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Ah, opening night for the National Football League as the Americans welcome their favorite gladiators back to the gridiron. The defending champions New Orleans Saints rising from the crushing Hurricane Katrina five years ago to become national champions. In a poker sense we would see a similar whirlwind of chips during tonight’s $215 buy-in World Championship of Online Poker’s (WCOOP) Event #13 $200,000.00 Guarantee Pot Limit Omaha High-Low tourney 6-max with one-rebuy and one-add on (ok say that three times really fast). PLO8’s usual big swings and the tight quarters of 6-max play had players diving for 5,000 extra chips that came from 470 rebuys and 488 add-ons.

Add in the 831 starting runners and we have $357,800.00 to split among 108 players and $63,080.14 of that set aside for tonight’s bracelet winner. Team PokerStars Pros Greg “FossilMan” Raymer, Henrique Pinho, Tae Jooh Noh, Chris “Money800” Moneymaker, Vicky Coren, Barry Greenstein, Alex Kravchenko, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, David Williams, Marcel Luske, Richard Toth, Johannes Steindl, George Danzer, Jason Mercier all failed to get pass the 109th place marker and failed to cash tonight.

Team Online was represented by Jorge Arias, SCOOP champion Alexey “LuckyGump” Makarov, Andre Coimbra, Juan Manuel Pastor, SCOOP Player of the Series George “Jorj95” Lind. They also could not get enough wheel draws to hit and fell short of the money.

Team Online Pro Anders “Donald” Berg’s name floated atop the leaderboard as the bubble approached, but the Oslo native and fixture in the high stakes O8 cash games would fall short in 122nd place. After the aptly named “plo8” unfortunately busted in 109th place the remainder of the field was assured $751.38 tonight.

Team Pokerstars pro Pat Pezzin would carry the PokerStars flag across the bubble, but not much further as the Canadian who nearly claimed a SCOOP title in May was stopped in 88th place ($858.72).


Last Pro Standing: Pat Pezzin in 88th place

Other notables include Scott “BigRiskky” Clements 25th place ($1,896.34), Maros “Premier” Lechman 72nd place ($966.06), SCOOP 8-Game High buy-in runner up pycb 83rd place ($894.50), and Iteopepe88 85th place ($858.72) who earned just a tad more with a third place finish in Event #3 (read the final table recap here).

Down to the bubble at the four-handed table Basunya with 422K in chips would raise from the small blind to 75K with the blinds at 12.5K/25K as chico134 made the call from the big blind to three tens spill out 10 10 10. Basunya followed-up with a pot bet, as chico134 upped the ante by re-raising Basunya all-in. Basunya with 197,675 chips left would make the call holding tens full of eights 8 8 2 5 but chico134 rolled over the higher boat A 9 K 9 which left Basunya drawing dead for the 845K chip pot and bursting the final table bubble by finishing in seventh place ($6,833.98).

Click image for larger picture

Seat 1: DynamiteDraw (2584560 in chips)
Seat 2: chico134 (1933035 in chips)
Seat 3: gbmantis (743258 in chips)
Seat 4: SiiliSuhonen (2063262 in chips)
Seat 5: Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio (770365 in chips)
Seat 6: Kroko-dill (850520 in chips)

DynamiteDraw would lead the way into the final table and the nearly 12th hour of play with SiiliSuhonen trailing closely behind. Kroko-dill would claim the first double up, after flopping the nut flush Q A 3 K as chico134 watched in pain as a deuce fell on the 5 9 4 7 2 river thus negating the nut low and giving Kroko-dill a 1.7 million chip scoop with the blinds at 15K/30K.

Nothing goes your way

chico134 might be feeling a bit left out after bursting the final table bubble and watching that near two million chip stack dwindle down to nothing. With the blinds at 15K/30K SilliSuhonen would raise from the hijack to 88,888 and found callers in Kroko-dill on the button and chico134 in the big blind. Flop of 7 9 2 got both chico134 and SilliSuhonen to check as Kroko-dill pushed out 200K. chico134 was looking for blood and check-raised to 881,664. Kroko-dill had no intention of folding the nut-nut draw A Q 3 6 and shoved as chico134 made the call with a pair and a useless flush draw 6 7 4 A. 10 sealed up the high and only a counterfeiting trey on the river would split, the J on the river was not it and chico134 was out in sixth place ($10,734.00).

