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So, there is something about David “CrabMaki” Shallow in early September. Three years ago, I wrote this piece on him after he won his first WCOOP bracelet and more than $600,000.

Then, on this very day last year, Shallow was leading the 2012 WCOOP-29: $1,050 No-limit Hold’em event headed into the second day. He was denied his second WCOOP bracelet last year, but…well, yesterday worked out better.

How so?

Well, Shallow won his second bracelet in Event #10, $215 PLO (Knockout). Back in 2010 he told me, “Poker is an unsolved game, so be creative.”

Looks like he’s still working that creativity to pay the bills.


David Shallow

Shallow’s finish was not the only big win yesterday.

Click on either of the two headlines below to see the wrap-ups from Wednesday’s finishes.

OMGjonyctt survives intense deal to take it all in Event #9 ($1,050 NLHE)

Entrants: 1,821
Prize pool: $1,821,000
Places paid: 216

1st place: Jonathan “OMGjonyctt” Concepci√≥n (United Kingdom) – $216,000.00*
2nd place: Mattssons (Sweden) – $145,000.00*
3rd place: Fellini33 (Portugal) – $149,000.00*
4th place: KeyserMM (Germany) – $212,149.55*
5th place: lizet555 (Israel) – $167,500.00*
6th place: FabOne1986 (Germany) – $68,287.50
7th place: bagoch (Lithuania) – $50,077.50
8th place: Aleks “Berkky” Brkovic (Australia) – $31,867.50
9th place: elmelogno4 (Uruguay) – $18,210.00
* denotes five-handed deal

Second WCOOP bracelet for CrabMaki in Event #10, $215 PLO (Knockout)

1,490 entrants
$302,470 total prize pool ($241,007.50 regular, $61,462.50 bounty)
198 places paid

1st place: David “CrabMaki” Shallow (United Kingdom) $40,369.72
2nd place: robyblunt (Canada) $29,523.41
3rd place: PINGUWARRIOR (Sweden) $22,293.19
4th place: kysah (Australia) $16,388.51
5th place: robinho (Sweden) $11,809.36
6th place: Leif “drawgle17” Force (Mexico) $9,399.29
7th place: 11Barney (Croatia) $6,989.21
8th place: B1g_Shark (Finland) $4,579.14
9th place: P-Tius (Germany) $2,482.37

WCOOP action continues for the next two and half weeks. Visit the WCOOP page to plan your chance to be a champion.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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