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We’re into the final stretch in the 2020 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), but there’s still time for a couple more double champions and a full-to-bursting Main Event. Read all about it…


• Nevanlinna claims career fifth; two double champs today
• RaúlGonzalez denies Chidwick in 8-Game
• Main Events play into the money
• Total series prize pools close to $100 million!


Jussi Nevanlinna: Five star

Nevanlinna claims career fifth: When Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna won WCOOP Player of the Series in 2019, he did it right at the death. He had been accumulating points throughout the series, of course, but nipped into top spot in the final week, overhauling Filipe “Zagazaur” Oliveira. Nevanlinna won’t win the overall leader board again this time, but he is again coming to the fore during the late stages of WCOOP and last night won his second title of this series, the fifth of his career. This latest victory was in the $1,050 8-Game over a field of 135 players. Nevanlinna banked $31,642.70, seeing off the challenge of other WCOOP greats such as Michael “merla888” Gathy, who finished third, “nilsef” (fourth) and Benny “RunGodlike” Glaser, who came seventh despite holding the chip lead going into the final. Nevanlinna now moves into top spot in the “medium” buy-in leader board.

Chidwick denied by RaúlGonzalez: The poker player “RaúlGonzalez” is not thought to be the online screen-name of the Spanish soccer star, who also went by Raúl Gonzalez during a glittering sports career. This RaúlGonzalez represents Germany, and is best known as a high-stakes Omaha crusher, taking on and beating some of the very toughest challengers at the cash-game tables. RaúlGonzalez last night demonstrated exactly why he or she is so feared: outlasting the stacked $10,300 8-Game High Roller field to claim a maiden WCOOP title in the hardest event. RaúlGonzalez beat Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick heads up, earning $235,530.76 alongside the title, as the pair had seen off a final that also included Andrew “ClockWyze” Pantling, Mike “goleafsgoeh” Leah and Joao “Naza114” Vieira. RaúlGonzalez adds this title to a victory in SCOOP from 2016.


Ragazzo becomes 17th double champ: Last weekend, Ricardo “RRagazzo” Ragazzo was part of the Brazilian clean sweep of the Sunday Cooldowns, winning the $530 buy-in version of the PKO Turbo for a first WCOOP title. One week later, Ragazzo came back for more. He is now a double WCOOP winner, winning WCOOP-70-H: $530 NLHE for $80,082.59. After seeing off a field of 972-entries, Ragazzo denied Hungary’s “twirlpro” a first success, winning the heads-up battle between the pair. Ragazzo’s name brings the list of double champions during this WCOOP to a remarkable 17. See full list below.

“utreg” Warms Up with debut win: The PokerStars Live Twitch coverage focused its attention on the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up final table last night, watching the Netherlands’ “utreg” claim a first WCOOP title. That was worth a combined $165,433.38, including $84,076.10 in bounty payments. “utreg” has previously won a SCOOP tournament, picking up a near $200K score in 2018 for victory in a $2K event. The Dutch player leaves his or her best performances for the biggest tournaments.

$1.5m up top in Main Event: Registration closed on the Main Events yesterday, with the $5,200 High buy-in version welcoming 1,977 players, including 541 re-entries. Its guaranteed $10 million prize pool means a first prize of a whisker under $1.5 million. The medium level, which is being played for the first time this year, obliterated its guarantee as it accumulated 7,105 entries. That put $3.55 million in the prize pool, and $505K up top. Meanwhile the winner of the $55 buy-in event is looking at a first prize of $186,841 — the lion’s share of a $1.933 million prize pool, after that event attracted 38,660 entries.

Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich leads PLO Medium

PLO Main Events prepare for finals: The PLO Main Events are played over three days, which means today they will crown a champion. The $10K buy-in version is, as you’d imagine, heaving with top pros as Ola “Odd_Oddsen” Amundsgård leads the way, looking for a second career title. Hot on his heels is Andras “probirs” Nemeth, who started this series without a WCOOP victory to his name, but now has two and is seeking a third. The Medium buy-in event also has an exceptional top two: Ludovic “ludovi333” Geilich heads Kahle “ROFLshove” Burns, with 18 left. The winner of the high buy-in is in line for more than $283K, while the medium pays its winner $134K.


Just in case anyone has lost count, here’s the full list of 17 double champions from WCOOP 2020 so far:

Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos, Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna, Dante “dantegoyaF” Goya, “deivid29”, Noah “Exclusive” Boeken, Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, Markku “markovitsus” Koplimaa, Murilo “Muka82” Figuiredo, Viktor “papan9_p$” Ustimov, Andras “probirs” Nemeth, Rafael “pycadasgalax” Furlanetto, Ricardo “RRagazzo” Ragazzo, Tobias “Senkel92” Leknes, “The_Truht”, Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins, “Wall131TCI-I”, Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin. Of those, Leknes and Martins have three titles apiece.


69-L: $109 8-Game 841 $84,100 giuliano5156 Germany $13,993.03
69-M: $1,050 8-Game 135 $150,000 calvin7v Finland $31,642.70
69-H: $10,300 8-Game High Roller 67 $670,000 RaúlGonzalez Germany $235,530.76
70-L: $5.50 NLHE Mini Sunday Kickoff SE 8,659 $42,429 Aand river.. Latvia $5,959.35
70-M: $55 NLHE Sunday Kickoff SE 4,417 $220,850 bcostin993 Romania $29,943.35
70-H: $530 NLHE 972 $486,000 Rragazzo Brazil $80,082.59
71-L: $11 NLHE 8-Max, PKO 16,542 $162,112 stipinas666 Lithuania $11,217.67
71-M: $109 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, Sunday Warm-Up SE 6,828 $682,800 powerpokerBR Brazil $63,731.36
71-H: $1,050 NLHE 8-Max, PKO, Sunday Warm-Up SE 1,185 $1,185,000 utreg Netherlands $165,433.38
Daily totals 39,646 $3,683,291 $637,534

†inc. bounties
*denotes deal


A special note about today’s Stat Tracker: the number of entries and prize pools now include the 12 events that are still ongoing. Registration is closed, so we know for certain how many players are involved. It means that what you see below is the total for all events across WCOOP — and what glorious reading it makes.

Including all the players who entered WCOOP-01, the Phased tournament, at the first phase, we have seen more than 1.1 million entries in WCOOP. The total series prize pools is very close to $10 million.

Events completed: 213
Total series entries: 1,119,186
Total series prize pools: $99,780,230
Players ITM: 158,851
First prizes so far*: $11,431,535.75
Tournaments ongoing: 12

(*Does not include ongoing events)


The PokerStars Twitch channel watched some of the bubble play in the $5,200 Main Event, including this remarkable bubble-up by “NameAceRank1” who had the mighty seven-deuce, facing elimination on the bubble of a $10m guaranteed tournament. And guess what…

Fintan “easywithaces” Hand was knocked out of the $5K Main Event in 476th position, but the poker gods at least laid on some drama as he hit the rail.


Fabiano Kovalski

We’ve been talking with a few WCOOP winners to hear about their tourney triumphs (and perhaps to pick up a few tips for ourselves). Check out our latest interviews from this year’s winners so far:

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