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A half hour into a gripping heads-up bout between Tankanza and Pimmss, the big stack coughed up the lead. Tankanza won a decisive pot with a flush-over-flush situation and became the new chipleader. The tides had turned. With Pimmss on the ropes, the gluttonous and insatiable Tanakanza gobbled up the remainder of Pimmss’ stack. Pimmss headed to the virtual rail in second place, while Tankaza rolled right into the winner’s circle.


2017 WCOOP Event #57-H $2,100 NL, which also doubled as the Super Tuesday Special Edition, attracted 726 runners. They contributed to a prize pool in excess of $1.4 million. Only the top 80 places paid out, with at least a quarter mil set aside to the champion. That’s one juicy payout for a mere $2,100 investment. Behold, the special superpowers of the Super Tuesday Special Edition!

Day 1 ended with 64 survivors. Finland’s Sanderssi led the pack with 1.57M, with hurrrrican3 bearing down with 1.52M. On Day 2, with three tables remaining, the legendary buck21 (Triple COOP winner and 6-time SCOOP champ) was still alive but toward the back of the pack. Alas, buck21’s deep run ended when the gregarious Canadian pro and COOP-Jedi busted in 21st place.

With 2 tables to go, chipleader Sanderssi passed 5M. With 16 remaining, Pimmss seized the lead. With action hand-for-hand on the final table bubble, deficient-stacked Gandalf MR attempted some wizardry with KJ, but unfortunately were ambushed by anteen’s KK. The pocket cowboys held up and Gandalf MR bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


WCOOP Event #57-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: GotURead (2,702,825)
Seat 2: Tankanza (5,149,644)
Seat 3: malinga (2,848,043)
Seat 4: hurrrrican3 (2,762,726)
Seat 5: Sanderssi (6,493,485)
Seat 6: molda79 (3,258,824)
Seat 7: Picasso 2 (1,724,465)
Seat 8: Pimmss (8,730,527)
Seat 9: anteen (2,629,461)

The final table commenced during Level 34 with blinds at 35K/70K and a 8,750 ante. Pimmss led with 8.7M, while Picasso 2 painted a struggling picture with the short stack.

A couple of random tidbits about the final table… Canada’s molda79 final tabled the Sunday Million just the other day…. Picasso 2 final tabled the Sunday Million back in 2014… Pimmss final tabled the Million too back in ’14… GotURead and hurrrrican3 were at the same 2017 SCOOP final table. Ivan Gabrieli a.k.a. hurrrrican3 final tabled at least three events at the 2016 SCOOP including the $21K NL High Roller, where he finished in third for a $381K score

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FOOLISH HEART: anteen eliminated in 9th place

Clash of the Ace-Somethings. Short-stacked anteen rode A9 into the virtual battlefield against GotURead’s formidable AQ. anteen picked up a gutshot draw on the flop of 875. Hopes! Outs! Dreams! The turn was the 7 and the river was the A. anteen whiffed. Both players paired their Ace. So with a pair of sevens on the board, they both held Aces up. However, GotURead won with a stronger kicker and the Q. Sweden’s anteen got outkicked… and went busto. For a ninth-place finish, anteen picked up $22,393.32.

PICASSO MOON: Picasso 2 eliminated in 8th place

Big slick versus Queens. The lovely ladies prevailed and won the race. Short-stacked Picasso 2 bombed it all-in for 3,333,487 with AK against Tankanza’s QQ. The board ran out 94283. Big slick never improved and Picasso 2 got painted out of the picture in eighth place, which paid out $30,299.75.

BUILT TO LAST: Sanderssi eliminated in 7th place

Ambushed by Aces. Tankanza min-raised, Sanderssi shoved for 1,808,788 with 44, and Tankanza insta-snap-called with AA. The board finished up QJ7JK. Sanderssi was unable to flop a set, or turn one, or even river one. Nadda. Pocket fours lost to Tankanza’s Aces. Sanderssi was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $40,997.65.

With six remaining, Tankanza led with 11.4M, but Pimmss was lurking behind with 10.7M.

