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Call it what you will. Call it “running well.” Call it “lucky.” I call it pretty neat. When we reached the final table of WCOOP Event #9, there were names that I’d already written about here during the WCOOP coverage. Ziggy47 had placed sixth in Event #1 for $53,585. Lenny had placed ninth in Event #6 for $4,879. And there they were again, back at another WCOOP final table.

The event this time was Seven-Card Stud, a different kind of event to be sure. It is the only stud event in all of the World Championship of Online Poker and it just happened to be ziggy47’s first-ever seven-card stud tournament.

Here’s how the final table looked going into the final eight players.

Seat 1: Kenjh (Mystic, CT) $311,648
Seat 2: Lenny (Long Beach, CA) $78,880
Seat 3: SUPERTYR (Copenhagen, Denmark) $312,251
Seat 4: Umass43 Hold (Gilbert, AZ) $93,003
Seat 5: MickBt23 (Bowling Green, KY) $238,435
Seat 6: smukke (Copenhagen, Denmark) $61,792
Seat 7: ziggy47 (Lewis Center, OH) $222,152
Seat 8: schwah (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) $236,839

Lenny was in need of finding a hand early. He’d been fairly careful leading up to the final table and he was looking for a hand to make a move. With only 9s4c4h showing, Lenny got all his chips in by fifth street. We then saw that Lenny, with a pair of eights concealed, had made two pair. Schwah had started with a pair of kings in the hole. Although Schwah went on to make two pair with kings and sevens, Lenny drew back-to-back aces for his final two cards to make a better two pair. Schwah, an American living in the Ukraine, let out an exasperated “errrrrhkjhg” that I have not found in either country’s dictionaries. I believe it can be loosely translated to mean, “Nice hand, sir.”

Lenny did not hold on to his chips for long. On a subsequent hand, though we didn’t see his cards, chances are he was behind from fouth street when Kenjh made two pair, aces and threes.

With several shortstacks in need of chips, it was fairly common that several players were all in by fourth street. They’d pick a hand and go with it. Umass43 Hold picked JhAcAs9d and the cards served him well when he made a full house to beat trip queens. Similarly, smukke was all-in from the deal with Kd6hQc and made a straight to crack schwah’s two-pair.

It couldn’t last forever, however, and finally a shortstack gave up the ghost. Lenny, all in on fourth street with TdTc9d6c would not further improve and eventually Kenjh would river a set of fours to send Lenny out in eighth place and $4,665.

Schwah’s stack needed some help. It came in the form of being deal four hearts in his first four cards. All his chips were in the midddle and he implored the deck to bring a heart. In dramatic fashion, the card waited until the river to fall and save schwah from seventh place.

Smukke could not be saved. He barely had a big bet in front of him when he was dealt nines in the hole and went with them. They would not stand up when his opponent made a pair of tens. Smukke was out in seventh place, cashing for $6,531.

Schwah, from the paradise of Ukraine, managed to hang on again, making trip queens to double his stack, stay alive, and again save him from being the next out. That place was reserved for Umass43 Hold who had fallen to a desperate level in chips. He got his remaining chips in the middle, but his tens and deuces were no match for aces and kings. Umass43 Hold was out in sixth place for $8,397.

Ah, schwah. Your time has come, friend. You couldn’t really blame him for getting all his chips in the middle by sixth street. He had a pair of kings to his opponent’s 9c4sQhKs showing. It was what you couldn’t see that hurt. Kenjh had started with rolled up nines, the hand that would eventually take down the monster pot. Schwah was out in fifth place for $10,263.

Ziggy47, he of the two final table appearances, lost a good portion of his chips when what appeared to be a good hand (we never saw his hole cards) ran into a flush. With very few chips left, Ziggy found ThAh/Qc to start and went with it. Sadly for Ziggy47, it went nowhere. He was out in fourth place, adding another $12,875 to his ever-growing bankroll.

Eventually, MickBt23 was the shortest stack at the table, but still had $223,048 in chips at the 15,000/30,000 level. No one could blame him for getting all his chips in the middle after making two pair with aces and tens by fifth street, especially since he was looking at his opponent’s ThQc9d6s. Again, though, as is often the case, it was what you couldn’t see that spelled the difference. SUPERTYR held J8 in the hole. By the time MickBt23 had made his two pair, SUPERTYR had made the straight. MickBt23 left in third place, taking home $17,167.

And that’s where it got…oh, well, let’s be honest. That’s where it got boring.

SUPERTYR and Kenjh both had nearly even stacks and the blinds had stopped moving. The game was going nowhere. SUPERTYR had business meetings to attend and it appeared the game would never end. The players begged Lee Jones to overlook the rules that required $7500 to stay on the table for first place. Lee stuck to the rules as long as it seemed reasonable, then finally relented. As it says in the TDA rules:

Floor people are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can, on occasion, dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules be ignored in the interest of fairness. The floor person’s decision is final.

The players played a couple of ulimate capped-betting hands to decide the winner, and SUPERTYR won the bracelet (and the ability to go on to his business meetings in Denmark).

Congratualtions to all the players.

WCOOP Event #9 Final Table Results

1. SUPERTYR (Copenhagen, Denmark) $35,733.90
2. Kenjh (Mystic, CT) $35,733.90
3. MickBt23 (Bowling Green, KY) $17,167.20
4. ziggy47 (Lewis Center, OH) $12,875.40
5. schwah (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) $10,263.00
6. Umass43 Hold (Gilbert, AZ) $8,397.00
7. smukke (Copenhagen, Denmark) $6,531.00
8. Lenny (Long Beach, CA) $4,665.00

Click here for a list of all cash winners.

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