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Ruan “jokkers_br” Bispo had been looking forward to Event #39-L of the 2020 World Championship of Online Poker.

The $55 buy-in Special Edition of the Thursday Thrill was a “PKO” event — that’s progressive knockout — and Bispo has always favored bounty events.

“This is a very cool tournament,” he says. “It has a very good structure and it is the format I like to play the most — in the KO mode.”

The good vibes continued through Day 1 for Bispo.

“By the middle of the first day I managed to have a very good stack, winning some important all-ins. I managed to enter Day 2 with a lot of chips — more than 120 big blinds. I was second in the counts, which made things very comfortable to start the final day.”

Bispo continued collecting both chips and bounties, eventually being one of the nine players from the massive 13,827-entry field to make the final table and continue battling for the title and largest share of the event’s $691,350 prize pool.

“At the final table, there were several important situations,” says Bispo.

“I started it with a lot of chips and with that I tried to put a lot of pressure on the other players. But at five-handed I ended up losing some chips in a blind-versus-blind war.”

That setback threatened to unsettle Bispo. But he remained cool. “I had to keep my calm and keep playing my game,” he says. “That’s what got me there.”

Another blind-versus-blind war followed at four-handed, but this time Bispo had pocket aces. And his opponent had pocket kings!

“I manged to double up to a comfortable stack, and got back in the game.”

Soon enough he’d outlasted three more foes, and Bispo had himself a WCOOP title — yet another for Brazil who at last count was up to 26 WCOOP titles, just one behind leader UK.


The win gave Bispo the $36,666.73 first prize, plus another $17,936.49 in bounties to add up to a better than $54K score.

And that was all on a single entry for Bispo! Not bad at all for an $55 investment!

“This result is the biggest I have ever had playing poker — a big hit dream that came true!”

Bispo has been playing poker for a little over three years, he says. He works as an application developer and a marketing consultant, and in fact it was a friend from work that first got him into the game.

He also enjoys life in Rio de Janeiro — barbecuing with friends, watching football, and going to the beach.

But expect to see “jokkers_br” at the virtual tables more going forward, too.

“With this result I intend to invest more in poker to learn more and get more results,” says Bispo.

Congrats to Ruan “jokkers_br” Bispo!



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