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There are no absolutes in poker. Just because you begin a final table with the big stack doesn’t not mean you’re going to have a cake-walk to the championship. Conversely, just because you start the final table with a short-stack, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be the first one to bust out.

Not long after Team PokerStars Pro ElkY busted in 11th place (missing the final table by two spots), Alexander ‘joiso’ Kostritsyn began the final table with a big stack worth almost $5 million. He held at least a 10-1 advantage over short-stacked Ti0373. The paltry stack did not deter Ti0373. After all, the Russian has been on fire this series. Prior to this event, Ti0373 had made three WCOOP final tables and won Event #39 five days earlier. Ti0373 dug in deep and went to work. The short-stack assassin doubled up early on to avoid an elimination and get his head above water. The rest they say… is history. When the dust settled, Ti0373 went from last to first and shipped a second WCOOP event this week.

This “cubed” Event #57 $530 NL attracted 846 runners who added 610 re-buys and an addition 562 add-ons. They smashed the $600,000 guaranteed prize pool for Event #57 and bumped it to over $1 million. The top 108 places paid out with $182,629 set aside for the eventual champion.

Several members of PokerStars Team Online flocked to this event like including Shaniac, acoimbra, nanonoko, and ClarkKent89.

PokerStars Team Pros participating in Event #57 included… Daniel Negreanu, Chad Brown, Jonathan Duhamel, David Williams, Liv Boeree, Ana Marquez, George Danzer, Angel Guillen, Jason Mercier, Jude Ainsworth, Eugene Katchalov, Lex Veldhuis, Christian De Leon, Pierre ‘Zoutechamp’ Neuville, and ElkY.

The money bubble popped with 108 to go, and Team Online Shaniac was among the fortunate souls still alive and guaranteed a cash. Team Poker Stars Pros who were still alive at that point were Jason Mercier, Ana Marquez, Christian De Leon, and ElkY.

Jason Mercier busted in 77th place, which paid out $2,623.40. Short-stacked Christian De Leon was knocked out in 62nd place when his QJ lost to 42ayay’s AQ. De Leon’s deep run was over, but he took home $3,027.

With 60 remaining, jnack10 held the lead with 827K. Shaniac and Ana Marquez were both short stacked while ElkY was in the middle of the pack.

Short-stacked Shaniac made a final stand with K3, but it failed to beat Tîmex’s A5. Team Online Shane “Shaniac” Schleger busted in 51st place and earned $3,329.70.


Team Online ‘Shaniac’ wonders what Bob Dylan would do in this spot?

Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez busted on the next hand when she ran A9 into Skipper-dawn’s AJ. Skipper-dawn won the hand with an Ace-high flush and Marquez bowed out in 50th place, which paid $3,329.70.

With 36 to go, LUFCBas held the lead with 1.6 million. ElkY was holding strong in 17th place with 353K. With 27 remaining, LUFCBas chipped up to 1.9 million while Elky improved to 586K. With 18 to go, ElkY was 12th with 720K, while LUFCBas retained the lead with 1.3 million despite losing a nice chunk of his stack. With 15 to go joiso seized the lead with 2.4 million.

Team PokerStars Pro ElkY busted in 11th place and missed the final table by two spots. ElkY opened with a min-raise, D.J.777 shoved for over 1 million and Elky called all-in for 483,234. ElkY got it all-in with A10 against D.J.777’s 77. The board ran out 29J34 and D.J.777 won the pot with a pair of sevens. ElkY was knocked out in 11th place, but earned $10,897.20.

On the final table bubble, joiso held the lead after he amassed a big stack worth over 3.2 million. He add to that stack after winning what the Swedes would call a “monsterpotten.”

D.J.777 and joiso were involved in a pre-flop raising war. D.J.777 four-bet shoved with JJ and joiso called with QQ. Talk about a cooler! The board ran out AK7810 and joiso’s pocket Queens held up and the young Russian dragged a pot worth over 3.2 million. A stunned D.J.777 busted in 10th place and bubbled off the final table.


WCOOP Event #57 – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: joiso (4,958,136)
Seat 2: komisch99 (1,402,093)
Seat 3: Jymaster11 (1,242,385)
Seat 4: jliberta146 (1,300,229)
Seat 5: FU_15 (1,340,944)
Seat 6: LUFCBas (2,084,281)
Seat 7: Skipper-dawn (983,698)
Seat 8: Ti0373 (557,885)
Seat 9: PreshaDrop (1,265,349)

The final table commenced in the middle of Level 34 with blinds at 17,500/35,000 and an ante of 4,375. It was hard not to miss joiso’s massive stack with almost 5 million. Short-stacked Ti0373 advanced to the final table with only 553K. Going into this event, Ti0373 was tied for most final tables in the 2012 WCOOP. He had made three prior and won Event #39 Heads-Up NL. He had just set a new record with four WCOOP final tables and was seeking a second bracelet this week.

Jymaster11 eliminated in 9th place

Jymaster11 ran into an ambush. He got it all-in preflop with JJ against FU_15’s AK, but it was FU_15’s who won the race with an Ace on the flop. Jymaster11 was crippled and left with just 120,816. He’d double thru FU_15 a couple of hands later when pocket trey’s won a coinflip. But his comeback would get thwarted on the very next hand.

Jymaster11 open-shoved with 76 and Ti0373 called with A10. The flop was 954 and Jymaster11 turned an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 4 and the river was 2. Ti0373 faded a straight and won the hand with a pair of fours and an Ace-kicker. He outkicked Jymaster, who became the first player to bust from the final table. For ninth place, Jymaster11 earned $12,915.20.

PreshaDrop eliminated in 8th place

Action remained eight-handed for what seemed like an eternity. But then when everyone was least expecting it… disaster struck.

