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47 players will get paid, with the winner taking home £16,590. You can see the entire payout structure here

Overnight chip counts of the 106 survivors can be seen here.

9:15pm: King of the hill
Just like on Day 1A of this event the chip leader didn’t emerge to very late on. You don’t get much later than the final hand of the night and Andrew King won a 160,000 chip pot on the final hand to finish on 201,600, good for the Day 1B and overall chip lead.


Andrew King – chip leader
In the hand in question he held aces and was up against an opponent who’d called his raise with [8][2]. An A-8-2 flop sparked the action and propelled King to the top of the chip charts. The Irishman is a seasoned campaigner who has over $520,000 in lifetime earnings. In November he earned $136,946 when he finished second in a WSOP Circuit event in Rozadov. He’ll be a tough man to catch tomorrow.


Leslie Rycroft
But for that hand I’d be writing about how Leslie Rycroft had fared best of all on a day when 217 players entered the tournament to take the total number of runners to 351. He finished on 176,200 and looks primed to make a run at the first prize of £16,590. Other players who had a good Day 1 include: Simon Brooks (167,500), Cloudio Devito (151,800) and Tom Waterman (128,200).


No second UKIPT Series title for Cody
Only 67 players advanced to Day 2 and a number of big names fell short of that goal. Among them was Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody. He won the first ever UKIPT Series event but lost a race with eights against ace-king to bust out during level nine.

Christopher Yong is another UKIPT Series champion who suffered the same fate, whilst the likes of Albert Sapiano, Dean Clay, Karim Louis and Allan Pike also busted out during the opening dozen levels.


What a wonderful setting for a poker tournament
Those who did make it through will join the 39 Day 1A survivors tomorrow to play to a winner here at The Hippodrome Casino. Chip counts and the seat draw will be posted overnight. Keep an eye here and on the @PokerStarsBlog and @UKIPT accounts for that information. Day 2 action starts at noon, join us then.

8:45pm: Day 1B is done
Level 12, Blinds 1,000-2,000(300 ante)

Time’s up! Day 1B has just ended and it looks as if roughly 70 players have advanced and they’ll join the 39 survivors from Day 1A. A recap of today’s action is on the way.

8:25pm: Falling short
Level 12, Blinds 1,000-2,000(300 ante)

Commiserations to Christopher Yong, Oliver Simpson, Cheryl Pulver, Chris Beattie, Allan Pike, Mats Rosen, Wayne Gotting, Oliver Lawrence, Tautvydas Tukaciauskas, Christopher Cancelliere, Neil McCulloch, Mark Poi, Chris Da-Silva and Alex Wakeham who’ve all fallen just short of making Day 2.

8:15pm: Last level
Level 12, Blinds 1,000-2,000(300 ante)

The twelfth and final level of the day is under way. Just 80 players of the 217 who started remain.

8:10pm: The Wright stuff
Level 11, Blinds 800-1,600 (200 ante)

As we move towards the last level of the day it’s Tim Wright who appears to have the chip lead. He’s got around 130,000 which puts him clear of Joshua Varghese (107,000) and Timotheos Timotheou (105,000). As we saw yesterday though a lot can happen in a level of poker.

8:05pm: Daley dominated by Millman
Level 11, Blinds 800-1,600 (200 ante)

Neither James Millman nor Julian Daley had that many chips so when Daley raised and Millman shoved for 17,500 and Daley called, you knew this pot was going to be crucial to them both. It was Millman who had the best of it as his KJ dominated Daley’s QJ. There was no sick outdraw as the board ran 9J543.

7:55pm: The final furlong
Level 11, Blinds 800-1,600 (200 ante)

There’s less than an hour of play left now but for some the end of their tournament is permanent. UKIPT regular Dean Clay is one of those who’s recently busted and he’s been joined on the rail by Antonio Horta, Anthony Gardner, Jamie Sampedro, Tom Hemming and Pete Blow.

7:45pm: Double up for Gantara
Level 10, Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Down to just 6,800 Nilay Ganatra moved all in from early position and it looked like he might be about to pick up a much needed 3,400 uncontested as one by one his opponent’s folded. That is until action reached Philip Baker in the big blind. He got a count and then made the call:

Baker: A7
Gantara: QJ

The 52J flop could hardly have been better for Baker and he held onto the lead on the 7 turn and Q river.