Praying for aces to hold

Still in the 15K/30K blind level gbmantis started off the betting from the cutoff with a pot sized bet. Folded to Kroko-dill in the big blind who also shoved out a pot-sized bet, back to gbmantis holding aces and fives 5AA5 he would shove for a stack worth 930,758. Having gbmantis well-covered Kroko-dill made the call holding 65A2. The flop came down a perfect 4 8 7 for Kroko-dill who hit a nut-nut hand and leaving gbmantis just three deuces for a quarter of the pot or trips on the board for a boat. Neither one materialized on the J turn and Q river as gbmantis earned $17,890.00 for fifth place and added this final table to a 2010 SCOOP final table (Event #2-Low for $7,860).

Could I catch a low card please?!?!?

Watch this hand all-in preflop between Kroko-dill who’s chip stack has swollen to over four million chips and Fabahaba who is trying to capture a WCOOP bracelet after nearly taking down the EPT Germany event (finishing 2nd for $817,417) and the EPT Mixed Game Player of the Year award playoff.

No dice for Tahkokallio, as his 6 4 7 A couldn’t seem to connect on the paint-heavy board J A 3 K Q the same way Kroko-dill’s 8 A 6 10 hit the nut straight. It was another big time final table for the Finn who takes away $25,046.00 in 4th place but sadly no jewelry.

Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio

The clock strikes thirteen

After the hourly break our remaining three players were coming back to 25K/50K blinds and Kroko-dill in the chip lead:

Kroko-dill 3,956,518 chips
SilliSuhonen 2,804,920 chips
DynamiteDraw 2,183,562 chips

Boom goes the draw

Blinds moving up to 30K/60K Kroko-dill led off with a pot-sized raise as DynamiteDraw in the small blind bumped it up to 600K and Kroko-dill would make the call as both had comparable stacks (2.4 million for DynamiteDraw and 2.7 million for Kroko-dill). After the flop of 42Q the money went in and well, watch the video below for the river card:

Open ended draw plus and pair of kings for Kroko-dill 5 K K 3 and a pair of fours plus the nut flush draw for DynamiteDraw A J 8 4. 7 on the turn get Kroko-dill a low and the 6 sealed up the hand with a straight plus six-low to knock out DynamiteDraw in third place ($35,780.00).

Act like you have been there before

You hear this advice at the table often, and tonight our remaining two players are no strangers to big final tables. This is Kroko-dill’s second final table of the 2010 WCOOP, finishing 5th in Event #7’s $215 Pot Limit draw tourney. SilliSuhonen chopped up a recent Sunday Warm-up, netting $107,888.59 in a three-way chop.

Taking a big bite and finishing the meal

As the blinds moved up to 40K/80K Kroko-dill would take down an 8.1 million chip pot after flopping two pair and getting them to hold up against flush and straight draws for SilliSuhonen that never caught thus taking an 8.1 million to 889K chip lead. SilliSuhonen would never recover after that and two hands after whiffing on those draws we had our 13th champion of the 2010 WCOOP.

Both players would get their chips into the middle preflop, Kroko-dill holding a double-suited 4 9 A 7 and SilliSuhonen 10 Q A 10. Things looked well for SilliSuhonen on the turn 9 8 8 5 for a double up, but the A hit the river giving Kroko-dill a higher two pair and the title of WCOOP champion earning $63,080.14!

WCOOP 2010 Event #13 $200,000 Guarantee Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low 6-Max 1R1A Results

1. Kroko-dill (Moscow) $63,080.14
2. SiiliSuhonen (Lieksa) $46,514.00
3. DynamiteDraw (berea) $35,780.00
4. Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio (Espoo) $25,046.00
5. gbmantis (milwaukee) $17,890.00
6. chico134 (Perm) $10,734.00

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the WCOOP 2010 right here at the PokerStarsBlog and for video replays. Also, has all the WCOOP stats you will want including the important one detailing the Player of the Year race.

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