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2.05pm: End of Day 1C – Dale Garrad leads overall chip Counts!
The final level saw a number of circa 150,000 stacks vying for the chip lead, but it was Dale Garrad, friend of Pokerstars LIVE! at The Hippodrome Casino, who stormed ahead.

He had a few fortunate hands in this run, but his slick finish meant he bagged up an incredible 214,000 in chips.

Quite a performance from Garrad, he was beaming at the finish to no one’s surprise.

It looked as though Mario Trattou, runner-up at the UKIPT Series 6 event here at The Hippodrome Casino last year, finished up in 2nd place with 178,000 and Steve Watts was also well-placed at the death with 164,200. Let’s not forget James Hartigan, who battled gamely through the day and finished up with 54,000 or so. Great powers of endurance sir!

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Thanks for following. Full combined chip counts for Day 2 can be found here.


Dynamite finish from Garrad ensured he ended top of the tree
2:01pm: Final four hands
With 13 minutes left in the day, it’s been determined just four more hands will be played.

1.50pm: The home stretch
The players are almost home and dry – just 35 of them left. Mario Trattou, who has form here at The Hippodrome Casino, leads the pack as we speak.

How will this last level play out?


LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000-300


1.31pm: Stacks of note
As the tournament enters its final phase, here are some interesting players and their totals for your delectation:

Mario Trattou – 130,000
Oliver Bassett – 120,000
Colin Lovelock – 80,000
Martins Adeniya – 58,000
Charlotte Godwin – 37,000


Charlie Goodwin holding her own but with work to do
1:15pm: Thick and fast
The slowdown in pace during the middle stages has merely served as an incendiary catalyst for action in these latter four levels. We’ve seen the field ripped apart as shortstack after shortstack has busted.

We’re now down to just 44 players – more in line with the other two days.

The latest players who were unable to keep the dream alive include:

Simon Brooks
Marius Lietuvninkas
Fabio Vizzarro
Duncan Wilkie
Cristina Ilie
Winston Cotgreave
Mousa Nader Zadeh
Alejandro Perez Torres

Well played all! The battle continues.


LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800/1,600/200


1:05pm: On yer way, Ladd
Graeme Ladd’s tournament has come to close.

He went for a double up, jamming his final 20,000 or so chips on a 776 board – only to be picked off by Oliver Bassett’s pocket queens.

The board bricked out J5 and Bassett – who is almost certainly the chip leader as we speak – was up to 120,000.

12:50pm: Roll-call of the damned
No luck for the following players – they’ve all hit the skids in the latter period.

Khadir Khoshawy
Nagaraju Krishna
Bober Raja
William Kassouf
Lee Glover
Qilin Hu
Stephen Miles
David Lloyd
Bo Bundgaard Thorsen
Brett Kennedy
Mark Shepherd
Graeme Ladd
Simon Brooks


Even busted, The Hippodrome Casino is a pretty stunning environ

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1200-200


12:35pm: Hartigan the poker genius
It’s been a tough day’s grind for James Hartigan but his patience is being rewarded.

He just played a pot of immense skill, doubling up with aces in the big blind versus the small blind’s kings.

“It’s an underrated skill waking up with aces versus kings in the blinds,” he said, a nugget of poker wisdom that will surely echo through the ages.

12.25pm: Battle to the finish
The 72 players remaining have sat themselves down at the felt – chip shuffling and riffling as they are wont to do.

The game is on, the stakes are high and the stage is set. Bring it on!

Thumbnail image for SuperSeries_London_JamesHartingan_2015_MickeyMay_79870.jpg

Hartigan still going strong
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PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT5 Super Series London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos courtesy of Mickey May.


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