Ti0373 opened with a min-raise to 100,000, PreshaDrop moved all-in for 795,518, joiso called, and Ti0373 folded. joiso tabled 1010 and was ahead versus PreshaDrop’s A7. The board ran out QJ295, and joiso’s pocket tens held up. PreshaDrop busted out in eighth place, earning $22,298.90.

With seven remaining, Ti0373 had chipped up to almost $3 million, while joiso was still out in front with $3.9 million.

LUFCBas eliminated in 7th place

FU_15 open shoved for 2,063,230, and short-stacked LUFCBas called all-in for 595,692. LUFCBas was flipping coins with 66 against FU_15’s J10. The flop was A105 and FU_15 took the lead with a pair of tens. The turn was the K, and the river was the K. FU_15 won the pot with two pair — Kings and tens. The U.K.’s LUFCBas hit the road in seventh place, which paid out $31.783.50.

With six to go, joiso was the chipleader with 3.6 million, while jliberta146 was the “short-stack” with 1.9 million.

Skipper-dawn eliminated in 6th place

Twenty minutes later, we had another elimination. FU_15 opened with a raise to 172,000, Skipper-dawn re-raised all-in for 1,745,328, and FU_15 called. FU_15 looked good with JJ versus Skipper-dawn’s A3. The board ran out 104473. FU_15’s Jacks held up and he dragged the pot. Meanwhile, Skipper-dawn bowed out in sixth place, which paid out $41,873.50.

With five remaining, FU_15 jumped into first place with over 5.3 million, while joiso slipped to 1.7 million.

joiso eliminated in 5th place

Two Russians entered the Thunderdome and only one survived. Ti0373 opened to 1,680,000 and shorty joiso called all-in for 1,217,466. It looked good for joiso, who led with 55 versus Ti0373’s J7. The flop was 744 and Ti0373 took the lead with two pair — sevens and fours. The turn was the 10, and the river was the 9. Ti0373 won the pot with two pair and joiso was knocked out in fifth place. The young Russia started the final table as the chip leader, but he couldn’t hold onto the big stack. Alas, Alexander ‘joiso’ Kostritsyn collected earned $51,963.50 for a fifth-place performance.

With four remaining, Ti0373 chipped up to 6.4 million and seized control of the lead. He started the final table as the short stack and rocketed to the top.

jliberta146 eliminated in 4th place

It didn’t stay four handed for very long before short-stacked jliberta146 open-shoved 1,357,143 and komisch99 called. Canada’s jliberta146 flipped over 44 and was ahead of komisch99’s A7. The flop was Q64 and jliberta146 flopped a set of fours. The turn was the 8 and komisch99 picked up a gutshot straight draw. The 5 fell on the river and filled in komisch99’s eight-high straight. Alas, komisch99 won the pot and jliberta146 was dunzo. Jliberta146 earned $73,657 for a fourth-place finish.


With three remaining, Ti0373 was out in front with 7 million, while FU_15 was sitting on a 4.6 million stack, and komisch99 brought up the rear with 3.4 million. After several minutes of tense negotiations, the last players standing agreed to chop up the money three-ways. Action resumed.

FU_15 eliminated in 3th place

It didn’t take very long after a deal was reached before we saw fireworks.

Ti0373 opened to 210,000, komisch99 re-raised to 450,000, FU_15 four-bet shoved for 5,194,563, Ti0373 snap-called, and komisch99 folded. Heads-up. Ti0373 led with AK against FU_15’s A10. The flop was K95 and Ti0373 solidified his lead with a pair of Kings. The turn was the 5 and FU_15 picked-up a nut-flush redraw. The river was the 10. Ti0373 faded a club draw and won the hand with two pair — Kings and fives. FU_15 whiffed on his flush draw and busted in third place, which paid out $132,434.82.

HEADS-UP: Ti0373 (Russia) vs. komisch99 (Germany)

Seat 2: komisch99 (3,093,343 in chips)
Seat 8: Ti0373 (12,041,657 in chips)

With two remaining, Russia’s Ti0373 held a 4-1 advantage over komisch99.

komisch99 eliminated in 2nd place

Sometimes heads-up matches can last hours as the two players pummel each other in a marathon match. This was not one of those occasions. This battle lasted only fifteen hands.

It was only one-move for komisch99 — all-in. Alas, komisch99 shoved for 2,493,343, and Ti0373 called. Ti0373 tabled 99 and was way ahead of komisch99’s 108. The flop was K98 and Ti0373 flopped a set. The turn was the A, and the river was 7. Ti0373 won the pot with a set and shipped the tournament.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Germany’s komisch99 earned $123,924.28. However, Ti0373 pulled off the most impressive feat — going from last to first at the final table. Ti0373 won a second WCOOP bracelet this week and padded his bankroll with a score of $155,817.40.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

WCOOP Event #57 – Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 846
Prize Pool: $1,009,000
Re-buys: 610
Add-ons: 562
Payouts: 108

1. Ti0373 (Russia) – $155,817.40 **
2. komisch99 (Germany) – $123,924.28 **
3. Nick ‘FU_15’ Maimone (Honduras) – $132,434.82 **
4. jliberta146 (Canada) – $73,657
5. Alexander ‘joiso’ Kostritsyn (Russia) – $51,963.50
6. Skipper-dawn (Denmark) – $41,873.50.
7. LUFCBas (United Kingdom) – $31,783.50
8. PreshaDrop (Germany) – $22,298.90
9. Jymaster11 (Canada) – $12,915.20

** denotes a deal was stuck among the final three players

Want to see how your friends did in the 2012 WCOOP? Then visit the WCOOP Leader Board. Also, for daily highlights tune in to WCOOP Radio every day at 15:00 ET.

Pauly McGuire is a freelance writer from California.

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