7:30pm: Over 50% of the field is gone
Level 10, Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Just three levels remain to be played today and just 100 of the 217 players who entered today remain. That makes the average stack 43,400 for a healthy 43.4 big blinds.

7:20pm: Cody loses race to bust
Level 9, Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Jake Cody started this level with just 15 big blinds and unfortunately the Team PokerStars Pro wasn’t able to spin it into something more substantial.

He told the PokerStars Blog that in his exit hand Gerhard Lillie opened from the cut-off with ace-king, Cody then jammed for 25,000 with pocket eights and Lillie called. The flop came 1096 and both Cody and Lillie had a heart in their hand. The turn paired the six and the river was the A to give the pot to Lillie.


Cody – all smiles despite busting
7:15pm: Going, going, gone
Level 9, Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Almost 100 of the players who entered Day 1B have now busted from the tournament. 125 of 217 remain, but: Phillip Gregg, Marius Dandu, Cusco Guillem, Samuel Meeuse, Stephen Holloway, Peter Drakeford, Miroslav Ivanov, Daniel Rohrbasser, Stephen Walker, Shvan Frost, Adam Benson, Oliver Hill, Graziano Pirovano, Matt Prosser, Jamie Low, Matthew Whiting, Thian Chung Wu, Matt Tandy, Karim El Rharbaoui, Leo Madden, Yongduo Peng, John Rigolli, Daniel Newhan, Marius Zalpys, Jie Zhang, Hicham Anbry and Lucien Tartan are not among them as they’re all out.

7:05pm: Big stacks
Level 9, Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Below are the stacks of the top 10 as level nine got under way. Joseph Chacholiades leads the way woth 87,000. Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody has some work to do if he wants to crack the top 10 though as he stated level nine with 15,000.

Name Chips
Joseph Chacholiades 87,800
Westley Sargeant 76,000
Pierre Khoury 75,000
Cloudio Devito 74,600
Nicholas Case 70,000
Vincent Moses 65,200
Tom Waterman 64,000
Huy Nguyen 62,000
Dominic Wells 60,000
Bojan Zekic 59,200

6:50pm: Prizepool and payout information
Level 9, Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Drumroll please…there were a total of 351 players in this event and together they created a prize pool of £87,750. It’ll be split 47 ways with a min-cash worth £480 whilst the winner will collect £16,590. The entire payout structure can be seen here.

6:25pm: Eight in the books
Level 8, Blinds 400-800 (100 ante)

Level eight is over and the players are now on a 20 minute break.

6:20pm: Some you win, some you lose
Level 8, Blinds 400-800 (100 ante)
Two hands and two all ins from Alexander Spadijer but, sadly for him, two different results.

In the first he was all in for roughly 6,000 with A10 and up against Catalin Dumitrascu’s AK. The 67102A board meant he doubled to around 13,200.

On the very next hand Mihaly Jancso limped from early position, he then moved all-in and when it got back to Jancso he tanked before saying: “Let’s gamble.”
Jancso: 44
Spadijer: A8

The board came 7295Q and Spadijer seemed pretty chilled about his fate as he took a puff on his e-cigarette before leaving the table.

6:05pm: Cloudio Devito down, but definitely not out
Level 8, Blinds 400-800 (100 ante)

Cloudio Devito was looking for a double knockout as he held KQ and had two opponents all in and at risk. They both had ace-king, but the 244K10 board meant he took a 15K hit. Despite that he’s still got about 72,000 and he’s one of the chip leaders.

5:50pm: Gone
Level 7, Blinds 300-600 (75 ante)

There’s no easy way to say this, but if you were following these updates for information on: James Copeland, Cayetana Belsue Pastor, Sung Hee Yun, Sang Leung, Daniel Cameron, Christian Friedel, Tom Getgood, Xingchen Zhou, Viraj Patel, Colin Marks, David Bailey, Andrew Chandler, Albert Sapiano, Stelyan Georgiev or Wayne Pentelow then you can close this tab, as they’re all out.

5:40pm: Yong looking to complete the hat-trick
Level 7, Blinds 300-600 (75 ante)

One man who knows a thing or two about winning tournaments at The Hippodrome Casino is Christopher Yong. In March 2015 he won the UKIPT Series 7 event here – good for £10,986 – and then followed that up by taking down the Autumn Classic in November, which earned him a further £10,142.

