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Tuesday (August 27) was a very exciting day at EPT Barcelona as five Chase Your Dream competition winners squared off against PokerStars Ambassadors for a shot at €10,000.

What they didn’t know is they’d all end the day as Platinum Pass winners.

If you missed the action, watch it back here:

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, let’s get you up to speed.

A little over a month ago PokerStars announced a competition that would send five people from different regions (two for players, two for, and one for to EPT Barcelona.

It started with special online freerolls, the winners of which were then invited to submit an audition video, explaining why they should win this special prize package (which included return flights, hotel stay, and spending money).

The five winners are now here, in Casino Barcelona, about to take part in a very special tournament in which they’ll be playing for €10,000.

Each winner will play for 25 hands on a table featuring PokerStars Ambassadors Lex Veldhuis, Chris Moneymaker, and Fatima Moreira de Melo, as well as Barcelona superstar Gerard Pique, legendary high stakes crusher Patrik Antonius, and the Voice of the UFC Bruce Buffer, after which they’ll tag in another competition winner. The two winners who perform the best in their 25 hands will make it through to a final heads-up match with €10,000 awaiting the winner.

Now let’s introduce you to our five Chase Your Dream finalists.


Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia
Salamanca, Spain

Adrian is a 23-year-old currently studying for a degree in chemical engineering, who moonlights as a DJ playing small nightclubs. He has two dreams in life: to become a professional poker player, or to become a pro DJ.

He told us that if he wins the €10,000 prize he’d love to book a trip to Amsterdam and take in the city’s electro music scene. He would also like to invest in a master’s degree and look to play more poker tournaments.

Clement Eloy

Clement Eloy
Lille, France

Clement is a 36-year-old freelance product designer who creates items like watches and chairs. He’s married with two children, and in his spare time he enjoys running, cooking, and growing his own vegetables.

Poker is Clement’s passion, and he loves watching streamers (particularly Lex Veldhuis) on YouTube and Twitch. His only live poker experience is playing with friends, so this EPT trip will be his first major poker stop.

Not bad for a first poker stop…

Danielle Summer

Danielle Summer
Tenerife, Spain

Danielle is as a 36-year-old carer originally from Yorkshire in the UK, who has lived in Tenerife for the last 15 years.

She has been playing online poker for 12 years and plays live poker occasionally with friends and at local casinos. Danielle enjoys the adrenaline-rush of the game, and as her largest poker win to date is $250, the €10,000 up for grabs in Barcelona will certainly provide a rush.

Christoph Walkenhorst

Christoph Walkenhorst
Bielefeld, Germany

Christoph is a 35-year-old social worker who helped young refugees from war-torn countries during the European migrant crisis. He is currently on parental leave looking after his two young children.

He started playing poker during the boom and plays online, as well as with his friends every Friday for fun. When he has time to himself, he likes to go on his cross trainer, watch Netflix or read his comic collection.

Daryl Inglis

Daryl Inglis
Ontario, Canada

Daryl is a 43-year-old military veteran who served in the Canadian Army for 20 years, including tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan. He also trained to be a nurse, but is now interested in becoming a ski instructor.

With an interest in live reads, Daryl prefers to play live poker and mainly plays home games with friends. He only plays poker in a casino twice a year, and will now be able to tick Casino Barcelona off his list.

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