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In it’s richest and most competitive limit hold’em event, the 2013 WCOOP produced yet another deadly final table. Last year’s champ, SlickDickey was back for another title run, as was PikkuHUMPPA, who finished sixth in this event in 2011. ADrENalin710 was going for a double-COOP, having won a SCOOP watch this spring. Then there was Anthony “TPirahna” Pirone, not only a top earner in 6-Max LHE cash games, but a VIP Club Hall of Famer. Last month, Pirone passed the 5 million VPP milestone, one of only 22 players in history to do so. However, it was another top cash game player who came away with the win. Canada’s cosi is right at home grinding high-stakes short-handed LHE on PokerStars and his experience paid off tonight with a WCOOP title and over $49k.

214 players came out to min-bet and min-raise their way to a WCOOP bracelet. The $214,000 prize pool more than doubled the $100,000 guarantee and 30 players earned a share of it, with first place set to earn $49,220.00. Team Pros Eugene Katchalov and George Danzer and Team Online’s Richard “Tzen1” Veenman and Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen represented the Red Spades, but unfortunately none of them finished in the money.

Nearly six hours after cards went in the air, the money bubble burst when Abuladze took his AJ up against Kanlunk’s K5. Kanlund flopped trip fives and Abuladze succumbed in 31st place. Between the money bubble and the final table, a slew of notable players hit the rail with cash in their pockets including two-time WCOOP bracelet winner Ti0373 (28th), Joep “Pappe_Ruk” Van den Bijgaart (27th), Thor “osten” Hansen (15th), Isaac “westmenloAA” Baron (13th), Shawn “buck21” Buchanan (11th), and Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn (10th).

At the end of hour eight seven players remained, KongenavU the short stack with 59,463. With the betting limits up to 6,000/12,000, KogenavU made a button raise and gusmaa three-bet from the small blind. KongenavU capped, and they saw a 865 flop. Gusmaa check-called 6,000, then led out for 12,000 on the 9 turn and the 2 river. KongenavU called gusmaa down, but couldn’t compete with his set of eights. KongenavU fell to only 5,463 in chips and although he rebounded to 16,000 on the next hand when he picked up JJ against aDrENalin710’s 99, he couldn’t make it two in a row. KongenavU bet the last of his chips preflop with 410 and SlickDickey called with J7. Neither player improved on the A9552 board and SlickDickey’s jack kicker played, eliminating KongenavU on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: SlickDickey (207,345 in chips)
Seat 2: gusmaa (501,781 in chips)
Seat 3: cosi (215,016 in chips)
Seat 4: aDrENalin710 (271,280 in chips)
Seat 5: TPirahna (200,683 in chips)
Seat 6: PikkuHUMPPA (208,895 in chips)

TPirahna sinks in sixth

TPirahna hit the ground running at the final table, but unfortunately lost over half his stack in the first dozen hands. Down to 83,683, he three-bet cosi’s cutoff raise from the small blind and they saw a K87 flop. TPirahna led out for 6,000 and cosi called. The turn came the A and TPirahna check-called a bet, repeating the process on the 6 river. Cosi turned up AQ and TPirahna mucked, his stack down to only 36,000.

A few hands later, TPirahna raised from the small blind and PikkuHUMPA called from the big. PikkuHUMPPA raised TPirahna’s c-bet on the 1073 flop, leading TPirahna to check the 6 turn. PikkuHUMPPA bet and TPirahna raised all-in, revealing 69 for a pair of sixes. PikkuHUMPPA tabled 45 for a seven-high straight. TPirahna rivered trips with the 6 but it was no matter. His run was over in sixth place, good for $8,774.00.

No repeat for SlickDickey

SlickDickey suffered a long, slow decline after running into aDrENalin710’s pocket aces.