Neither of those wins were his biggest cash in this venue in 2015 though as in January of last year he placed fifth in the UKIPT Main Event and took home £24,600 for that performance.


Christopher Yong
5:30pm: King unhappy about a ruling
Level 7, Blinds 300-600 (75 ante)

Andrew King is not happy about a ruling in a hand he just played:

He’d reached the river in a pot against Benjamin Woodhouse and the board was Q6699. Woodhouse bet 1,200 and King then threw out one blue 5k chip and one red 1k chip. The dealer then said something (it was inaudible to me) and Woodhouse immediately turned over AA as he’d thought the dealer had said “call”.

This was the point at which the floor was called. After the TD had established how King had bet it was ruled that it was a raise and Woodhouse – who had exposed his cards – now had the option to call or fold, but he couldn’t take any aggressive action, which ruled out raising.

Woodhouse said: “I’m just going to call,” intimating that he may well have raised had he the chance to. He called and King mucked but wasn’t happy. He believed that Woodhouses’ hand should’ve been declared dead. He’s asked the cardroom manager to print off a copy of the rules. We’ll let you know how this goes, but it might not be the last we hear of it.

After that hand King is down to around 13,500.

5:20pm: Paul gets taller
Level 6, Blinds 200-400 (50 ante)

Maria Bergdahl is the latest player to bust from this tournament and it’s Richard Paul who got her chips. She shoved for around 7,800 with A10 and Paul then re-shoved for about double that with AQ. The button folded what he later said was ace-king and looked on as the K4964 board sent Bergdahl to the rail.

Paul stacked chips, but he too could’ve been on the rail had things played out differently.

5:10pm: One in, one out
Level 6, Blinds 200-400 (50 ante)

In order to get all the alternates seated we have, of course, needed to lose some players. Whilst it’s happy days for the alternates, it’s bad news for: Laurie Stone, Brett Kennedy, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Yunyi Zhang, Laszlo Balogh, Jonathan Tay, Jonathan Spelman, Artur Palaj, Favius Ventel, Sid Joshi, Ahmed Abdin, Mason Hyatt, Nick Berry, Neculai Ungureanu, Gonzalo Veiga, Frederick Evans, Robert Moubert and Sadam Safdar as they’re all out.

5pm: Enter Cody
Level 6, Blinds 200-400 (50 ante)

One of the late alternates is none other than Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody. He’s on record as saying he loves this format and it loves him too as he took down the first ever UKIPT Series event. That was way back in April 2013.


Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody
4:50pm: Barron the chip king
Level 5, Blinds 150-300 (25 ante)

It’s been a superb start to this tournament for Jeff Barron. He’s up to 47,000 and is picking up where he left off, as he finished runner-up in the Autumn Classic that was held here in November.

4:40pm: The fallen
Level 5, Blinds 150-300 (25 ante)

The number of exits are ratcheting upwards, and somewhere in the region of 20 players have now busted out of this tournament. They include: Andrei Dragnea, Carol Hambleton, Filimon Meichanetzidis, Angelos Goulianos, Chetan Patel, Connor Ross, Gordon Strank, Nathan Lee, James Edgington, David Dawson, Paul Housam, Kelvin Mullis, Christopher Phillips and Karim Louis.


Karim Louis
4:25pm: Late registration is closed
Level 5, Blinds 150-300 (25 ante)

If your name’s not down you’re not coming in because late registration in this event has just closed. The tournament director informed the players that 218 have entered so far today and that there are a further 11 alternates waiting to be seated.

These numbers are, as yet, unofficial, but it looks like the total number of runners in this tournament is going to be around 365.

4:05pm: Break time
Level 4, Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

That’s four of today’s dozen levels in the books and the players are now on a 20 minute break.

3:45pm: 187 and counting
Level 4, Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

There’s still a steady stream of players entering this event and the total for Day 1B is currently 187. There are currently six tables in use in the Poker Deck part of the casino and a seventh was about to open. Among the players seated up there is Albert Sapiano.

He finished fifth in the Summer Classic here in July 2015 and has over $330,000 in lifetime earnings.


Albert Sapiano
3:35pm: Two more out
Level 3, Blinds 75-150

The ‘seat open’ call is being heard more frequently now. Alexis Savvile and Yunheng Wu have also exited this tournament during level three.

