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Tyler “Juicy_J_93” Jardine has experienced the ups and downs of poker for 10+ years. Now he’s a WCOOP champion, winning the 07-H $2,100 PLO8 event for $50,910.

Along the way, Jardine has experienced the highs and lows of poker.

Running accounts to zero

“I originally started playing poker in high school, nothing serious, just low buy in tournaments with friends on the weekends. Eventually I made my way online and there were many, many deposits before any real success,” says Jardine.

“I’ve had my share of swings but nothing stands out as far as a huge run. During the poker boom I was mostly still running poker accounts to zero! These days I still play often. It’s rare that I ever go a week without playing and I still enjoy the game as much as ever.”

Monkey off the back

We’ve already seen “Juicy_J_93” hit final tables in previous SCOOP and WCOOP tourneys. This was his time.

Jardine describes the feeling he got when he cracked the huge WCOOP event. “It felt amazing. This was the first time I’ve won a tournament in any of the online or live tournament series. It was a huge relief to finally get the monkey off my back.”

A warning to Pot limit Omaha players

Jardine tends to stick to split pot games, with a particular focus on Omaha variations.

“In the last few years I’ve primarily been playing Omaha Hi Lo online cash games, but I also mix in some tournaments to keep things interesting and in the last 6 months have been working hard on improving my Omaha Hi game.”

He also has a warning for Pot limit Omaha players.

“I still have lots of room for improvement in PLO, but if any high stakes PLO players are reading….I’m coming and I will have no mercy!”

Toy voyager?

Describing his personal life, Jardine says, “I’m a stay at home boyfriend but I do have fun when I play poker and, well, lets just say I have a lot of fun when I win poker.”

“Besides poker my only other serious hobby is toy voyaging. I just love sending those little guys out on adventures,” says Tyler, though I’m pretty sure he was joking. He strikes me as a guy who doesn’t take himself, or life too seriously.

The PLO8 world champion

A $50,910 win is huge by anyone’s standards, but for Jardine it’s also a matter of accomplishment and friendly rivalry.

“It will probably have a bigger effect on the life of my good friend “Gronkowski87”. I’m sure it won’t take long for him to tire of me reminding him I am the PLO8 world champion.”

The self proclaimed PLO8 world champion. Can anyone take his throne? There’s still 12 more PLO8 tourneys on the WCOOP calendar for anyone who who wants to try.

(With thanks to Tyler Jardine for your responses and good spirit. Congratulations!)


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