pm: Play is done for the day
And that’s Day 1B done and dusted. Roughly 75 players have made it through meaning somewhere in the region of 140-145 players will be coming back for Day 2.

A full wrap of the days play is on the way and overnight chip counts will be made available as and when I’m furnished with them.

9pm: Last three hands
The race to be chip leader is going to go to the wire. There are about half a dozen players who have around 150,000.

They are now playing the final three hands.

8.50pm: Wealthall wamboozled
UKIPT Host Nick Wealthall has just been eliminated and he told me the tale of the tape: “I lost a 75k pot with top two pair against a set to drop down to 12 big blinds. I got them in with K-10 and ran into pocket queens.

8.40pm: Exits
As the last level of the night gets underway jut 90 of the 248 players who entered Day 1B are still in. Among those who find themselves on the sidelines are: Michael Croonenborghs, Junjian Jia, Valgeir Valdi Valgeirsson, David Crane, Nishid Hindocha, Zeeshan Pasha Asghar, Leif Kåre Torstad, Denis Moravec, Felipe Franciosi, Nicholas Jenkins, Jonathan Bannerman, Jan Erik Bernhardsen and Nicholas John Van De Weyer

Blinds up:1,000/2,000, ante 200

8.30pm: The winner of the UKIPT Series 3 will receive £21,770

The tournament staff have confirmed to me that the total number of runners today was 248, meaning the total is 464. They’ve plugged the numbers into a spreadsheet and the winner will recieve £21,770.

In total 63 players will get paid, with a min-cash worth £480, if you make the official final table then you’re guaranteed £2,570, whilst the loser of the final hand will receive £13,730.

8.25pm: Mason mullered
UKIPT media coordinator Jen Mason took a day off from the job today for a different kind of grind as she entered the tournament. At the start of level nine she was going along swimmingly with around 45,000. However in the next two levels it all unravelled as she lost a series of big pots to bust.

She told me: “I called a 25 big blind shove with ace-king and he had aces, I then got 7-6 suited in against Q-J suited and lost to go down to around five big blinds. In the final hand I was in the big blind with 9-7 of hearts and called when the small blind shoved on me. I wasn’t even live as he had A-7.”


Jen Mason

8.15pm: Job’s a good ‘un
Akex Jobling, runner-up at UKIPT3 Newcastle is having a good day at the felt as he’s up to 94,000. He’s sharing a table with Dom Kay, who is not fairing quite as well given that he’s on 25,500.

Blinds up:800/1,600, ante 200

8pm: Double up or go home
It’s getting to that time of night where the short stacks try to make something happen. Well, it worked out for one such short stack, but not for another…

Jaipaul Vilkhu got his final 12,600 in with pocket queens, a fine hand but not as good as Richard Hill’s pocket kings. However he got lucky as the board ran 32AQJ and Vikhu, who had stood up, had to sit back down again.

However, Nicholas Jenkins was not so lucky, He raised to 3,000 and then called when John Marsh raised to 7,000. On the 374 flop Marsh set Jenkins all-in for his final 20,000 and Jenkins made the call. He was in trouble though as Marsh showed pocket jacks to be well ahead of Jenkins’s AQ. The J turn card ended proceedings and the meaningless Q rolled off on the river.

7.45pm: Even more exits
There are just 120 players left in now and that means they’re all now in the same room. Recent exits include: Calogero Morreale, Mark Norman, Robbie Fisher-O’Brien, Geoffrey Mockford, Otrk-Jan Pa Van De Ven, Dale Garrard, Steven Mitchell, Wayne Hemmings, Andres Sanchez, Tim Shaw, Gregory Fitoussi, Matthew Tierney, Viktors Kurov, George Achillea, Zane Collison, David Lissner, Andrius Balkauskas, Balint Pusztai, Mansour Khorramshahi, Victor Ilyukhin, Gaurav Kumar, Wagner Wysotcha and Srikanth Sankaran

Blinds up:600/1,200, ante 200

7.30pm: Exits
The pace of the exits is picking up as the blinds and antes increase. A whole boatload of players have been eliminated recently, they include: Stephen Eames, Phillip Szeto, Leon Narinsakchai, Paul Portelli, Mark Shepherd, Ruslanas Rudycevas, Andrew Meader, Donovan Ross, Eleftherios Sinnos, Jonathan Bannerman, Stephen Elias, Craig Morgan, Simon J. Garside, David Corkett, Noel Broadbent, Colin Snowsill, Trevor Egan, Michael Conway, Margarita D. Stoycheva, Christopher Richards, Daiva Barauskaite, Ben Hodgkins, Michael Halligan, Alan Wilde, Andreas Andreou and Andrew Mabbitt.

