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“This didn’t just happen,” he said.

James Piccolo was looking at the cashier section of his PokerStars NJ lobby, and it looked a lot different than it had just a few minutes earlier. Moments earlier, he’d had less than $600 in his account. Now…

Well, after buying in for $10, it looked a lot like this.


It was not your average day at the Piccolo house. Piccolo’s sister had just come home to announced she was engaged to be married. His father was scheduled to have cancer surgery the very next day. Piccolo, who had recently moved to Las Vegas to play live for a living, had traveled back home to be with the family.

That’s when he decided to play a bit of PokerStars in New Jersey to pass the time. He chose a Spin & Go.

And here’s what happened. (And don’t mind the upside-down video. It corrects itself as everything starts to come together.)

It might come as no surprise, that thing that Piccolo felt sure didn’t just happen…had just happened. It marked his biggest-ever poker win. Before that, his biggest single take was around $4,000.

Congrats to James Piccolo, congrats to his engaged sister, and best wishes to his father in his surgery recovery.

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