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The announcement came out today for PokerStars’ 50th Billionth hand promotion starting up this week. Free cash just for playing? How about $1,500 just for sitting down at your favorite tables and being in the hand (based upon VPPs earned see the promotion page for details), win the hand and turn that $1,500 into $3,000 just like that. Sort of like sitting down at a roulette table and betting on black except if the ball comes up green or red, you still get your money back. The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) adds a twist to this special promotion should you find yourself surrounded by 100,000+ railbirds after getting dealt into the 50,000,000,000th hand. Each player at the table will get a shot at a guaranteed $2 Million for winning the WCOOP Main Event. That’s right, each player at the record breaking table will receive a $5,200 entry into the WCOOP Main Event, and should you win that hand a cool $50,000 will find its way into your bankroll.

Tonight we are sure that the 2,154 players lined up for WCOOP’s Event #16 Pot Limit Omaha 6-max had their eye on a different prize, like that shiny WCOOP bracelet sitting at the final table. For their $215 entry fee there was a rare overlay as the $500,000.00 guarantee was not met and the 276 players would be walking away with a little extra cash courtesy of PokerStars. Only one of those players would be taking home the bracelet and the $78,750.00 sitting on top of it. Who would it be? Let’s find out.

Around hour five saw the money bubble burst Stockholm’s “Laph” unfortunately found a chip stack count of zero as the remaining players were assured $410.00 for making it this far. Several Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online players such as Anders “Donald” Berg, Tae Joon Noh, Tom McEvoy, David Williams, Noah “Exclusive” Boeken, Gualter Salles, João Nunes, Barry Greenstein, Bertrand Grospellier, Lex “RaSZi” Veldhuis, Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Rousso, Marcel Luske, Vicky Coren, Greg Raymer, and Chris Moneymaker were just a few of the Team PokerStars players that failed to weave their way into the cashier’s window tonight.

Thierry “BOKPOWER” Van Den Berg would come close in 331st place but only two Team PokerStars players would taste the cash. George “Jorj95” Lind who has been a cashing machine found himself turning in his tournament chips for real cash after his wrap straight draw in a three-way all-in against a flush draw and a flopped set. Lind sat and watched his opponent turn quads leaving him and flopnutset drawing dead as donk?bla bla scoop up the chips as Lind collected $575.00 in 173rd place.

German Team PokerStars Pro Ben Kang would find himself in the hunt for the title approaching hour number eight but lost a bundle of chips to winemo as the two starting betting at a 3410 flop as the chips went in to create a 71,838 chip pot with Kang holding just top pair KJ610 but winemo had nothing 9QKA. The turn card turned nothing into something for winemo as the A fell and the pair would hold on the 7 river knocking Ben down to 189 chips. No “chip and chair” story tonight for Kang as those scraps would go to Wing-Tsun on the next hand finishing off his night in 72nd place ($1,025.00).

Ben Kang: 72nd Place

Other notables close to the final table included ericjax who won a PokerStars Twitter league /poker/learn/news/2010/twitter-poker-league-fireworks-for-erica-071158.html round besting a field of 1,383 to win $232.78, made a little more tonight finishing in 53rd place collecting $1,200.00 for his near final table run. shuriken555 was looking for a WCOOP bracelet to add to a SCOOP watch earned at Event #37-Medium buy-in this spring (final table wrap here) but finished in 45th place ($1,300.00) tonight.

Down to two tables and plenty of chips spread out amongst our final eight and two more eliminations to the final table with blinds sitting at 12.5K/25K and the average stack at a tidy 1.3 million the excellent WCOOP blind structure allowed for plenty of post-flop play as the aggression level continued to be high even with that WCOOP bracelet just seven players away.

The two short stacks of aaron1aaron (564,235 chips) and Zimmy86 (313,328 chips) would both gamble preflop with the blinds at 12.5K/25K. aaron1aaron flipped up K 9 2 A as Zimmy86 showed a pair of double suited queens Q K Q 8. The flop wasted no time declaring a winner as 534 came out giving aaron1aaron a nut flush and when the board did not pair on the turn 9 Zimmy was 86’d in eighth place ($7,000.00).

A lengthy hand-for-hand battle raged on to the 20K/40K blind level until im2tight called a pot raise from beanie35 in the big blind to see a flop of Q 3 K. After beanie35 followed through with a bet of 240K, im2tight loosened up to push all-in holding 6 5 K 8 good for top pair. beanie35 however was not playing the bully and turned up aces A A 5 J. The Q on the turn negated many outs for im2tight and the J sent our bubble boy out of the tournament in seventh place ($7,000.00) setting up the final table below:

WCOOP Event 16.jpg
Click on image for larger picture

Seat 1: cmlisawesome (1602998 in chips)
Seat 2: de bluffer (2058673 in chips)
Seat 3: Herbert761 (2360514 in chips)
Seat 4: beanie35 (2095413 in chips)
Seat 5: aaron1aaron (1103126 in chips)
Seat 6: JoeJ1337 (1549276 in chips)

Team PokerStars Online member Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc was waiting on Table 241 to greet our six final tablist and congratulate them on their accomplishment

Pot Limit Omaha: not for those with weak stomachs

You know those warnings before riding a roller coaster? Perhaps this video of a hand between aaron1aaron and Herbert761 should come an advisory warning with the rating S for suckouts.