7.15pm: Chip leaders
These players are the chip leaders of those currently playing in The Matcham Room: David Gassian (130,000), Perri Whiteside (94,000), John Marsh (94,000), Joseph Stewart (88,000), Saimonas Balkauskas (78,000) and Ian Chin (77,600).


David Gassian – the six figure man

7.05pm: Back from the break
The 170 or so remaining players are back in their seats for the final four levels of the night.

Blinds up: 500/1,000, ante 100

6.35pm: Break time
The players are now on a 30 minute break, this will be the final break of the day.

6.30pm: Hartigan put in the hurt locker
Like London bues you wait ages for the elimination of one EPT commentator and then you get a second at the same time. It’s also back to the booth for James Hartigan and his exit was painful.

Hartigan explained how the action went to me, he said that the hi-jack opened, the button (ace-queen), flatted, the small blind (pocket fives) shoved for around 13,750, Hartigan re-shoved from the big blind for 14,300, the original raiser folded and the button, who had a similar stack to Hartigan, then called the all-in.

There was actually a 1,000 side pot in this hand that Hartigan won, but he was out soon afterwards.


Hartigan – was given hope only to have it turn to dust

6.15pm: Cugudda’s run curtailed
UKIPT Series 1 runner-up Lydia Cugudda is out and she was kind enough to tell me how it happened. “I raised under-the-gun from a stack of 20 big blinds with pocket sevens and both the button and big blind called. The flop was 5-6-9, I c-bet, the button raised, I moved all-in and he called with 9-5.”

She’s not the only one to bust as: Pierre Mourier, Ward De Bock, Kay Wookey, Andrew Abernethy, Phu Nguyen, Neil Robertson, Harry Lodge, Nicolas Berry, Timothy Lloyd, Matthew Thomas Howes, Mia Dac Liu, Vincent Andre Meli, Harry Jaderberg, Faye Morley, Jamie Wilson, Filip Tsen, Kjetil Hove, Jonathan Rees, Kelly Saxby, Theodoros Koustas, Jack Lyman, David Buckley, Caicai Huang, Michael Kitchen, Jordan Damiani Ferrie, Robert Russell, Nicholas Styliano and David Lloyd are all out.

6.05pm: If your names not down you can’t come in
Late registration closed at the end of level six, meaning that the shop window of opportunity to get into this tournament has now closed. The tournament board is showing that 190 of 240 players remain. However, that may include some no shows, so I’ll get a confirmation of total number of runners and prize pool when tournament staff have balanced the numbers.

Blinds up: 400/800, ante 100

5.55pm: Stapes shot down
EPT Commentator Joe Stapleton is out. He told me: “I jammed K-3 into aces and won. And then jammed K3 into ace-king and lost despite the flop coming 2-4-5 with two diamonds. How does that happen?”

It’s back to the booth for Stapes.


Stapes lived and died by K-3

5.40pm: Folding the second best hand in hold’em
Folding pocket kings pre-flop is not an everyday occurrence for a poker player. Team PokeStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is on record as saying he’s only ever folded it twice in his life, once he was shown queens and once aces for a 50-50 record. Well Nick Wealthall is better than Daniel Negreanu – fact.

The UKIPT Host just laid them down and was right as his opponent showed pocket aces. “That’s the first time I’ve ever folded pocket kings pre-flop,” he told me. But being the shy retiring type he didn’t want anyone to know about it. Well, apart from the blog followers and the twittersphere that it.


Wealthall – not one to brag…

All photos are copyright of Neil Stoddart.

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