That hand left SlickDickey with 126,000 and he continued to lose ground over the next few orbits. SlickDickey clashed again with aDrENalin710, whose river check-raise forced him to fold on a A427A board. Left with 24,345, SlickDickey three-bet preflop with A2, then called PikkuHUMPPA’s cap. Slick Dickey tossed in his last 345 on the QQ7 flop only to have PikkuHUMPPA reveal A7 for two pair. The running cards SlickDickey needed to win never came and his run at a repeat WCOOP win came to an end in fifth place.

aDrENalin710’s rush fades

As play turned four-handed, gusmaa held the chip lead with 589,000, aDrENalin710 was in second position with 436,000, PikkuHUMPPA had 292,000, and cosi was the short stack with 287,000. After losing a 184,000 pot when he paid off PikkuHUMPPA’s KK to the river, aDrENalin710 went from 323,000 to 113,000 in only three hands. Cosi left aDrENalin710 on only 58,000 when his A7 flopped middle pair and turned trip sevens, but a few hands later, aDrENalin710 looked down at QQ and capped the betting preflop. The rest of his chips went in on the K72 flop vs. gusmaa, who flopped top pair with KJ. ADrENalin710 couldn’t find another queen and hit the rail in fourth place, earning $17,120.00.

PikkuHUMPAA takes third

Gusmaa was far out in front at this point, 883,000 in his stack while PikkuHUMPPA held 483,000 and cosi trailed with 239,000. Then, with the betting limits up to 10,000/20,000, cosi flopped top pair against PikkuHUMPPA and kept on improving:

PikkuHUMPPA dropped to 129,000 after paying off gusmaa’s pocket kings on every street, then three-bet cosi’s button raise while holding 44. Cosi called the extra 12,000 and they say a KJ8 flop. PikkuHUMPPA led out and cosi called. The turn came the 3 and PikkuHUMPPA fired again. Cosi raised and PikkuHUMPPA called all-in. Cosi’s J10 left PikkuHUMPPA in dire shape, the river falling the K to eliminate him in third place ($25,680.00).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: gusmaa (611,061 in chips)
Seat 3: cosi (993,939 in chips)

Cosi won the first three hands heads-up, increasing his stack to 1.2 million. However, gusmaa came back just as quickly, winning the next six to even their stacks. The two entertained the idea of a deal, but gusmaa was set on an even chop, even though cosi had a slight chip advantage at the time. Cosi wasn’t having any part of that, and play soldiered on for another 90 minutes.

Cosi and gusmaa kept trading the same 300,000 in chips for the next two levels, their stacks vacillating between 600,000 and 900,000 apiece. Late in the 16,000/32,000 level cosi broke out and reached a high-water mark of 1.38 million in chips, but gusmaa swiftly closed the gap.

With the limits up to 25,000/50,000 cosi’s end of this seesaw was on the high side, with 923,000 to gusmaa’s 682,000. Holding the lowly 47, cosi flopped bottom two pair and got maximum value to pull out to 1.22 million. Cosi chipped up to 1.41 million, only to double up gusmaa when he turned a straight:

Soon enough, gusmaa won four pots in a row to take a slight chip lead with 839,000 to cosi’s 765,000. Gusmaa chipped up to 1.2 million before cosi regained control and pushed gusmaa off a A57610 board with a river raise. Cosi rebounded to 1.1 million and won eight of the next 11 hands to put gusmaa back on the ropes.

At last, cosi closed out this battle royale when his small pair held up against gusmaa’s A9:

Congratulations to cosi on capturing his first WCOOP title! Cosi banked $49,220 for the win, while runner-up gusmaa earned $34,240.00.

PokerStars 2013 WCOOP Event #60 ($1,050 FL Hold’em [6-Max]) results

Players: 214
Prizepool: $214,000.00
Places paid: 30

1. cosi (Canada) $49,220.00
2. gusmaa (Brazil) $34,240.00
3. PikkuHUMPPA (Finland) $25,680.00
4. aDrENalin710 (Russia) $17,120.00
5. SlickDickey (Mexico) $12,840.00
6. TPirahna (Mexico) $8,774.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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