After the two gathered up their chips preflop and created a 2.3 million chip pot aaron1aaron covered and flipped up 9QQA as Herbert761 was sitting nicely for a double with suited aces K A 8 A. Set of queens Q43 for aaron1aaron was that long stretch up to the top of the rails. The 6 on the turn was the few seconds before the plunge as Herbert761 pulled out the nut flush, then the ride down was the 3 on the river pairing the board and shipping the pot to aaron1aaron’s boat knocking out Herbert761 in sixth place ($10,550.00). This was Herbert761’s second big final table this, also taking 4th place at this year’s SCOOP Event #36-Low.

As the players hit hour 13 of the tourney aaron1aaron would double up beanie35 prior to the hourly break as beanie35 took the chip lead with JoeJ1337 hanging in by a toenail with the blinds at 25K/50K:

beanie35 3,983,048
de bluffer 2,987,461
aaron1aaron 2,119,493
cmlisawesome 1,281,998
JoeJ1337 398,000

More bumpy roads lead to beanie35’s chipstack

A short stacked JoeJ1337 started off the betting with a pot bet that was nearly half of his stack from the cutoff as the chip leader beanie35 had him well-covered and complied by re-potting from the big blind. JoeJ1337 made the call for the 788K pot holding 7 10 K 9 as beanie35 turned over fives and sixes 5 5 6 6. JoeJ1337 took a huge step for a double up by flopping a king 3 K 3 but the 4 looked a lot less friendly opening up seven outs. 7 on the river hit beanie35’s straight and it was game over for JoeJ1337 in fifth place ($18,750.00). JoeJ1337 was another player in the final six that was familiar with the big lights, he finished sixth recently in the Sunday Warm-up, check that story here.

KKxx vs. AAxx

With the extra Xs it is not the same to see this cooler in Omaha since there other chances for changing the tide then a two-outer. But, at the final table of the WCOOP and on the short side of chips looking at 4KK2 cmlisawesome decided to press the one million in the stack preflop as de buffer was more than happy to follow suit and raise till the 2.1 million chip pot was formed and turned over A6A2. Mid range cards came down 8 10 7 3 9 and our attendance at the final table also went down as cmlisawesome finished in fourth place ($28,750.00).

KKxx vs. AAxx Scene 2 Act IV

aaron1aaron would raise from the button to 170K, folded to beanie35 pot it to 550K as aaron1aaron came right back with a raise to 1.69 million and beanie35 pushed aaron1aaron all in as beanie35 turned over the aces AQ5A. Kings for aaron1aaron 7KK4 couldn’t find any love on the board that showed a ten-high straight 6 8 10 9 7. Since neither player could attach two cards to the straight the pairs played and aaron1aaron was out in third place ($43,750.00).

2,152 down and one to go

de bluffer (3.48 million) would have some serious mountain climbing to do against beanie35’s stack of 7.2 million as heads-up started up right before hour 14 of the tourney as the blind would soon boost up to 50K/100K.

Break even

As the hourly break hit de bluffer pulled within 700K of beanie35 as the blinds remained at 50K/100K until our two returned from the short five minute break as the chat remained nearly blank with full expectation to play this out without a chop. de buffer would get a small two pair to hold up versus a flush draw and pair for beanie35 as de buffer would briefly take a commanding lead nine million to beanie35’s 1.7 million. Two hands later however beanie35 would take some of those chips back, doubling up to 3.2 million and six hands after that regaining the chip lead after flopping top two and deftly avoiding a wrap straight draw for de bluffer.

One last one for the road

After playing this game for the past seven game, the ups and down of a board in Omaha always find a way to create excitement. The last hand of the WCOOP 2010 Event #16 was no different, watch the results below:

All-in preflop for our final two as beanie35 turned up a connecting 7 8 9 K while de bluffer showed aces A A J 2. The flop 8 K 7 brought the ooooh’s as beanie35 took the lead with top two. Q on the did nothing as de bluffer was ready to get back to business with five million looking to move into beanie35’s stack. Except that A on the river made the aaaaaaaah’s come out and shipped the WCOOP bracelet and $78,750.00 first place prize to de bluffer!

$500,000 guarantee WCOOP 2010 Event #16 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max
1. de bluffer (Brugge) $78,750.00
2. beanie35 (Utica) $58,750.00
3. aaron1aaron (Levin) $43,750.00
4. cmlisawesome (Seattle) $28,750.00
5. JoeJ1337 (Livonia) $18,750.00
6. Herbert761 (Saint John) $10,550.00

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the WCOOP 2010 right here at the PokerStarsBlog and for video replays. Also, has all the WCOOP stats you will want including the important one detailing the Player of the Year race which the Event #13 champion, Kroko-dill is currently in the lead.

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