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You might be familiar with a particular moment in poker tournaments. It encompasses not so much the pain of defeat, as the inconvenience of victory.

Deep in a tournament you begin eyeing the tournament clock, knowing that playing on means missing the last train home. And while you know you can play a deep stack comfortably, you know also you won’t sleep comfortably when it comes to that bench at the rail way station, as you await the first train home.

Well, that’s one problem the UKIPT Super Series at The Hippodrome in London celebrates the end of.

Hippodrome_PSLive_11aug16.jpgArguably London’s finest poker destination: The Hippodrome

As Londoners know, from August 19 certain London Underground lines run 24 hours on a Friday and Saturday night. They also happen to be peak poker hours.

That’s where the UKIPT Super Series event comes in, with three (yes three) opening flights at the festival, which begins at the end of this month. And you can play in all of them.

A Super Series like never before

And that’s not just because of the timings. For the first time ever on the UKIPT there are three re-entry flights.

Flight 1 (Day 1A): Thursday September 1, 6:30pm
Flight 2 (Day 1B): Friday September 2, 12:00pm
Flight 3 Turbo (Day 1C): Friday September 2, 10:00pm

Travel logistics aside start times are designed to be kind to the weekend player. So is the buy in, some £220 less than last year.

Qualify for the UKIPT Super Series on PokerStars for as little as £1. Ready to start? Click here to get an account.

You can play straight from work on Thursday, or enjoy some food and a couple of fortifying drinks before getting started on the Day 1C late (Turbo) shift.

Alternatively, operate on slightly more regular hours with a noon start for Day 1B. Whatever your preference, there’s a start time for you.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Actually there are three. As we said, nothing ruins a mood more than early elimination from a poker tournament. So we’re abolishing it. Or, to put it more accurately, we’re allowing players to play all three flights if so desired, with a re-entry in each.

hippodrome_ukipt_series_11aug16.jpgThe Hippodrome at it’s finest

The Main Event culminates with the final table on September 4. If you’ve never played at The Hippodrome, a converted theatre now masquerading brilliantly as London’s best poker destination, it’s worth it just for the grandeur and atmosphere. What’s more is central location (right next to Leicester Square tube station), is unbeatable.

It’s not all about the Main Event

It’s not just the main event hogging centre stage. They’ll also be a women’s event on Sunday September 4, starting at 1pm with a buy in of £100 + £10, with a complimentary glass of champagne for players on arrival.

Also on the Sunday, a knockout event follows on from the successful online campaign, and the recent IPT St Vincent event (which you can read about here). Open to everyone, it features a buy in of £100 + £100 + £20 and starts at 2pm.

Finally they’ll be a two day second chance event starting on Saturday at 6pm with a buy-in of £250 + £25. After busting early, the second worse thing is busting without anywhere to seek redemption. This tournament takes care of that that.


Did we say satellites are running on PokerStars from as little as £1? Turn that into a first prize of thousands and you won’t care how late it is.

Get details of the Super Series festival on the UKIPT homepage.

We’ll be there till late.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.

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