JUST A LITTLE LIGHT: hurrrrican3 eliminated in 6th place

Sometimes Jacks get the smackdown from Ace-Jack. Tankanza min-raised, hurrrrican3 bombed it all-in for 1,923,056 with JJ and Tankanza called with AJ. The board ran out Q22A6. Tankanza won the pot with Aces up. hurrrrican3’s Jacks were snapped off and his inferior two pair were no good. He was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $55,472.64.

With five left in the hunt, Tankanza opened up a large lead with 17.5M, or more than half the chips in play. Meanwhile, UGotRead and molda79 were the shorties with under 3M.


With five to go, action got paused to discuss a deal. Tankanza led with 17.4M, followed by Pimmss 5.7M. The rest of the hang held approximately 4.2M. Any deal had to leave $29,040 on the table to the champion. Both ICM and chip chip numbers were floated and a lengthy discussion lasting almost half level ensued. Tankanza asked for more than ICM and no one else wanted to give in. Without a deal in place, action resumed.

VICTIM OR THE CRIME: molda79 eliminated in 5th place

Another shortie bit the dust. molda79 made a final stand and shoved for 3,049,498 with K9 and Pimmss called with 77. The board ran out 1064210. Pimmss’ pocket sevens held up and won the pot with two pair. molda79 busted in fifth place, which paid out $75,058.38.

BLOW AWAY: GotURead eliminated in 4th place

Pimmss opened to 360,000, GotURead moved all-in for 3,012,052 with Q10, and Pimmss called with A8. The board ran out KK952. Both players turned a flush. Pimmss won the pot with an Ace-high flush. GotURead was out-flushed. GotURead busted in fourth place, which paid out $101,559.26.

Down to three. Pimmss led with 18.9M, followed by Tankanza’s 12.2M, and malinga’s 5.1M.

WE CAN RUN: malinga eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed last three hands. Short-handed malinga was down to 4.5M. All the money went all-in on the turn. malinga flopped a pair of eights with 86, but trailed Pimmss’ pair of Jacks and KJ. The board finished up J8523. Pimmss won the pot. Norway’s malinga was knocked out in third place, which paid out $13,7416.84.

HEADS-UP: Tankanza (Austria) vs. Pimmss (Netherlands)
Seat 2: Tankanza (13,290,754)
Seat 8: Pimmss (23,009,246)

With two to go, Pimmss led with 23M to 13.2M.

DEAL 2.0? YES!

The final two decided to chop up the money. Any deal had to leave $29,040 on the table to the champion. Pimmss would get $206,776.72 and Tankanza would get $201,700.32. With a deal in place, action resumed.

STANDING ON THE MOON: Pimmss eliminated in 2nd place; Tankanza wins Event #57-H!

Thirty minutes into heads up, the lead swapped when Tankanza won a 26M pot. Flush over flush. Pimmss rivered a flush with 97 but lost to Tankanza’s Q10 and a Queen-high flush. At that point, Tankanza never looked back… however, it wasn’t exactly a quick finish. Tankanza slowly and methodically chipped away at Pimmss’ remaining stack.

Going into the final hand, Pimmss trailed 29.7M to 6.6M. All the money went in on the turn. The board read 10654. Tankanza check-raised all-in for 29,084,078 and Pimmss called all-in for 5,022,922.

Tankanza: 32
Pimmss: 64

Pimmss turned two pair, but Tankanza turned a straight and picked up a flush draw. The river was the J and Tankanza improved to a flush. Tankanza won the pot…and the tournament. Pimmss from the Netherlands earned $206,776.72 for a runner-up finish.

Congrats to Tankanza for winning Event #57-H. First place paid out $230,740.32.


WCOOP-57-H: $2,100 NLHE [Super Tuesday SE]
Entries: 726
Prize pool: $1,452,000
Places paid: 80

1. Tankanza (Austria) $230,740.32*
2. Pimmss (Netherlands) $206,776.72*
3. malinga (Norway) $137,416.84
4. GotURead (Netherlands) $101,559.26
5. molda79 (Canada) $75,058.38
6. hurrrrican3 (Malta) $55,472.64
7. Sanderssi (Finland) $40,997.65
8. Picasso 2 (U.K.) $30,299.75
9. anteen (Sweden) $22,393.32

* Denotes a deal between the final two

Visit the 2017 WCOOP homepage for a schedule of remaining events, plus check out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

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