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There were just five players left near the end of Day 2 of Event #15-M of the 2020 World Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars, a $55+R no-limit hold’em eight-handed tournament.

Brazilian player Matheus “MathCamillo1” Camillo had enjoyed a great couple of days of poker to that point. He had built a big stack on Day 1, made it to the final table bubble on Day 2 where he won a big all-in, and was fifth in chips to start the FT.

A little while after that there were just five left out of 5,450 total entries (including re-entries). And coincidentally, Camillo was down to just five big blinds.

“I was just folding and hoping to find a favorable situation,” explains Camillo. “But the favorable situation never came.”

“That’s when I put on my lucky song… Snoop Dogg‘s ‘Riders on the Storm.'”

Camillo has been playing poker for 12 years and professionally for the last four. He’s part of a poker collective called Tr3ze Team that studies the game together while providing mutual support.

Camillo had enjoyed some success before, but he had never won a WCOOP. Now he was low on chips, and a victory didn’t necessarily seem to be on the horizon.

Snoop Dogg continued rapping between the Doors‘ iconic verses.

Camillo continued searching for a hand with which to push his short stack all in.

“Then the magic happened,” says Camillo.

He built back up his stack. He knocked out a player in fifth. Soon he was second in chips and with a real shot to win.

He no longer felt like a dog without a bone. Then another big hand arrived.

“I opened with king-queen offsuit and was called by the big blind,” he explains. The flop came Q-T-6 all clubs, and I had the K‚ô£ . I c-bet and he called.”

“The turn was a 2 and my opponent moved all in. I was in doubt, but I called and saw he had ace-eight with the A‚ô£ . But the river blanked and I won a very important pot.”


At three-handed came a deal. After that Camillo won another big all-in, crippling “polonais123” in a hand where they got the chips in on a king-high flop with Camillo holding top pair and his opponent a flush draw that never arrived.

Soon polonais123 fell in third, then eventually Camillo outlasted “Karabin9” to win the title and a cool $38,834.16.

Camillo thanks his girlfriend, Isis, and his friends and partners who he says “have made a big difference in my evolution” as a player. He also wants to thank Alisson and Alessandro Piekazewicz for their help with theory and the mental game.

Matheus “MathCamillo1” Camillo

“It’s a dream come true!” says Camillo. “This result was the biggest of my career and the most special one, too. After all everyone dreams of winning a WCOOP!”

Congrats to Matheus “MathCamillo1” Camillo as he continues to ride that poker highway.

And be sure to keep that Snoop Dogg track handy!



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