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Help PokerStars celebrate 20 years of play by voting in the Big 20 Players Awards!

These unique awards mark our landmark birthday with 50 unforgettable moments from the PokerStars archive divided into 10 categories. There are five nominees per category, and you are invited to decide the winners.

Watch the clips below and decide who pulled off the best bluff, the best hero call or hero fold. Who celebrated best, and who took the sickest bad beat? What was the boldest bluff attempt? Who was the best actor? And you can also pick both your favourite winning moment, and the one that most left you thinking WTF?

You need to vote for the player at the centre of the action, and the winners will receive a unique prize. More details will be announced later.

Voting closes at 00:01 GMT on Monday December 6th. The winners will be announced on the live stream of the last day of “The Big 20 Finale” on Tuesday December 7th.

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