3:30pm: Louis getting low
Level 3, Blinds 75-150

Karim Louis is down to around 7,000 after losing a chunky pot. There was roughly 6,800 in the pot by the time he reached the river of a K3646 board. His opponent – Mike Lee – set him all in and Louis didn’t think too long before mucking his hand.

3:15pm: A quiet start
Level 3, Blinds 75-150

It’s all rather quiet at the moment. Both in terms of big pots/exit and the atmosphere. The general ambience is one of quiet contemplation among the players. There’s usually at least one or two ‘characters’ or boisterous players who can be heard above the riffling of chips but not today, not yet anyhow.

The rising blinds will of course force the action as the day continues but as of yet there’s just been one exit and the players are keeping it snug. Perhaps that’s a consequence – and many would argue a welcome one – of this being a straight freezeout. There’s no safety net if you get it wrong so the risk/reward balance tips heavily towards the risk element.

3:05pm: A few familiar faces
Level 2, Blinds 50-100

We’re up to 164 players now on Day 1B and there are a few players in the field who’ve had decent success here in the past. Like Allan Pike. He won the Spring Classic in this very casino in March 2014 and followed that up with a fourth place finish in the UKIPT Series 4 a month later. 2014 was a good year for him as he also cashed in the EPT London Main Event in October of that year.

Dominic Wells is another regular on the UKIPT and here at The Hippodrome Casino. A third place finish in the Autumn Classic in January 2014 is the closest he’s come to lifting a trophy here, but he also had a fourth place finish in the Autumn Classic in November of last year and he has a 10th place finish in the UKIPT Series 6 to his name.

Beating both though, in terms of live winnings, is Karim Louis. He’s got over $138,000 in lifetime earnings, the bulk of that came way back in 2008 when he finished runner-up to Julian Thew in a £1,000 event in Brighton.

2:55pm: Parker gets his coat
Level 2, Blinds 50-100

Aside from bubbling the tournament being first out is probably the worst feeling you can have. The unfortunate player to exit first today is James Parker.

2:45pm: From Brazil to London for Baltic Blonde
Level 2, Blinds 50-100

Daiva Barauskaite is one of the familiar faces we’ve spotted in the field today. Her twitter feed suggests she’s recently back from a trip to South America and has swapped the beaches of Rio for the bets of The Hippodrome. Easy decision right?

2:35pm: Advance to level two
Level 1, Blinds 25-50

On Day 1A we did get a bust out during the opening level (and a Royal Flush!) but despite there being more players on Day 1B – and therefore more hands dealt – all 144 players who’ve entered so far have made it safely through to Level 2.

2:20pm: Busy
Level 1, Blinds 25-50

The players just keep on coming! The board is showing that 133 players have entered Day 1B so far. There’s a steady stream of eager hopefuls queued up at the cash desk waiting to get their tickets so that number is sure to rise significantly before late registration closes at (roughly) 4.25pm.

As suspected play has spread up to The Poker Deck, there are currently three tables in use up there with a couple more ready to be used if required.


Join the queue buddy
2:04pm: Let’s go
Level 1, Blinds 25-50

Shuffle up and deal! Action is under way.

1:45pm: Day 1B set to start
Welcome to live coverage of Day 1B of the UKIPT5 Series 3. Yesterday 134 players entered the fray with 39 of them making it through to Day 2.

On Day 1A the main Matcham Room was packed and with today expected to be busier the Poker Deck will also be in use at the start, meaning play will be split across two floors.

The target for anyone with aspirations of the overnight chip lead is 170,900 as that’s what Sam Orledge finished on last night. A surge in the final level of the day saw him pip Chris Gordon to the chip lead. You can catch up on Day 1A action here.


Chris Gordon
Action will start at 2pm.

UKIPT5 Series 3 key facts:
– 20,000 starting stack
– Blinds starting at 25/50 for 400 big blinds
– Levels are 30 minutes throughout and they’ll be 12 of them today.
– On Sunday the Day 1B survivors will join the 39 players who advanced from Day 1A and play to a winner from noon.
– No re-entry here, this is an old school straight freezeout.


Fancy playing a UKIPT? There are always plenty of online satellites, click here to get an account.

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT Series: Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May

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